Friday, February 28, 2014

Deep Blue by Jules Barnad

I loved this book I loved how jealous Cali got, "I lean all the way to the side and that's when I see Jaeger - talking to a petite brunette. She's wearing a tiny red bikini and smiling at him. The dread from a moment ago vanishes, and my stomach tightens, chest burning. Who's that? Jaeger looks over and our eyes meet. My breath catches and suddenly my heart's humming like he wasn't just talking to another girl, igniting jealousy." And you don't mess with his girl because the boy will go all ape sh** on you, "it's her home and she asked you to leave," Jaeger says. "Get. The eff. Out!" He steps back and drapes a long arm over my shoulders, pulling me close. My heart slows, my breathing calms." Cali is an impatient one especially when it comes to the naughty and Jaeger doesn't get his clothes off fast enough, "damn it! His pants are still on. I flip open the snap and push down with my feet. My knees drop to the side and his fat tip rubs my entrance. I squeeze his a**. He's huge and silky and I want him inside." 

Given by Kelli Maine

The way Merrick voices what he wants is still incredibly HOT, "sitting on the edge of the bed, he looked me over from head to toe and smirked. "You know I want to take that bra and those panties off of you and make you scream my name, but right now I'm so tired I can't even think straight." And the way he proves his points aren't very scientific but that's okay, the point still get drove home (literally) "I already told you, I'd be surgically attached if I could." I thrust my hips, proving my point." And well Rachael she still knows how to knock him off his feet, "okay." I was all for dressing sexy for my man, but a**-less chaps were out of my realm. What the hell? He was all into his biker thing now, so I'd play along." I loved seeing how this couple grew and matured and I just plain loved them. 

Beyond Reason by Karice Bolton

 Oh Ayden I loved you, "do you always look this sexy at work?" Ayden murmured, as he stepped onto the elevator." I mean I'm totally with Lily on always being distracted with erm... Ayden's endowments, "Ayden shrugged and leaned against the counter, allowing his torso to stretch...which inadvertently lowered his pajamas...which made my eyes dip as I followed along his abdomen to where the elastic met the fabric. It was totally not my fault." I mean he is just so damn distracting, "I glanced up at Ayden as he sat up, his blonde hair in complete disarray and blue eyes still a little sleepy. "What?" he asked, pushing his hand through his hair. Of course, he was shirtless, but was wearing a pair of boxers and my gaze fell to his abdomen." I can't wait for Gabby's story next! 

Taming Casanova by MJ Carnal

Sweet baby Jesus Kevin doesn't hold anything back, "don't cover up. I'm gonna use this visual later." Kevin rubbed his hands over his shorts. "Jesus, Andi. Is this what you wear to bed every night?" Andi the girl may not want to admit it but she does get jealous, "it's been a long week. Just go play with your toy." Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away. "She flew halfway across the country for what you've got, Deuce. Go prove you were worth it." Her door slammed." Kevin does have an honest bone in him blunt honest bone but still honest, "he grabbed her hand and pulled it to his boxers. "You did this to me. Not Sue, not Ashley, not anyone else these days. You have me so effed up. I haven't been with a woman since Lily." And the man possesses a caveman bone, "are you done?" Kevin stood from the table. "Is this mind eff over?" Without waiting for a response, Kevin pulled her off Ryan'a lap, threw her over his shoulder and headed for the stairs." 

Tyler and Stella by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Stella is easily distracted by erm... Tyler's tattoos let's just say, "is that why you have all the weights?" I watch his tattoos dance on strong arms as he kneads my feet." You don't mess with Stella the woman gets might pe-ode when it comes to not getting naughty, "seriously? Stop?" My face is flaming with humiliation and I climb off Tyler's lap and grab my shoes trying to shove them on my feet as fast as possible. "Whatever you say, Tyler. At least you made up your mind. You've been sending mixed signals all night." The boy is also in deep, "what? I thought - I thought you'd come home with me." Tyler's eyes are heated with passion, promising more than another scorching kiss." These two fight like cats and dogs but there's so much passion between them that I enjoyed being on their journey so damn much. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Irresistible Enemy by Mary Costello

Hart right off the bat we know that the boy has some feelings reeling inside of him concerning Cassie, "he lay for half an hour, his hands behind his head, supremely conscious of her nearness. As he felt his own eyes grow heavy, he checked his watch and saw that it was close to midnight. No point in going home now. He couldn't leave her anyway; besides he never would want to leave her." Cassie has the same workings inside her as Hart, "she lent over, kissed him lightly on the forehead and slipped out of bed. Hart felt that kiss, but he didn't react; he let the sweetness of it wash over him as he lay there, and when at last he opened his eyes, she was gone." This book was okay it wasn't really what I thought it would be but I still enjoyed the story. 

Reeling in the Redneck by Lindsey Brookes

I loved this damn book! I loved Skeeter, "but what hooked my attention and reeled it in was the lime green halter top she was wearing. Cute lower in front than anything I'd ever seen Randi Lynn in. Too damn ow. It displayed the soft, fleshy curves of them perfectly lit - tle breasts of hers. "You leave somethin' at home?" I muttered with a frown. And Randi Lynn that girl has some damn good comebacks, "she glanced down, a smile sliding across her face. "Seems your lower half ain't got any complaints 'bout what I'm wearin' tonight." She lifted a challenging gaze to mine, daring me to deny it." And the boy gets offended when he might have or have not remembered something, "Randi Lynn's having seen my co** aroused or not, weren't something I woulda forgotten. No way in hell." The boy is just a temptation, "cause I'm feelin' a little too tempted to do somethin' other than talk lookin' up at you from this angle. You been dressin' like that in New York?" I can't wait to see what this series has to bring. 

Change for Me by Lynn Red

This was different from any other werewolf book I've read and I liked that. I loved Damon, "yes," his voice was a whisper, but an urgent one, as he entered me in my dream. "Let me take you, let me have your everything." He's also a strange one, "he put his hands up like he was deflecting a punch. "Whoa, whoa," he said with a laugh. "It''s nothing. How you doing, Lily? Long time no see, sort of." An easy grin spread across his bowed lips, just enough to make the dimple on his left cheek stand out." It's good that Lily keeps him grounded, "I stood over him, then I crouched, and then he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap. "Oh hey!" I giggled. "Watch where those hands are going! Hurt or not, fresh is still fresh." 

Better Than Perfect by Kristina Mathews

I liked Johnny he seemed caring and doesn't like making his girl cry, "oh, Johnny. I didn't see you there." She looked up. Her mascara was smeared. Her eyes were red and shimmery. He'd made her cry. Damn." After all the years a part these two still have the hots for each other, "I think the answer is pretty obvious." She didn't mean to gaze at his crotch, but the evidence was still there." Did I mention how much I loved Johnny? "Do you want another baby?" He hoped she did. But he'd be satisfied with Zach, if that's the way it worked out. "Do you want to have my baby?" 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Texas Cowboy by Katheryn Lane

Jack is one sexy cowboy, "I've never been to England, but they say it's real pretty. Welcome to Texas, Vicky. Give me a call sometime and I'll show you the sights. I might even be able to show you a few things that your cousin doesn't know about." He gave he another broad wink and tipped his hat." I mean the boy appreciates a woman who has an appetite, "when they arrived at the burger joint, Jack was pleased to see Vicky order a large burger with both onion rings and fries on the side. He didn't like the way some girls constantly dieted and nibbled on lettuce."  And his accent woo-baby can someone say drop them panties? "I just want you, darlin'" And to prove it, he leaned forward and gave her a long, hard kiss." 

Runaway Bullet by Nicole Clark

I need to start paying attention to how many pages are in a book because honestly the story would just get going and stop I didn't like that. I mean I liked Jon's reactions to Lara, "growling deep in his throat, he allowed his gaze to slide up her body. Petite, great a**, curves that any man would love. Just looking at her made his groin hard." And that's really all I liked about the book it was to damn short. 

Savage Secrets by Cristin Harber

I love this series, I loved this book. Caterina she's a really caring person, "he was easy to move and reposition. His head in her lap. Her hand stroked his hair, his neck and shoulder. "Well, Mr. Locke. Not how I pictured our first time in bed." Leaning down, she kissed his cheek. "And I hope it's not our last." If there is one thing we need to know about out Titan men it's you don't mess with them and they're women when they're doin' business, "the voice stepped closer, walking in and maybe investigation the crash of music. Rocco palmed the 9mm tucked in the side of his pants. Their interruption wasn't the man from earlier but some other guy about to get a mindful of get the hell out." I can't wait for the next book! 

If Only by A.J. Pine

I was team Noah all the way, "Noah fastens his hands behind his neck and groans. "That's not what I meant. Sh**, what is it about you, Brooks? I've known you for a day, but you make me crazy like I've known you for years. Everything you're thinking right now is an assumption, and you're probably wrong about ninety percent of it." I just loved him, "not now. I mean, yes. I do want you to come with me now. But I'm talking about this summer. We need more time. Come with me to Europe. Stay with me until August." I just loved him I can't think of anything else intelligent to say, "see?" he says, his lips still on my skin. "Noises like that," he teases, kissing down the inside of my thigh. "When it's time, don't you worry. The boxers will be history." 

Twisted by Emma Chase

Drew and Kate are back and they are naughtier than ever, "you like it when I suck your co**, Drew?" he likes dirty talk too. Actually, there's not much Drew doesn't like." And Kate learns that you don't mess with Drew, "without a warning, a hard chest presses up against my back, shocking me. I squeak and the glass drops and shatters in the sink. I don't know how he got free, but the handcuffs are dangling from his wrists. Rough hands pull me back, trapping me." I mean the boy is still cocky, "he removes the towel from his hips and rubs it over his shoulders. And I'm pretty sure I start to drool. Maybe I'm an a** woman after all. "You know it's impolite to stare." He makes the best promises, "he spins me around and slaps me on the rear. "Now get that delectable a** in the shower so we can go. The sooner we eat, the quicker we can come back here and eff until the sun comes up." I loved Drew all over again. 

BLOG TOUR REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: When I Break by Kendall Ryan

There's a couple things you should know about Knox, one he's a total sex addict, two, the boy is NOT bashful, "I returned to stand in front of Knox. His smile was playful as his eyes wandered the length of my body. His look was so sexual, so erotic, that my stomach twirled into a series of intricate knots and my knees trembled where I stood." The boy has no qualms of saying how he's feeling, "I let out a snort. "You think you're going to cure me of wanting sex, angel?" Not a chance." He has anger issues as well, "sex feels good, McKenna," I spat out. "You should try it. It releases endorphins." I think with McKenna's help he's starting to see some of his issues he needs to work on, "holy sh**. Maybe I did have a problem. I was sitting in a sex addicts meeting with a hard-on. I was pretty sure that couldn't be filed under N for normal." Sometimes I felt that Knox would use anything to get alone with McKenna, but then I thought maybe he really is shy (shocking that I thought that I know) "I don't like this sharing bullsh** in the group. I'm not saying I won't talk to you - I will. Me and you. Someplace else. Private." I did notice a change in Knox when he's with McKenna, he questions himself more and he lets loose (not sexually but he's not so uptight) "I prefer females. I thought we'd established that was my main problem." Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly. "And no, angel, I don't have a girlfriend." This boy has so many naughty thoughts about McKenna, "I'd fought the urge to walk up behind her and cage her in against the counter, and rub up against her like a dog in heat." I also noticed him going out of his comfort zone more with McKenna, "Knox, we're not throwing away the poop cot. It'll come clean. They're short on cots as it is." Eff me, the things I'd do for this girl. I soaked the sponge in soapy water and began scrubbing at the cot, fighting back the gagging in my throat." I mean he's really changing, "I asked the hostess for a table for two and noticed her gaze flicker between and McKenna. Did she think we were on a date? Sh**, were we on a date? I never did things like this - take a girl out to eat." Then things changed and this is where I can't say where/when but I needed to email the author and ask WTF!?! 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn

  I was really excited to get the next book in the series I loved the first one, I love the authors writing but most importantly I love these damn characters. Asa that man is so damn protective, of his girl, "eff that," Callie." His grip tightened in my hair. "Nothing for you to be sorry about. You coulda been covered in sh** and vomit and I still woulda carried you outta there. I got you, Sugar, nothing's gonna change that." I mean he likes putting some markings on Callie to let everyone know that she belongs to him, "yeah, baby. You've got a hickey the size of Texas on your neck that tells me you're not gonna be tellin' me no." He chuckled once and let me go, slapping me on the a** before picking up our purchases and walking toward the exit." He is all for his girl trying new things, "baby, you wanna attack me, you feel free," he told me with a wide smile. "Nothin' you did was wrong. You obviously need somethin' and you were tryin' to get it. Ain't nothin' wrong with that." I mean the boy is just blunt when it comes to his girl, "ain't nothing wrong with that," he told me with a chuckle. "I was hard as a rock the minute you started spoutin' off in the kitchen." And he doesn't like hearing about other men she's been with period! "No. I don't ever want to hear about that sh**. I sure as hell don't want to effin' hear it when I'm balls deep inside you." 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight

I really did love this book, I loved Jared and Kelsey and their relationship. Jared he's not from here per say, and his ways are erm... unusual, "there," he said when he was finished. He gave a satisfied sound of approval as he studied her. "Yes, you wear my stone well." He's fiercely loyal and protective, "he wanted a relationship with me, but only on his terms" she clarified, laughing softly. "And I was willing...for a while. Until he hurt me." He felt an irrepressible flash of fury: That any man might have hurt his bondmate awakened the warrior in him. His hands clenched at his sides, his full body tensed and it was all he could do to suppress an audible growl of protection." I mean he likes to make sure all their parts work together, "I said, it's important that my anatomy meet-" he paused, eyes sparkling as he unsnapped the fly of her jeans - "all human requirements." And the boy is not shy in saying his wants and needs, "Kelsey." He panted in her ear, stroking his fingers beneath the soft curve of her bottom until he found her wet heat. "I need to join again, Kelsey. I need to bond anew." And he's uncomfortable with some things, "because I don't want to seed...myself...outside of you." He gasped hungrily, pulling her scent into his body. "I want inside. Outside is...good....but..." He groaned at his inability to express himself in human words." 

The Right Side of Mr. Wrong by Jane Linfoot

Nothing like showing your knickers at a first meeting, "a freak gust tore at the pleats and blasted them skywards. Before she had time to react, the air hostess skirt had twisted inside out, and was billowing, wildly somewhere her ears. 'nice one!' Brando's face cracked into an, involuntary smile. Just what a guy needed to brighten a dreary afternoon. Maybe there was a god after all. Stocking tops, delicious dark knickers, he had enough time to make out the pattern of the lace. He gave a nod of appraisal. 'twelve out of ten for that bottom - at the very least.' A tug at the base of Brando's stomach, a constriction of denim in the groin area, indicated that the skirt wasn't all that was rising." I mean Brando isn't the only one that appreciates a good arse so doesn't Shea, "Shea heard the polished oak boards creak gently as Brando turned and sauntered casually towards the staircase. Wow! Rear of the year, or what? She let out a silent gasp of appreciation. Not that she was in the least bit interested, but a view like that could hardly go un-applauded." I mean the boy runs out of the essentials in a bad time, "hell no. Just off to get more condoms." Grins seldom came more wicked than the one he sent her now. "I seem to remember someone suggested bed later?" I loved this book. 

Take this Man by Kelli Maine

I love this series, I love this series, I LOVE THIS SERIES! Rachel I love that girl, "you're looking pretty dashing in your tux, Mr. Rocha," she said, tugging on the ends of my bow tie. "What's with sneaking in to see the bride before the ceremony? You don't think you're going to get the honeymoon benefits before you say 'I do' do you?" I love how Merrick is still all he-man, "I stood, grabbed her up off the bench, and tossed her over my shoulder. "Let's get you to the altar caveman style." And he's still just as playful as ever with his girl, "you have no idea what I want to do to you after the ceremony." I returned her butt squeeze by turning my head and giving hers a bite through her lacy dress." 

Playing to Win by Shelley Munro

Lane learns very fast that you don't insult Kate, "I may not be well off but that doesn't give you the right to accuse me of...of scandalous muck-raking to pay my bills," she snapped, emphasizing each word with a finger jab at his chest." Lane he can be sweet and caring when the boy wants to be, "hell, I'm sorry," he said. "Put my temper down to lack of sleep last night. Can I give you a ride home? By way of apology?" He will defend his private life, "no, damn it!" Lane pushed away from the counter, no longer calm and relaxed. He prowled the space between the table and the counter, reminding Kate of an agitated leopard. "You don't see. You and me, our relationship, is private. The only person I've ever discussed my personal life with is you." 

Before Midnight by Jennifer Blackstream

Oh Loupe she has the biggest heart, "your highness, I don't know what to say," Loupe said, still cuddling the pup. "I can't believe you went out looking for my - for this little guy." I thought my mother was embarrassing but mine has nothing on Etienne's, "oh, for the love of all that's holy, I am not having this discussion with you, Mother!" Etienne's patience snapped and he began to pace. "I didn't deflower her in the forest. all right? I kissed her, but I'm not even sure that's what scared." He's really caring when it comes to Loupe, "shh," Etienne hushed her, pulling her into his arms. "I am the prince here, remember? It is my duty to look after you, not the other way around." He laid his cheek on top of her head." I mean I love it when he goes all animal, "she looked up and caught Etienne staring at her. The possessive look in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine and a fresh rush of desire between her legs. "I like the scent of you wrapped in my clothing," he said, his voice low and deep enough that it vibrated inside her." I really enjoyed reading this book and I'm into a werewolf hype right now and this was the perfect fir for my craving. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Can't Shake You by Molly McLain

Josh he doesn't like other men touching his girl, "he hadn't planned on going all friggin' caveman about the situation, but something ugly and possessive took over the moment he saw Carissa in his friend's arms and his suspicions were confirmed."  I mean sometimes you just have to lay it all out on the table to move past things, "do you think," he began, his jaw set and his voice low and deliberate, "it was easy for me to come home and see my best friend all over the last woman I'd been with?" Sh narrowed her eyes, her spite egging him on. "Or better yet, to shake his hand and pretend I didn't know how effing beautiful his new girlfriend looked when she came?" And good Lord, Carissa knows how to get this man's blood pumping, "she gasped and trembled in his arms, involuntarily bouncing against his throbbing co** and damn near making his eyes roll back in his head. "Jesus, woman," he growled." He gets offended easily especially over his skills, "not nice to laugh at a guy less than ten seconds after sex, babe," he muttered, falling back down against the blanket." And let's not start on the jealousy issues he has, "hey, you might've just stirred up a hornets' nest. Who knows? I may go absolutely nympho now, throwing myself at every man I see." With that, he slid his hand to her a** and jerked her body tight against his. He leaned up and glared at her, but said nothing. He was pretty sure his pi**ed expression covered his feelings on the matter." And he appreciate his girl's assets, "skimpy shorts, that provided a very nice, tempting view of the curvy lower part of her cheeks. He stifled a groan of appreciation. God, he loved this woman's a**." 

Cowboy in my Pocket by Kate Douglas

Tag he seems caring enough, "she hadn't said anything about an accident. She'd been so muddy when she arrived, Tag hadn't even noticed her injuries. He frowned." He finds amusement in his new bride, "bright pink toenails peeked out from beneath the hem. He bit his cheek to keep from laughing. His blushing bride was barefoot." He sometimes doesn't realize his own actions, "I'm not shouting!" he paused, glared at her with a sheepish expression, then quietly admitted, "Okay. I was shouting. I'm sorry." I mean the boy goes to extremes at times, "for sharing a room, dammit," he shouted. 'For sex, Lee. You know, S, E, X? That thing people do when they sleep together?" I mean Lee she gets the surprise of her life when Tag gets all naked, "Tag peeled the worn jeans and plaid boxers down his long legs, but Lee's gaze stopped at the juncture of his thighs. Everything she'd read about cowboys must be true, she thought, almost hysterically. No wonder they made such popular heroes in romances." He's all protective as well, "I'm sorry I yelled," he said, giving in to impulse, framing her jaw with his hands and wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. 'It's just, Nitro, he's a stud. You told me yesterday it's your time of the month. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes that makes a stallion go a little crazy, confuses him, makes him act like there's a mare around." I loved reading this book and I hope to see more from other characters that appeared in the book. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Defining Destiny by Deanna Chase

Lucy has some fire in her, "I glare and step away from him, steadier now. "No matter how it turns out? Seriously? Don't be a jerk. It's not easy to get up in front of a room full of drunken a**holes and sing your heart out." Seth he's full of passion, "Lucy," he gasps. "I want you. I want you pressed up against this wall with me buried inside you when I come." He's fiercely protective, "by now Seth is done with the tattoo he was working on and is standing beside me, a murderous expression on his face. 'He stole the song you wrote for your dad? Did I hear that right?" And Lucy she likes to show Seth a good time, "hey. "Her smile turns mischievous and then she grabs my shirt and yanks me inside." I would really love it if Jax got a story. 

Take the Bait by Cindy Dees

Right from the start there is so much sexual tension from Dani and Cam, "you're going to risk years in jail for your client in hopes that I'll screw up my job?" Townsend demanded in disbelief. "I happen to be damned good at what I do, Miss..." he looked down at a yellow sticky note on the file in front of him "...Wellford." Dani is such a damn spitfire, "she said pleasantly, "I hear they're having anti-sexual harassment training here, today. Perhaps you'd like to join a session in progress?" His mouth fell open as she turned around and march out of the room." I mean she just knows how to go in for the kill, "her gaze snapped to Cam's, and on cue he smirked. She snapped, "at least my bat's hard and smashes balls." I so enjoyed reading this book. 

Head Above Water by Amber Garza

I loved Tag and his flirtatious manner, "oh, I'll give you want you want." I nip her bottom lip with my teeth and she giggles." Harper she's a real hands on girl, "I trace the tattoo on his upper chest and then let my hands linger over his taut chest muscles and hard abs. The muscles flex beneath my palm as his fingers weave through my hair. When his lips disconnect from mine, he drops his forehead to mine." I mean the girl knows how to take hold of a situation, "you really are," she teases. Then surprised me by taking the initiative and pressing her lips to mine. I growl as I grip her tighter and kiss her with everything I have." And well the boy can only handle so much, "touching me like that and breathing on my chest." His gaze roves over my body. "Especially while wearing that sexy bathing suit. You're driving me crazy." I loved Tag and I hope Clint gets his own book

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson

Jace he has what I like to call mood swings, one minute he's all flirty, "no worries. I'm good. I don't get hurt too often. Though I did have that groin pull last year. You got a special treatment for that?" Jace grinned." Then he can be a real a** "it's nothing. I'm just doing her a favor. She's nobody to me." Jace let out a huff of breath. "Jacqueline, I swear to you I'm telling the truth." And then there's Tara good lord I loved her, "you know. What happens to men in the morning. Down there." She glanced at the crotch of his jeans." And she can be a spitfire at times, "oh, real nice. Thank you so much, Jace, for helping poor little inexperienced Tara who can't ever -" Jace covered her mouth with his in a rough kiss and cut off any further rant." Jace he likes to give his preference list to Tara, "good." Jace closed his eyes, then thought of one last thing. "Oh, and I'm never opposed to being woken up with a blowjob. Just an FYI." 

Before You Break by Christina Lee

Oh Quinn, you're such a guy, "her white T-shirt had traveled up her a** and she was wearing barely there pink panties. Ella wasn't a tiny girl. She had a large rack and nice, shapely hips. Seeing her practically bare a** in full glory stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn't move my limbs or my lips. What the hell was wrong with me? It wasn't like I hadn't seen a girl's a** before. I adjusted myself in my shorts." And he's very hands on, "you think I don't want you?" I reached for her waist and yanked her toward me. I gripped her sweet a** and tipped my head to rest on her stomach. Her fingers fisted in my hair and I felt her harsh breaths against my neck. 'If I kiss you, Ella, I won't be able to stop," I said. "I'd want more, and that can't happen. I'm just just.... can't." And he knows how to voice his opinions, "you keep doing that and I'm going to come like a horny teenager," I breathed into her hair, attempting to steady my racing pulse. "That's how hot you make me." 

Rustled by Natasha Stories

Oh Charity got to love you girl, "oh, yeah? Then why am I naked and you're naked and wrapped around me like a boa constrictor. Get off." My shrill tirade sounded weak, even to me." And the way she makes situations funny, "his warmth soaked into me almost immediately. Ohm that was nice! But something was coming between us, that damned erection again. "Seriously, does that thing stand up all the time?" And Russ that boy is just so laid back, "as soon as my hand slipped between Russ's chiseled abs and the waistband of his shorts, a quickly indrawn breath warned me that he was awake. "What are you doing, Kitten?" he growled. Somehow, the Kitten evoked a softly-purring ball of fur, rather than the spitfire he originally described." And Charity knows how to distract her man, "to distract him from the conversation, I squeezed the half-erect shaft in my hand, causing him to gasp. "If you keep that up, we'll never leave this bed, woman." 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sex, Lies, & Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert

I love me some hot, southern men, and some hot southern books, and Sam better be taking Polly's advice on how to get to her man, "nothing else, just get your business waxed off and you'll be ready," Polly mused. 'And a mani-pedi wouldn't hurt. So tell me about him. Is he man-tastic?" And Sam has the southern charm both with and without Mac, "southern ladies always let their men win, no matter what," she teased and walked ahead." And she can be bold when need be, "if I'm allowed to talk about anything with you, then I want to talk about that you didn't wear a condom," Samantha said, sitting up looking down at me, her long hair filling the space between us." And Mac he's always a naughty boy where Sam is concerned, "you're right, I'm not," I said, lying back in the bed and gripping myself. "I'm getting all excited thinking about the prospect of you talking dirty to me." Miss Ceila always has advice for Mac, "you listen here. I don't know what y'all do up in Washington D.C, but in Shadeland, Alabama, you take your date home. You don't let her slink off early the next morning." I like how bold Sam gets the more her and Mac are together, "sweet lord," mumbled Samantha, coming in closer, kissing me and grabbing my bare a**." And she's really into giving compliments, "that's pretty impressive," Sam remarked, staring at my post orgasmic, semi-hard penis." 

On the Rocks by Sawyer Bennett

Hunter has some naughty visions about Gabby, "she's starred in many of my fantasies I've had while in my shower jacking off, and just the thought of that causes a stirring down in my pants." He's cocky, "what?" I taunt her. "Kiss the eff out of me again? You wanted it... you enjoyed it. Accept it." He's humorous, "yes, Gabs. Sex, effing, making love, getting you off, getting me off. I don't care what we call it, but I want to keep seeing you." He's very forthcoming as well, "because I want to eff you right now, and I don't have a damn condom on me. Plus, I don't want anything between us. I want to feel you against me." He has to make her behave sometimes, "I push back against him, wiggling in closer. "Stop doing that," he growls in my ear. "Someone's at the door and I don't want to have to answer it with a hard-on." I can't wait for Brody's story. 

Breaking Beauty by Celia Loren

Romy, I sometimes like where her thoughts lead, "plus - going by her glimpse in the bathtub - making love to Bryson Vaughn would not be the worst way to lose her last shred of dignity." Bryson he's not afraid to let his girl know how his body parts are doing, "you've got me so effing hard, Romy Adelaide," he said." And he gets so giddy over the strangest of things, "helping her off the Harley's back with a firm but gentle hand, Bryson grinned unabashedly - like a little boy. "You like the bike?" he asked." He's a guy whose open about his feelings, "if it's a woman I really like, yes. Yes. I guess what I'm saying's that I really effing like you." And Romy know how to get her man going, "she kissed the inky imprint of his neck tattoo, tasting blood and sweat and something else spicy and strange. He reached around and squeezed her knee. "Welcome to the Devil's Aces, Adelaide. You're a bad girl now, and there's no going back." he called over the din of his revving engine."

The Bull Rider and the Bare Boycotter by Jeanine McAdam

Logan gets some reactions to Rachel at the wrong time, "she even pulled herself up to look over the first row as her dust-covered breast brushed against Logan's cheek. If they were anywhere else, "anywhere" being the operative word, Logan would have been hard as a cattle prod under his chaps." Then man sure is flirty, "hold on there, girlie," he protested. "I was ten years old, the cat got out just fine and I've got lots of other scars for you to touch." He took her hand and put it on his upper thigh." And he's an impatient boy, "I'll rip them off if you don't drop them to the floor right now," Logan threatened. He already had a condom in his hand and was unbuckling his wide belt. "I've wanted you for so damn long, I can't wait another moment." He pushed his jeans down." I mean the man is desperate when it comes to this girl, "please don't stop having sex with me," he begged, "no matter what happens the next three days." He gets excited over the strangest of thing, "this is great." He did a little dance while pulling a gallon of banana-chocolate-chip out of the freezer. "I get to have no-holds-sex with a beautiful woman and I don't have to wrap the cracker." He chuckled. "I wish I could tell everybody I know about his, starting with my idiot brother Caleb." 

Against her Rules by Victoria Barbour

Elsie when the girl is tired and cranky, she well has an attitude, "your lodgings tonight is up that hill," she pointed, "in that house, in the room which I showed you earlier today. Tomorrow this can be your lodgings, and tomorrow I will show them to you, if you need me to. But right now my foot is aching. I'm hungry, and I'm clearly cranky. And I'm never cranky. So this is not the best time for me to be showing you anything." I mean Campbell is a natural born flirt, "so you think I'm normally charming, when I'm not fishing for compliments?" Elsie has no qualms about checking the boy out either, "his jeans which didn't look that tihgt when he was upright, stretched taut over his firm butt. It was a thing of beauty. Reluctantly she pulled her gaze from his read-end and laid the basket on the counter." Campbell sure knows how to give a girl a compliment, "I do't know what I want to do first when we get inside," he said, caressing her read as they walked. "I'm a fan of these jeans, by the way." 

Callum by Melissa Schroeder

I do believe Callum has met his match in Phoebe, "turning on her heel, she started off in the wrong direction. He reached her in two steps, grabbing hold of her elbow. She stopped, he back bumping against his front. Every nerve in his body went on alert. His co** twitched." She is the type of girl who surprises Callum at every turn, "no. I punched him." She waited a beat. "Then I threatened to castrate him if I ever saw him again." He couldn't stop the laugh that escaped. It was hard to believe this woman would be able to hurt anyone, especially a grown man." The boy is built and has no qualms of flashing that around, "he tore at his clothes until he was standing in front of her completely nude. Lord, the man would never cease to amaze her. Sinewy muscle encased with the most amazing golden skin. How did he get every inch of himself to look like he walked around in the sun naked? His erection jutted out a drop of his pre-come wetting the head." I can't wait for the other men in this series to get their own book. 

Romance Impossible by Melanie Marchande

Maxwell that boy is something else, "this will probably surprise you," he said. "But on the scale of head chefs, I'm actually not that hard to work for. If you're eager, if you're passionate, and above all, if you listen to effing directions -" Here, he briefly grinned again " - we'll get along just fine. And you come highly recommended." Jillian she's a good person, she brings Maxwell some things to feel better, "I brought you some things," I said, shoving the bag towards him. "I just...Lydia said nobody checked on you, so I wanted to make sure you were okay." And Maxwell that boy is just so damn charming, "shhh," he whispered, punctuating it with a flick of his thumb that sent a shock of pleasure up my spine. "The neighbors will hear, love." This book was alright it wasn't what I thought it would be. 

COVER REVEAL: Dead Girl Walking by Ruth Silver

Title: Dead Girl Walking (Royal Reaper)
Author: Ruth Silver
Expected Publication: Summer 2014
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Genre: YA, Paranormal Fantasy
Cover Design: Erica Crouch
In 1346, Princess Ophelia Dacre sneaks out of the castle to visit her boyfriend in secret. A perfect night cut short when she’s brutally murdered.
Ophelia is given the rare chance to become a grim reaper. She must become Leila Bele, cut ties with her old life, and follow the rules of the reapers. Her greatest adventure begins with death.
                "The scroll chose you. For whatever reason, she's your reap."
                "Well, that sucks." Leila chewed her bottom lip. "If I don't do it?"
                Edon hesitated before he said, "Her soul will rot inside her body. Do you have any idea what that’s like? She'll be a living corpse, a shell of a person. She won't feel anything including love. We as reapers, the undead, feel more than she ever will alive."
                Leila swallowed the lump in her throat. "How do you know that?"
                "Because I've seen what it does to a person," Edon said. "That little girl deserves better."
About the Author:
Ruth Silver attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication in the spring of 2005.  While in college, she spent much of her free time writing with friends she met online and penning her first novel, Deuces are Wild, which she self-published in 2004.  Her favorite class was Creative Writing senior year where she often handed in assignments longer than the professor required because she loved to write and always wanted to finish her stories.  Her love of writing led her on an adventure in 2007 to Melbourne, Australia.  Silver enjoys reading, photography, traveling and most of all writing.  She loves dystopian and fantasy young adult stories.  Her debut novel published by Lazy Day Publishing and Patchwork Press, ABERRANT, was released April 2013.  The second novel in the series, MOIRAI, continues the saga. ISAURA, is the final installment in the ABERRANT trilogy. Ruth has been actively writing since she was a teenager.  Her current writing projects include a YA science-fiction fantasy series, ORENDA, and a YA paranormal series, DEAD GIRL WALKING. Both novels are due for release in 2014. She currently resides in Plainfield, Illinois.
You can visit her online at

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Secrets of Seduction by Nicole Jordan

Good lord, I loved Hawk, "his expression softened a measure as he lowered the blade to his side. "Are you daft, setting out in a storm?" And the boy gets distracted by Skye's breasts easily, "yes, but I can sleep in my shift if need be." For a moment his gray gaze drifted lower over her body, as if her were imagining her in her shift." And when a lady only climaxes once in his bed he gets offended, "she hadn't climaxed a second time, thought. Vowing to do better, he eased his weight to one side and would have rolled off her, but she wouldn't let him go. Her arms were still wrapped around him, her fingers drifting lightly over his back. She was stroking his scars again." I loved reading Hawk and Skye's adventure it was such a fun read. 

Misappropriate by Kathryn Kelly

I didn't read the first book in the series, and that's okay because I wasn't lost and Christopher has lots of love for his woman, "he was always up for a good time - as long as Megan was with him. Call him an obsessed mothereffer, he didn't give a good eff. Where Megan was, was where he wanted to be." And when his woman is missing for a few hours he goes ape-sh**, "hey me?" He narrowed his eyes at her. "Where the eff you been? And who the eff was that effhead harrassin' you?" And the way he talks to his baby boy is priceless, "I feel you, boy," he said gruffly, kissing the tip of his nose. "You want your gorgeous momma not your big, ugly old man. But you ain't goin' to sleep any time soon and Daddy is about to burst out of his effin' pants-" And even if you're joking around you don't mess with his girl, "hey, effhead," Christopher growled. "Watch your effin' mouth and how you talk to my old lady. She ain't gonna be in here for-effin-ever to calm me the eff down. Curse like that at her again and I'm effin' you up." 

Entry-Level Mistress by Sabrina Darby

Daniel is just a smitten, "no, I don't invite all my employees to lunch. But I'm inviting you." And he's not afraid to let his intentions or his feelings known, "what I want, Emily, is something I shouldn't even be thinking right now, with that door unlocked and Janine about to come back from lunch any minute." Emily lays their agreement out in front of them, "so this, it's going to happen your way, everything? you text. I run. you pick me up, drop me off..." This book was a good time read. 

Blind Wolf Box Set by Aubrey Rose

I enjoy boxsets a lot more than stand alone books because you can dive into the next book right off without waiting. And Damien, is just all sorts of 'I need the next book now' type of man so I'm really glad I got the boxset. I like how he's independent, "the stairs will be fine. I'm blind, not crippled," the mad said, a half-smile dimpling his cheek." Julia is no damn pushover let me tell you what, "there's nothing to talk about," Julia said. "You came here and flirted with me, kissed me, all the while you're engaged to someone else?" Damien is the type of man to tease when he's injured, "don't worry," Damien said. "The rest of me is in perfect health. And I do mean perfect." He slid his hand around Julia's waist, and she leaned over to kiss him." 

Kissing in Cars by Sara Hassinger Ney

Good lord I loved Molly, "I take a chance and raise my eyes. Yup, there he is, staring at my face with his lips pulled into a smirk, the dark hair under his ball cap curling up slightly over his ears. The sleeves are cut off the bright blue A&F shirt he's wearing, and as he leans back lazily with his arms crossed, it draws attention to his biceps, which look...insanely ripped. Tall at 6'2." And Wes that boy is well such a damn boy, "under the brim of my ball cap, I continue watching as Molly Wakefield tries to scoot her a** out of her chair - in that short jean skirt, it's pretty obvious she's trying not to give me a crotch shot. I watch her anyways, just in case she does." He's so smooth when he's with his girl, "babe, you're so adorable when you're pi**ed. Come here," he repeats, grabbing my hand before I can protest, and drags me until I'm standing in between those gorgeous thighs." He knows one way to shut up his lady love, "I grab her hand and pull her in for a quick peck on the lips to shut her up. "Sit down already, would you?" I mean his thoughts are so manly, "not gonna lie: in the year we've been dating, I've become one horny bast**d. Having a steady girlfriend is great because I get to have sex with my best friend. Like - all the time. And for a second there I almost give in to her hands roaming my bare chest. One thing is for sure - if she's trying to manipulate the situation so we'll stay home by getting me turned on." 

Strike by Holly S. Roberts

Sometimes breaking and entering can erm...bring out the funny in a situations like that, "when the hell did that happen? My attacker had a hard on and it continued to grow. I stared in horrified fascination. "You've got to be effing kidding me." His obvious disgust at my observation was almost comical. He looked from me to his di** then back at me." And the good times keep on coming in a situation like this, "his grin didn't calm me in the least. "You broke into my house, gave me a bloody nose, almost took away my chance at fathering children, and now you're pi**ed off because your ti*s are showing?" He actually laughed. "Hold still because believe me, baby, I'm not finished." Reed the boy is a bossypants when he needs to be, "I'm hungry and I'm buying you a meal. Don't even think about saying no." He unsnapped his seat belt and got out of the car. I followed his angry strides with a slight smile on my face. His a** was so sexy." The boy has no sexual patience when it comes to Jaycee, "no, but we'll experiment in the car. I'm back to being sixteen years old, horny as hell, and ready to eff you wherever I can find privacy. But I'm not doing 'it' in the damn car. Now kiss me." Sometimes these two want each other so badly they don't assess the situation until it's to lat, "his laughter brought me out of my haze. "I think your pants are cutting off the circulation to my balls." I looked down. Somehow, my sweats were half off my a**, pulled low in front with the elastic under his balls." This book was laugh out loud funny and I loved every minute of it. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rosemary Cottage by Colleen Coble

This book didn't really meet my fancy I mean Curtis he protects those he's fierce about, "like I said, I wasn't hiring her on the spot." His voice held impatience. "I'm not an idiot, in spite of what you might think." I mean you trying taking his little girl from him he'll rip you a new one, "I'll handle it. no one is taking Raine away from me." Curtis knew his tone was hostile, but right now he blamed Amy too. For all he knew, she'd encouraged her parents to try to get custody. But it would be over his dead body." But when he's sweet he's sweet, "he drew her close and rested his chin on her head. "Honey, we have this day, this hour. And that's enough. None of us can predict how long we have. I could die before you. We take what God gives us." 

Tamed by You by Kate Perry

Oh Ethan you're something else, "no comment." Lately, when he took care of himself, he thought about Valentine Jones and unbuttoning her little sweater." He's just so hot, "you ordered me to be here," he mumbled in his deep voice." He's sort of an animal, "meet me here tomorrow at one. I'll have a game plan by then." His only reply was a growl as he walked out. He probably made noises like that during sex." He's good at certain,, "she moaned, wanting his hands all over. Unable to wait, she straddled him and yanked his T-shirt to feel him up. Valentine." He groaned her name, and it sent ripples of desire through her. He kissed her again and then nuzzled her neck. "How long will you let me kiss you?" Did I mention the whole caveman thing?:
                         Valentine didn't have time to tell her friend to shut up, or to ask what Ethan was doing there, or to find out where Sophie was. Before she could do more than look up at Ethan, he hauled her onto his shoulder like she was nothing. She squeaked. "What are you doing?" 
                            "Taking you home, where you belong." 

Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt

Oh Mallory you are something else, "what!" Mallory said, and then lowered the volume when they both winced. "I mean, I'm not here for the sex. That is, I'm not a prude," she said to Max." She's also persistent, "how much is my sister paying you that you'd rather go shopping for shoes than watch two men screw around with a redhead with big ti*s?" Max he's very blunt, "besides, what you saw back there is commonplace. I'm not missing out on anything I can't get again tonight or the next day. That's not the case with you. I like being with you." Drunk Mallory is something else, "although, with your pecs I'd follow you anywhere." She patted them. Or did she? Hopefully that was all in her head. "This place is wild. The colors, the skin. God, I'm so horny I could short-circuit my room vibrator." Max knows how to give his lady compliments, "there's a mirror on the ceiling," he murmured against her hair. "You have a great a**. Have I mentioned that?" 

Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader

Tad he knows how to defuse labor pains, "so the window for legalized narcotics has passed," Tad said. "But that's okay because I'm here. I'm your drug, baby. Just look at me and tell me you're not addicted to my shocking good looks." Also the boy has an appreciative view on Jules's breasts, "a double gin and tonic." As soon as the words escaped her lips, her mouth watered like she was Pavlov's dog. "Just one, though, because I'll be breastfeeding." Tad's dark brows lifted and his gaze dropped to her breasts, covered by a hospital gown. They'd ballooned to a point where they could be seen from the International Space Station. There was the Great Wall of China, then her massive boobs." Tad the boy is quite considerate, "I offered to take care of your needs," he said loudly." He's fiercely protective, "if Doctor Perfect of that Conor a**hole had so much as laid a finger on her - with or without her permission - he was going to deal a heavy dose of deliverance with his hands." He's quite pushy when it comes to certain things, "he rubbed his sandpapery jaw against her cheek. "Time until your next orgasm." Blimey, were they on a schedule here?" Tad he's also sensitive about certain body parts of his being discussed, "oh, for eff's sake. The bargain had been fulfilled, over and over again. All night, she had been right there with him, alternating between satisfying his starving co** and begging him to feast on her honeyed heat. No part of his anatomy had even flirted with 'flaccid.'" I can't wait to see whose next in this series. 

Broken Valentine by Dawn Pendleton

This book is a novella and not really long so for me it was a quick, emotional read. It was so good to see the gang again, and Luke he's just as ever supportive of Mallory, "if you get put on bed rest, we'll deal with it. I make enough to take care of us," Luke said. I knew he was only trying to help, but I didn't want to hear it." I really hope there are more novella's coming from this series because it just doesn't feel right never seeing the gang again.