Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

I loved Elle, "if you ask nicely, I'll make you some bean dip, Oliver. If you're going to be a sarcastic a**hole, I'm hanging up on you." Oliver he seems like a passionate man, "you are so damn crazy, and I want to touch you so bad right now and eff the insanity out of you." In the beginning of the book Elle and Oliver's relationship is like tense but as the book moves forward I saw them getting more comfortable with each other, "I laugh. "Are you going to try to have phone sex with me at three o'clock in the afternoon? From work?" Oliver has to sometimes explain things to Elle, "Elle, I'm sitting in a bed practically naked with you, doing everything in my power to keep myself from getting hard because we have an audience, and as you can see, nothing is working." I look down, of course, and gape at the large condition inside his boxers."  I liked this book it was raw, emotional and of course had a hot doctor in it. 

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