Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love so True by Marquita Valentine

Our Lawson boys are back, Lucas I really liked him and I really thought Brody needed to get the stick out of his butt, "Lucas smiled a little, though he really didn't feel like it. "Two eyewitnesses back up my story, big brother. Guess you won't have the pleasure of seeing me go back to jail after all." I liked Bailey and Lucas together they understood each other, and I loved how honest they were:
         "I'm out of practice," he said roughly.
        "Makes two of us." She nipped at his bottom lip. "We should do something about it." 
Mason I can't wait for his book he sounds like an intriguing broody character that I can't wait to read about.

Heated Mating by Savannah Stuart

Linc he's such a possessive boy, "and we're not bringing anyone else into this bed." The possessive note in his voice made her toes curl." I mean another man touches her even his friend the boy goes apes***, "he slammed Aeron against the giant wood door and held his arm against his throat. "Touch her again and lose your hand, warrior." He's also not shy he doesn't mind sharing things with his woman, "I used to think about you while I used my fist," he muttered, the words barely audible." This was a quick read and I enjoyed the characters I can't wait for Aeron's book. 

One Percenter by D.R. Graham

Ti I loved that girl she was bada** she stood up for herself no matter who she was up against, "I freaked out because you were trying to hide the fact that you have a wh*** at your house on a night when you didn't expect me to come over." Aiden I was team him all through the book although I enjoyed Leland, "so if I do the math and divide the one year he waited by three to account for your age now, that equals four months. Then we halve it because it's not your first time. That equals two months." He grins at me, proud of his negotiation skills. "We're not rushing anything. We're good to go." But Aiden I kept hoping Ti and him would pull their heads out of their a**es and work s*** out and I'm so glad how it turned out. I loved the chemistry Ti and Aiden had:
        "If you break that promise I will stab out."
        He pats my leg. "You might need to get your anger management problem treated by a professional." 
I really enjoyed this book. 

Sunrise Kisses by Krista Lakes

Out of all the books in this series this one is my favorite, I loved Bastian the boy was growly, broody, and really really sexy, "I didn't ask for your apology," he growled. "I asked if you wanted to see it." I mean the boy just wasn't in the best of humor at times and it made for great entertainment, "I'm not paying you to stand around," he growled. I nearly dropped my tablet on the floor, but managed to catch it in the nick of time. He glared at me. "There are deadlines for a reason. If I wanted someone to stand and look pretty, I'd hire a model." I was totally with Ava and the appreciating of his a** he had a nice one, "I got a nice view of his a** as he bent to open one of the desk drawers. Grinning like an idiot, I lay down on the couch and listened for the crinkle of a wrapper." I can't wait for another book this is a series I always can't wait to get another book for. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Whenever You Come Around by Robin Lee Hatcher

This was a really sweet romance, Buck he was a real sweetheart, "after yesterday's ride, he'd realized how much he would like to take Charity dancing. Take her out on a real date." There was no naughtiness so this book is acceptable for YA readers, and Buck his thoughts I was intrigued by them, "marriage to Charity. He liked the sound of it- and that continued to surprise him when he thought of it- but it could be a long shot." 

Ariel's Song by Evie Knight

Colin is a man not to be reckoned with when that boy says jump who ask how high, "you're moving in tonight. This place isn't safe. Anybody can break in. Do you need help packing your bags?" He can be a jealous man when it comes to his Ariel, "what does Penelope have to do with us?" He took a step toward her. "When you go out with me, you're with me. You don't leave with another man. Understand?" He can be emotional which I loved most about him, "your place is with me," he said, kissing her nape. "Never take off anything I give you. Never again, Ariel." I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next I loved all the characters well except for Penelope she was just horrid. 

Alluring Ink by Ranae Rose

I didn't like Crystal in the last book, I kind of thought I'd hate her in this one as well but the girl has redeemed herself and I found myself liking her a lot. Dylan obviously you have to love these Inked men Ranae writes the books that way, "he would've gladly eaten cardboard for dinner if it meant getting to spend time with Crystal." He's not like other men he doesn't shy away from the fact that Crystal is a single mom, and he was really sweet, "I want to see you whenever and however you'd like. I hope that'll eventually mean more than lunch." I liked that Crystal worked him so much that he needed to generally adjust himself all the time, "he groaned. "eff, Crystal. I want you so bad it hurts." He had to adjust his d*** so that his zipper wasn't pressing against it." I love this series and I'm hoping that new characters will be introduced or a spin off series will start I just don't want to see it end.

Try With Me by Elyssa Patrick

Jamie that boy amused me, "so, the heart is for me, then?" Jamie leans forward, shoving his cup to the side. "Because I work a lot slower than that. I usually wait for the fourth or fifth date before I say anything about love." I mean he does need to work on his game when asking a girl out, "yeah. Dinner. Drinks-well, you don't drink alcohol but other types of drinks. Dessert. Hopefully lots of kissing to follow." He looks at my mouth again, his eyes darkening. "I can't stop wondering how you'll taste." He's a boob man he appreciates any size or shape, "Zelda, I don't give a flying eff if you're big or not. All I want right now is to see your breasts. Touch them. Lick them. Suck them." When he's in the mood, he's in the mood boy doesn't care where he is, "no one else is here," he says. "I don't share. I don't like others to look. It's always just you and me. And, remember, we got naked in the kitchen." I can't wait for Griff's book, although I'm thinking I missed a book in this series but that doesn't really matter as their all about different couples and stand alones. 

Unconditional by Cherie M Hudson

*Slams hands down on the table* I want the next book NOW! That's how much I enjoyed this book, there is no cliffhanger but the characters were really likable and I want their stories hence my impatience. Heather, not only did I like her for sharing the same name as me, but I liked her because she reminds me of me, when I don't take my meds, "Heather threw back her head and laughed. And laughed. "Maci, by the way you were looking at Raph earlier, you don't only want to do kissing with him. You want to do all sorts of other things as well, like f-" Brendan or muscle man as I called him because that boy is seriously built has a great sense of humor and I just wanted his story, "okay, I'll give you that. But being gawked at because I'm hot and sexy and incredible is different from being gawked at because I'm one third of a scandalous love triangle every man and his dog is talking about." Raph doesn't like waking up to find his woman missing from his bed, "...followed by a low, deep voice saying, "get your arse back in my bed now, woman." He can be a bit over dramatic but hey it's one of the reasons he's so dream-worthy, "I want to take those off you," he said. "I need to take those off you. And your bra. I think if I watch you do it, I'll effing blow my load in my boxers." I'm really excited to get book 2 whenever it comes out hopefully soon! 

: Time Will Tell by Chantal Fernando

YAY! I love this series and I totally just realized that Chantal has three series connected into one, if that makes sense it made sense in my head, but anyway the point is I saw all my favorite characters, met some new ones and am eagerly waiting for Arrow's book. Xander he's a confident man, "I have nothing to prove, babe. I'm all man. And I don't give a eff what other people think." Zack I honestly can't wait for his book he's quite the character and the brother/sister relationship he has with Trill I loved, "if you want to know, I'm a little sore, you know, down there, so I thought it would be best if I didn't join him because if I did, I'd be up against the tiled wall right now screaming his name." I enjoy watching him spit out the mouthful of his coffee." After reading just one of Chantal's books I've learned that all her men are possessive and protective, "he effin' grabbed you. No one gets to touch you, Trillian. You're mine and they should effin' know better, and now they will." He's an a** man he loves his girl's a**, "what a effin' view. Her a** is perfectly rounded, and she has a lot to grab. I like that. A lot." I can't wait for another book by her to be released.

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera

Anima was interesting to me, I really liked her character, "I couldn't understand the male. One minute he'd been intent on killing me, then the next he'd told me he liked me - or my new face anyway. What is up with that?" I'm really shipping Azz and her I'm really hoping in the next book something happens because I loved that boy, something sparkled in his eyes, which he quickly masked with feigned impatience. "Now darling, put them away. I know I'm marvelous, but, girls don't usually throw their clothes off in front of me. Not before a cup of coffee at least." Frowning, I looked down at myself and found I was completely naked!" I can't wait to see what book two brings hopefully some romance between Azz and Anima. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gerard's Quest by Evie Knight

I liked Gerard that boy is a naughty talker, "breaking the kiss, he grabbed her hand and guided her to his hardened c***. "It's been a long year and I want to be inside you so much it hurts." He cupped her sex; her heat slipped through the think fabric of her dress, branding his palm. "Soon, I'm going to make love to you again. Until then," he traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, "Jules, don't let another man touch you." He has a little jealousy issue, "yes. Aidan effing Judd. a.ka. AJ." Gerard raked a hand through his hair. "What are you doing Jules? Don't you know who he is or do I need to give you a list of his crimes?" I love the promises he makes to his woman, "when I say I'll eff your a**, I mean it." Gerard squeezed her a**. "But I won't do it until you're ready, until you want me to." I liked this book a little action and adventure was mixed in with the romance. 

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

This book was alright, I hadn't read any of the other books in this series, so I had no clue what was going on, but it wasn't hard to figure it out or catch up so that's always a plus where I'm concerned. I liked Charles and Anna, I basically focused more on the romance aspect than the adventure of problems that these two go through because well I like romance. I liked how Charles was a worry wart about his woman, "Charles liked children. She knew he liked children. Why did he panic over the thought of their child?" I also liked that Charles he's whipped when it comes to his woman and he's possessive and wants everyone to know she's his, "his preference was for jewelry- which, as his da pointed out, was sort of marking his territory for the other males in the vicinity." I liked this book, it was a lot of action and not so much romance so I was a tad bit disappointed in that aspect but other than that it was a good read. 

Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

Luke is a real charmer, "I went from thinking 'pants on fire' to thinking about your pants." His voice graveled, heated for a second as if teased by his own words. "Then, well, you can follow the breadcrumbs." When talking about his 'member' he calls is soldier and I always cracked up about that, "honey, if we had, the trench barricade my soldier is failing to hide behind wouldn't be taller than yours right now." He sometimes does the right thing, but Dani makes it hard, "you're not thinking clearly, babe. It's the adrenaline - don't growl at me. I'm trying to be noble here, dammit. We can argue again later and have make-up sex. At home." I think I'm going to like this series, there was humor swoon-worthy men and women who knew how to stand up for themselves. 

Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

I loved this book, it wasn't better than Travis's but it was better than Trent's. Thomas he's a smooth talker, "maybe. The way you hold your mouth when you're angry is...pretty effing amazing. I might be a d*** to you all night just so I can stare at your lips." Liis I loved her smart-mouth, "your brother Trent. And Travis. And you're Thomas. Who am I missing? Tiger and Toadstool?" There were times in this book that I felt, I'm not sure exactly what the feeling was but I felt for Liis, "the one you're still in love with. And then you kiss me to stop thinking about it?" Obviously Thomas is not shy I don't think any of the Maddox brothers are shy, "Thomas, who was covered only by the white towel held loosely at his waist. "Baby, have you seen my..." He saw Camille first, and then his eyes searched for me. "Raxor?" I'm really excited for the next Maddox story, Jamie is always a one-click for me. 

Finding Pride by Jill Sanders

Megan and Todd I loved them together I loved how they sort of used each other as anchors to get over a hard bump in the road and then turning into something more, together these two are just perfect, "Megan laughed and ran her hand up and pinched his butt. "you are a hard person to wake." Todd he's naturally protective but with Megan that goes into overdrive, "hospital," he said and set her gently in the Jeep. "Damn cops and ambulances take too long." He put her seat belt around her. "Tell them if they want my statement, I'll be at the hospital." This was a sweet romance yes there were naughty bits but I loved it. 

Disfigured Love by Georgia Le Carre

A new version of Beauty and the Beast I love books like this probably because I like the redemption I find in them. Guy he's emotionally and physically scarred so when Lena enters his world that girl rocks it, also Guy is the type of man who likes to know how his partners feel so he likes them to be loud, "I don't like it that you are silent. Today when you come I want you to scream loudly and hard. I want you to wake the dead with your screams. Can you do that?" I like that with Lena he wants to let his primal urges come out I really find that sexy, "oh eff," he groaned, and closed his eyes for a couple of seconds. "You make this so hard. I want to be an animal with you.Throw you on the bed and eff you senseless." I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to what the author brings to the table next. 

Every Hearty by L.K. Collins

Well not a love triangle, sort of I had my doubts and worries but I think LK did a great job telling Nate, Bain and Arion's point of views, now I just paid mainly attention to Bain and Arion as I know there is going to be another book and this time it will be Nate's which means I'll focus on him next time. Bain is actually more vulnerable in this book he's not sure which way Arion is going to go and it's killing him, "of course I did. I lost my effing mind without you." I really loved the closeness Arion and Bain had, "she walks back in with a water for James and sits next to me. So close that she is practically on my lap." As the story goes on you see Bain's confidence come back not that the boy ever really lost it but the situation was taking a toll on him so when he was back to his old self I was excited and happy, "well, you should have told Carl to get a limo so I could have effed you." Now that I feel Bain and Arion got what they deserved I can totally focus on Nate and his many, many issues in the next book. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Absolute Beginners by SJ Hooks

I enjoyed this book, I can't wait for the second one. I loved Stephen and Julia together. Julia there were times I felt for her, yeah she's a smart-mouth, and tough exterior but that girl is vulnerable, "wait. I don't have enough money for a cab and my friends already left in the other direction. Can I have a ride?" I didn't want her in my car. It wouldn't be appropriate at all. "Hey, never mind," she said before I could answer. "I'll just see you in class on Friday." When I turned around, she was already walking away." I liked her attitude, "Stephen," she said with her lopsided grin, "I just had your c*** in my mouth. I think you can call me by my first name." I liked how eager she could be, "I couldn't wait another second to feel your c*** inside me," she laughed. "I mean, it's been a week." Stephen was quirky, and a little awkward at time and I loved him for that, "I never meant to be so, um rough with you. I hope I didn't scare you?" I can't wait to dive into the second book when it's ready that little taste we got had me going and I'm eager.

Undressed by Shannon Richard

I love this series so I'm always excited when a new book comes out, and this author is one I really enjoy reading her work. Our girl Abby can be impatient at times especially when it pertains to her man and getting him naked, "she was working the buttons a moment later, but her impatience got the best of her and she ripped it open. He grinned against her mouth as buttons scattered across the wooden floor, but he didn't break the kiss." Logan he appreciates his woman's efforts especially when it's of the teasing nature: 
         "My bra is. I'm not wearing panties."
         Logan's head came up in an instant. "What was that?" 
        "I'm going commando. The material of this dress is too thin. Shows everything. So I took a leaf out of your book." 
As I said I enjoy this series and I'm always looking forward to a new book, but now that I got a taste of these delicious hockey players I want more of them. 

Lust Actually by Heather Long

Ethan I loved him, he's willing to go that extra mile to be with Norah, "for the new normal I'd like to explore? I'd be home every Friday and as many days in between as I can juggle." He was quite amusing, our Ethan, "ignoring the potential insult hidden in that statement," he said, a grin quirking one corner of his mouth. "I promise you when we do get to bed, it will not be over remotely fast the first time or the second or any other time after that." I enjoyed this book it was a fast read and I loved both characters. 

The Mate Challenge by Milly Taiden

Mason is a real primal type of man, "I know." He caressed his cum on her belly. "I like you like this. Covered in my scent from the inside."  I mean the boy is REAL primal, "I want my d*** branding you from the inside. I want my come trickling down your legs. You're mine." He's quite partial to her a** and well just all her curves, "he grabbed her a** and squeezed. "Careful, or I might have to show you my animal side again." I really can't wait for the next book I've been waiting and waiting for Caleb and Ellie's book and we're finally going to get it! I enjoyed this book, I actually enjoy all the Wolfe men. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

**********************PROBABLY CONTAINS SPOILERS**************************

There was one aspect I didn't like in the beginning that I thought Blake should have fixed and that was he did have a girlfriend and was all attracted to Chloe, I just wanted him to fix that, once it was fixed I enjoyed the book. Blake's thoughts are strange, "so, for six days Hannah had frozen me out, and I didn't notice. For six hours, Chloe did the same, and it felt like my life was over." Obviously the boy is a tad dramatic. Blake isn't shy about showing his attraction to Chloe, "it's okay," I told her. "You'd just be a distraction anyway. Go. Leave." She chuckled and walked away. I stared at her a**. "Holy s***," I mumbled." As you can tell or maybe not the book to me was full of raw emotion I'm not sure if any of the quotes I chose will represent that or not, and it's told in dual point of views. I enjoyed the fun times Chloe and Blake had especially in the hairdressers when Blake was explaining why he needed the haircut, "my girlfriend likes to tug on my hair when know? I'm thinking it needs to be cut back a lot. She's startin' to hurt me." I really loved this book, once the characters got things in place and got their acts together it was a great read I fell in love with Blake's friend Josh so I'm hoping there will be a book in the works for him.

Make Me Up by Avery Flynn

Cam he's just so swoon-worthy, "he stroked his thumb across her full bottom lip, so ripe for kissing. "Nobody effs with my girl." He was just an interesting character that I loved getting to know, "he'd bet money she wasn't wearing a bra." He's romantic in his own macho way, "I'm here." He took her face between his palms. "I will forever be here. You're mine. I'm yours. The other don't effing exist. It's just us, remember?" I enjoyed this book, I loved Cam.

Inevitable by J.L. Beck

Didn't read the first book, but I heard it had a cliffhanger really not big on those LOL, but anyway I didn't feel lost or out of place reading this book. Zerro he's damaged and Bree is his salvation, and that boy is strange when it comes to showing affection, "then show me. Show me how much you hate me," he whispered. His teeth grazed over my ear as his c*** pressed against my hot core." He catches on quickly and when some good hard loving doesn't work to getting his woman happy and not mad at him he owns it, "right...So effing you senseless won't make things better, but it'll get you to forget for a short time." The restaurant scene with the waitress amused me I'm not sure it was supposed to amuse people but I'm twisted when it comes to what amuses me, I'm strange like that, he reacted like a bada** would react, "yeah, you know like, an issue. There isn't a damn reason to shove s*** at me. There is most definitely no reason to take that tone with my woman, and if you care about your job in the least bit, you'll take the high effing road." Lots of twists and turns and I enjoyed every minute of this crazy ride.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Out of the Game by Kate Willoughby

Alex he's a funny guy he gets all excited when his woman insults him, "Alex beamed. "That's my girl!" he said to the attendant. "I taught her that." He likes to give his woman compliments, "Claire, baby...that's so unbelievably good. You effing suck me so good." He's also not a patient man when it comes to waiting for his woman, "he'd been waiting forever. What the hell could she be doing in there? What the eff kind of grooming took that long?" I liked this book. I enjoyed the story and Alex.

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Last Hit: Reloaded (Hitman Series) Book 2.5

There was a time when Nick loved the fear he instilled in his enemies. His tattoos alone promised danger, but it was the look in his eyes that delivered on it. A contract killer since he was just a boy, Nick has now forged a new life and a new identity with the woman who followed him, captured him, and changed him.

He terrified Daisy. Once. But she couldn't resist, and she ignored every warning. It paid off. Now she's part of a new beginning, a fresh start in America helping him to leave behind a reckless and violent past as a professional killer. But the past is never easy to outrun, especially when so much of it thrives on revenge.

A new threat has emerged from the shadows, and now Nick and Daisy have no choice but to rely on Nick's killer skills to protect them from everything they've tried so hard to escape.  


Whatever it was, the women in my classes steer clear of me.
I can’t blame Nick. He wants to keep me safe, and I love him for it. After my kidnapping last year by Yuri and Vasily, I don’t mind his hovering. It makes me feel secure, even if it chases away any chance of friendship with “regular” people.
As I swipe my iPad and open the text to the class’s lesson, I tell myself that these things don’t matter. That the approval of my peers does not matter to me. I have Nick, and that should be everything.
But in some ways, not having any girlfriends to chat with makes me feel as if I am still that isolated young woman living in a boarded-up house with my father. I had no friends then, either. And funnily enough, I thought that friends and life would come easily once I escaped his house. And while Nick blazed his way into my life like a comet and paved a path for me, I still struggle with everyday things.
Like small talk. I never realized how much of a favor my friend Regan did me when she took me under her wing. But now Regan’s in Texas and I’m having to figure things out on my own.

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This is a pen name for Jill Myles.
Jill Myles has been an incurable romantic since childhood. She reads all the 'naughty parts' of books first, looks for a dirty joke in just about everything, and thinks to this day that the Little House on the Prairie books should have been steamier.

After devouring hundreds of paperback romances, mythology books, and archaeological tomes, she decided to write a few books of her own - stories with a wild adventure, sharp banter, and lots of super-sexy situations. She prefers her heroes alpha and half-dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing more than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Temptation by Robin Covington

Max doesn't mix his words, "when we eff, it's probably going to kill me." It came out as a growl, as I tipped her face up to mine and wasted no more time in taking what I wanted." He likes his woman to know that her noises she likes to make do not go unappreciated, "eff. I love that sound. It makes me hard."  I loved the easiness that Mad and Kit had when together, "Kit, every man wants you to stroke his ego after you've stroked his c***. It's crazy, but we're built like that in our DNA." He gives his woman time to do her work, he's a real considerate man, "I'm going to lie here and recover, so you've got fifteen minutes to write down what's in your head." I enjoyed this book, I loved Max. 

Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson

Jared has a way with words, "he smirked, the sight of it sending a zing straight to all of her famine parts. "I'd rather you stare at me like I'm a god." Jared can be real giving at times, even though it comes out wrong, "we get married, my money is your money for the duration of the marriage." He shrugged." He really does want to make his girl happy, "however many tickets you need, you'll get. You're the wife of the quarterback, baby. You can have whatever you want." He grinned." He's also quite free-willing when it comes to what his woman wants to do, "baby, whatever you want to do to me while I'm naked, I'm not going to protest." I loved Jared and this book. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

I loved Elle, "if you ask nicely, I'll make you some bean dip, Oliver. If you're going to be a sarcastic a**hole, I'm hanging up on you." Oliver he seems like a passionate man, "you are so damn crazy, and I want to touch you so bad right now and eff the insanity out of you." In the beginning of the book Elle and Oliver's relationship is like tense but as the book moves forward I saw them getting more comfortable with each other, "I laugh. "Are you going to try to have phone sex with me at three o'clock in the afternoon? From work?" Oliver has to sometimes explain things to Elle, "Elle, I'm sitting in a bed practically naked with you, doing everything in my power to keep myself from getting hard because we have an audience, and as you can see, nothing is working." I look down, of course, and gape at the large condition inside his boxers."  I liked this book it was raw, emotional and of course had a hot doctor in it. 

Enchant by Rachel Van Dyken

I decided to focus on the romance part because in books that's what makes me happy and Luca he knows, he's not stupid that Miss thang thang Joyce has been ogling him, "I knew she'd been staring at me, how the hell could I not? There wasn't a moment I wasn't aware of her."  Luca he's a simple man, and when he worries that isn't enough to keep his woman, Joyce has to reassure her man what she likes, "anytime you can have Chinese at your beck and call..." I winked. "Not s***." Luca is a patient man but when it comes to getting it on with his woman not so much, "I tugged my shirt free of my pants with too much force, then ripped it open, not wasting time with buttons, they clattered to the floor." Obviously the ending was something I sort of expected as it's the prequel to Rachel's hit Mafia series, but it still hurt to see it end that way. 

Callous by Xavier Neal

Sometimes being in a car with Erin can get frustrating, especially when the woman's hands have one thing in mind, "I'd just rather completely focus on your hand on my d***." I groan before moaning under my breath, "Eff, Erin..." CJ, he can be a generous fellow especially where the panties are concerned, "I'll buy them in Every. Effing. Color." His lips fall to my ear. "And then I'll rip them off you all over again." Even while joking with her man about another man he can get jealous, "in case you forgot babe how good I was in the sack yesterday let me remind you why you wouldn't even think of effing the milk man." CJ he's protective and loves to see his woman dressed up but not at the price of other men seeing her that way as well, "as much as I enjoy the view babe, you're my woman and I don't appreciate the entire world getting a view of that a** I'm gonna spank later tonight." I loved this book we even got to see Maxx and Logan and how they're handling their certain situation.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham

I loved Robbie I loved how he had morals, "because you were blitzed, and excuse me for being gentlemanly, but I didn't want you puking your guts up while I screwed you." Such a nice boy. His thoughts sometimes were of those of a teenage virgin who was nervous, "I'll go, but only if Robbie wants to." She cast him an inscrutable look under her lashes. What did that mean? Did she want to go out with him?" He's sometimes pretty open about his thoughts, "you have no effing idea how much I want you. I think about getting your legs around me every waking second of the day." Robbie and Darcy were like teenagers at times, "Jesus Christ, couldn't you tell I enjoyed it?" A knock startled them apart. Robbie yanked his pants up while Darcy moved to the door straightening her clothes." Robbie sometimes has to check with his girl on things, "I brought three condoms. Do you think that will cover us?" He smiled into her hair." I really liked this book and I think I'm going to like this series, it has the atmosphere I like with small towns, and it has sex so this series will probably go far on my radar. 

Want Me by Cynthia Eden

I enjoyed Lex's character, "he lifted a brow. "We think of it as save-your-a**-protection type." His gaze slid to her a**. Such a very nice one it was." Sophie that girl likes to tease her man in a car, where he can't do much about it, "he growled and said. "Sweetheart, you already do." She stroked him again, eased back in her seat, and smiled." I loved the reactions Lex had to Sophie, "I want to wake up next to you." Damn straight. No other man would be getting close to her." I enjoyed this book, I loved the alpha men this series has to offer.

Last to Know by Micalea Smeltzer

Maddox is a very likable boy, "you definitely were. It's okay. You can look, but no touching below the belt...yet." I gaped at him. He did not just say that. He laughed, continuing to play with me. "I like to know girls a little better before I unleash the beast. It might scare them." He's an upfront boy, and likes to speak his mind, "that, my dear Emma, would require a sex change," he pointed a finger at me, "and I'm quite happy with my member. It's impressive, I assure you." The other band members were quite entertaining you have the mysterious Hayes, the moody bad-boy Mathias and then the over-dramatic but highly entertaining Ezra who can sometimes overreact over things, "oh, God! Did I break her nose?" Ezra Exclaimed, echoing my question." I'm really looking forward to the other boys having books. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles

I really wished I had read the first book in this series because these characters were lovable and really intriguing. Kane is a lot to take in, "I guess you sort of drive me crazy," he finally responded. "I wasn't following you, Harper. I saw you leaving the cafe." He looked at me over his shoulder, sipped his coffee, then shrugged. His mouth lifted in a half-grin, and his eyes simmered. "Then I followed you." Harper has him by the balls I mean that boy is in over his head, "...I want you to." I was gone then; just four words, and I was effin' gone." Kane is a confident man that sometimes doesn't mind letting his body do the talking, "she whopped me with a pillow. "I'm serious!" Then her eyes looked down. Saw my arousal. "Whoa," she gasped." As I stated before I really wished I had read the first book in the series, the characters are so fun.  

Honeytrap by Crystal Green

I'm going to have to admit the blurb scared me a bit but honestly I had nothing to worry about. Micah he was a real charmer, "I'd like to tell you I have no idea what an Oprah is, but no one escapes her. Not even in a repair shop." Shelby I get why that girl's cautious but when she care she cares deep, "without thinking, I reached up to touch his face. He shied. "You act like you've never seen a shiner before. Damn, Shelby, this really is nothing." I really liked what Shelby and Micah had going:
   "Is everything ultimately about sex with you?" I asked.
    "I can't help my testosterone." 
Micah was charming in his own way, "can't stand here getting blue balls with you all day. I've got a job to do for my girl." Micah's cousins caught my interest and so didn't Shelby's friends I can't wait to see what this series brings and I can't wait to read more. 

Uncover Me by Chelle Bliss

Our boy Tommy sometimes takes things literally, "I'm happy I came too," he echoed, laughing between words." He tries real hard to control his body functions, "I felt like a kid in high school, ready to blow my load after two minutes of effing." I loved Thomas he was hard at times, and then when he was around his family the boy was like a teddy bear and I loved the relationships he had with his siblings, "Izzy, I don't want to hear about James's beast. Ever." Thomas glared at her." His Angel sure knows how to get him riled, "I snuggled against him, wiggling my a** in his lap. "Stop that or you're going to make me hard again," he said, sinking his teeth into my shoulder." I can't wait for Anthony's book! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cowboy Delight by Cheryl Brooks

A quick little read about a hunky cowboy, Steve he made me laugh at one of his reactions to Lauren, "he stared at me in patent disbelief. "You changed a better yourself? I wouldn't have thought you were the type." He is not a shy boy, "he tugged the shirttail from the confines of his jeans, then placed a hand on his belt buckle. "Would you like to see it?" His lower regions have a mind of their own as well, "we'd gotten sidetracked again, but that woody of his never wilted one iota." This was a quick read that I liked, I love me some hunky cowboys.  

Grizzly Love by Eve Langlais

Travis gets his turn and I couldn't wait to dive in. Gene I missed that boy's moodiness, "one, anyone can see you're getting effed over. Two, I didn't like your husband. He smells off. And three, Vicky told me to do something about it. I'd hate to disappoint her." When these men find their mates their a**es are whipped, with a capital 'W'. Travis's body sometimes has a mind of it's own when Jess is around, "his naked man shape. "Hey, Doc. What's up?" Not his d***, thank god. This wasn't a really appropriate time to have dirty fantasies about Jess." I really liked this book, I always love Eve's book that one is a woman click for me, I always look forward to her humor, and her characters. 

Only for her Dragon by Julia Mills

Aaron may be a beast but that boy sure is considerate, "our first time will not be a quickie and I will not leave you when it's over." Everyone knows I like my men bossy, and alpha and I loved the scenes where Aaron's dragon would come through, "his dragon growled, puffing smoke and pushing the man to ease their mate's discomfort." I really wish there were more scenes of his dragon becoming dominant. Sometimes it's good to have brothers who are already mated it means you can learn from their past mistakes and take their advice even if it's not warranted, "he continued to eavesdrop, hoping to catch one of the stories when a dinner roll hit him in the face. "Snap out of it, Romeo. She's fine and you don't need to be eavesdropping. That s*** will get you sleeping in the doghouse faster than anything else," Aidan said." Overall I liked this book the only thing I would have liked to see more of was more dominance in the men. I mean they are dominant but I wanted more alpha and more of their dragons to come through. 

The Billionaire's Allure by Bec Linder

Max can be a pretty blunt person, "it's not a trick," I said. "I'm not going to offer to show you my etchings and then whip my d*** out of my trousers." He's the type of man who likes to tease, "mm, you certainly are a woman," he said, drawing me closer. "Now tell me again how much you hate me." His thoughts oh his thoughts at times killed me, "Christ, I loved that. A woman who rolled her eyes at you during sex was a keeper." I loved this book and the second chance romance that came with it.

Blindsided by Emma Hart

I loved this book I think it's the best Emma has ever written I've read mostly all her books minus a couple and this one if by far the most entertaining, I think this series is going to do extremely well. Corey he's an a** and he's infatuated with Leah's, "Leah saunters over to a free table, and my eyes drop to her a**. Damn. That dress really does hug it effing incredibly." Seriously if that boy has any chance to touch it he will, "did you seriously just run up behind me and slap me on my butt?" I shriek, my eyes widening. "You pig!" Obviously Leah does not feel the same way Corey does about his a** touching. For Corey working hard for something isn't well something he's had to do so his thoughts on working to getting his affections returned from Leah is...well very man-like, "she's the hardest eff I've ever had to work for, so she better be the best." Corey isn't shy and he's blunt and raw:
         She glares at me. "What are you doing?"
         "Adjusting my balls," I reply, tickling just behind her knee.
The boy can only take so much, and Leah is a strong-willed woman so the back and forth these two play was amusing and entertaining, "no. Just put your clothes on, for eff's sake, or I'll be driving nowhere except into you." The boy has an answer for everything, "look, babe. If I wake up with your t** in my hand you can bet your hot little butt that my c*** is gonna wake the eff up, too."  I can't wait for the next book. 

Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene

There's actually two men that stole my heart in this book, no it's not a love triangle but one is swoon worthy and the other is just worthy of being mentioned since he entertained by through out the whole book. Stefan he's the head honcho and at times is peculiar, "his nostrils flared. "Charles was right; your arousal is a unique scent. Like a spicy, warm drink on a mid-winter's night. It rises above other smells, entrancing the mind." Charles that boy was pure amusement through out this book and he is not a shy fellow, "I'm certainly not trying to rip my c*** off. What else would I be doing with it?" The things he comes up with I just can't get over it, "no. And you know what, I don't even want to have sex with you anymore. That's how mad I am at you right now!" Stefan is really a tough nut to crack but Sasha can wear anyone down without them even knowing it, "damn it! Just thinking of her gave him wood." I was surprised to see that this book ended in a cliffhanger as I was expecting each book to be about a different character, (*laughs at myself*) see what happens when I expect things, but this series is based on Sasha and Stefan and their troubles and I'm certainly looking forward to reading more of them. 

Hero by Samantha Young

Caine is a tough cookie to crack he reminds me of that Katy Perry song 'Hot and Cold' I mean the boy can be down right ruthless, "it wasn't about that," he snapped, his eyes sparking with his ire. "I didn't want you there and I made that clear. When I want something a certain way I get it. I thought I'd also made that clear by now." Then there were other time when I started to like him, he let his walls down just a tad, "his eyes narrowed. "Lexie, may I come to your apartment tonight so I can eff your brains out?" He can be a very generous guy, "the dress? It's just because." His eyes suddenly smoldered and I melted under them. "And because I'd like to eff you in it." I liked this book, I really did, I'm hoping Henry gets a book as well. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Double Trouble by Ruby Dixon

Beast and Muscle are totally opposites although I enjoyed Beast's caring-ness I enjoyed the bluntness and the rawness of Muscle more, "now I know that Beast ain't cookin' this morning." Muscle drawls as he enters the kitchen. "Because the house ain't on fire. Hey there, Shy-girl." He approaches me, grabs me from behind, and squeezes my breast as he kisses my neck. "Ain't you a fine sight for morning wood. You sore?"  The one thing Beast and Muscle have in common well except for Shy is the fact that they're protective of her, "She might be your sister, but I'm the only one effing her at the moment. Unless Beast wants a turn right now? His hand strokes down my back, soothing me, and it's only then that I realize my entire body is shaking like a leaf." I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I really liked it. 

Mind the Gap by Casey McMillin

This book was alright I fell in love with Josh's jealousy and protectiveness, "I said she's mine, and so is the painting, so you need to effing back off." He worries about his girl, and he gets concerned I liked that side of him it showed how vulnerable he was, "Brit, what the hell? We've been calling. I almost kicked your door down. Go open it and let me-" This book was an okay read I felt like something was missing or just that the characters were missing something I can't put my finger on it. 

The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn

Ryan is protective by nature, "go to sleep, Sabelle. I'll protect you from the monsters under the bed." He can also be very blunt at times, "you want to eff Sabelle?" His voice was raw, his words subterfuge for a more complex question." I liked the little moments Ryan and Sabelle had at times it was cute and sweet:
       "Don't let me go," she whispered against his mouth.
       "Don't you effing try to leave," he answered.
I liked this book, I liked Ryan and Sabelle at times that girl was just too innocent and you couldn't help but love her.