Monday, December 31, 2012

Fight With Me By Kristen Proby

Yep, had to read this right off, gobbled it up! Kristen you have such a talent, it's like you know how to write perfect men to get us girls going. "Number one, I don't give a f**k about the no frat policy here. Any relationship I choose to have in any capacity I choose to have it, it's none of their business." Oh Nate you do something to me! Nate is honest and he's not afraid to go after what he wants. 
                  "You will not run out on me this time. If you decide you want to leave it will be after you've discussed it with me first so I don't wake up to any surprises." 
                   "Okay," I murmured. "Did i wound your fragile ego that badly?" I ask sarcastically. 
                   "No. You hurt my feelings and that doesn't happen often. I'd rather not relive it."
 Jules I just love her, speaks her mind, is blunt, and I love being able to know what she's thinking at times as they are just to funny. "Are we seriously going to jump right into bed? No, hey would you like a drink? Or would you like to watch a movie? Just welcome to my home, get in my bed." I love how she talks to him on a few occasions one: "So, my conservative-looking, suit-wearing boss has a tattoo and has his penis pierced?" I asked with a smile." Two: this scene made me laugh so hard I spit my milk out that I was drinking. "Because you're a man, you've had your hands on me, and they love me. And I think it has something to do with owning a penis. It makes men want to beat the shit out of each other. I'm thinking about doing research on it." I really enjoyed this book probably more then "Come Away With Me" I love Kristen's writing, I can't wait for the next book in the series although I'm not fond of waiting until March Ms. Proby! 

Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire

Travis Maddox sex on two legs! Man oh man! His mouth seems to always get him in trouble. "It's hard to forget you're behind me when your thighs are squeezing the life out of me." A smirk came with his next thought. "I couldn't think of a better way to die actually." Abby I think is truly the first person to confuse the boy, and not take his crap. "I love you." I said, touching my lips to his. "Now quit being such a baby." Travis is protective of Abby, and is attracted to her and when they do start dating it doesn't stop. "Travis's expression was pained as he spoke. "You do. You look incredible...but you can't wear that! Your skirt your legs are...your skirt is too short and it's only half a dress. It doesn't even have a back on it." When Travis finally says, "Noticed? I've been telling you that all year!" he teased. "It's official Bimbos, fights, leaving, Parker, Vegas...even fires...our relationship can withstand anything." I was just so happy!!! I can't wait for "Walking Disaster" to read Travis's point of view! 

Come Away With Me BY Kristen Proby

Wow Ms. Proby has a way with words, with all her teasers she's been giving us, I knew the book would be good, I just wasn't expecting great. Then not to mention all the sex holy cow, it's like how much sex can two people have! ( I don't mean this comment in a bad way, I didn't even mind the sex scenes it shows how much Luke and Nat really care about each other). First impression of Luke well he was a tad bit scary, and holy crap (yes I'm using that phrase alot in this review as I don't know what else to say) Luke is just something else! Natalie, well that woman can surprise you, and the things that come out of her mouth. When her and Luke are on their first date "Are you embarrassed to be out with me?" She speaks her mind and she doesn't hide who she is, and the fact that she loved shoes. "I'm a woman. I am desperately, irrevocably in love with shoes." Then when Luke says "There is nothing for you to be uncomfortable about when it comes to your body. Eat whatever you want. I love watching you eat. I'd love to work out with you, just because I love watching you move. Your curves are beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on them again." it was like DAYUUMMM man I want someone to say that to me! There was this one scene I laughed extremely hard at although I don't think Ms. Proby meant it to be funny but I just couldn't help myself, you know Luke has such a way with words, "I'm not giving the flight attendant a f**king show." THEN you know Luke will make it into your heart when he says "I'm the man, you just tell me when and where to show up and what I'm supposed to wear and I'll be there." It's like why can't all men be like that when it comes to weddings. I enjoyed this book soooo much and I can't wait for "Fight with Me" to come out next year!  

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden By Jessica Sorensen

  I knew right off I wanted to read this book especially with all the snippets Jessica has been teasing us with, but what I didn't know was how much I'd fall in love with the characters, and boy did I fall in love! A girl (callie) with so many issues and hurt within her and a boy (Kayden) with so much hurt and scars on the outside. I Loved this book from the first page. Jessica has a way of making you fall in love with her characters and making you believe that they truly are alive and your part of their lives. I loved the fact how Callie put herself in harm's way to safe Kayden from getting beaten up worse. Not many people I know would do that. I was pissed at the fact that four months after the incident Kayden doesn't remember who she is I mean come on the woman saved your ass and you can't remember who the hell she was! I literally forgot to take notes while I read the book, I managed to write down a favorite quote but I got so pulled into the book that I forgot. I loved when Callie finally entrusted Kayden with her secret that was a really big step for her. and the ending OMFG JESSICA  HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO KAYDEN!!! 
   "You want the truth?" I ask, and she bobs her head up and down. "No, I don't like you better this way, I like sober callie, the one that I can talk to. The one that is so sweet it's fucking adorable." I dip my face forward and breathe on her neck moving toward the no touching line but not crossing it. " The one that trembles just from the feel of my breath. The one I want to kiss and touch so fucking badly it drives me crazy. The one that makes me feel things..." 

The Secret of Ella and Micha By Jessica Sorensen

  The book made me cry in so many parts. It was touching that even after 8 months and no word from Ella Micha never gave up on her, and still loves her just as deeply as when before she left. We meet Ella's roomate Lila and Micha's best friend Ethan (yes they we been in the upcoming book "The Temptation of Lila and Ethan" that is coming out soon), Ella doesn't realize it but Lila is going to be helping her figure out how she really feels about Micha. I got so wrapped up in this book, I think it's because Micha was so focused on trying to get the old Ella back. They keep each other grounded, even though they hate to admit it they bring out the best and sometimes the worst in each other. Micha is so honest about his feelings about Ella, I think it sometimes scares her. "The only thing I want to get in is you," he murmurs in my ear." Without know she gets him riled just as much as he gets her. "  I sweep Ella's hair to the side and put my lips to her ear, "so you think I'm hot and sexy huh?" I loved the fact that when she confesses her innner demons to him he reacts to something else then she entirely thought "He takes a deep breath and lets it out gradually, " I love you Ella May and nothing will ever change that you can push me away - run away - and I will still love you." When he said that I had tears in my eyes. I wish Jessica would hurry it up and release "The Forever of Micha and Ella" 

The Grey God By Lizzy Ford

This is the fourth installment of the series. It's about Darian, Damian's older brother who was once thought dead. It's about the struggles of finding and accepting his mate and reinventing himself. I liked this installment as much as I did "Damian's Oracle". There's so much chemistry between Jenn and Darian, he wants to be with her and she doesn't know what she wants, but I think she enjoys teasing him. 
  "Xander taught me how to use my body."
  Darian's gaze flew up to her face. "He did what?"
With Darian hving trust issues from a previous relationship it's hard for him to sometimes accept Jenn but he gives it a shot, but Jenn has the same issues just in a different matter there are some parts where I think she doesn't even want to give it a shot as it scares her. "Yes, really. I'm not some source you're obligated to sleep with. You have a few things to learn about a healthy relationship," he said. "Though I'll admit. I'm really curious for you to teach me a few things, since you've been with so many men. Like thousands, right?" I also love the back and forth banter between them, personally I think it's that aspect that helps them overcome obstacles together. 
  "Not quite, to quote an Original being, f**k you."
  "That better be an invitation," he replied. 
  Jenn met his gaze again, furious. "Let me clarify. Go f**k yourself." 
I can't wait for Xander's story to come out (Lizzy always teases me on what she's working on and I'm excited to see what happens next) 

War of Gods Trilogy By Lizzy Ford

So this is must first review of a book with more then one story in it so bare with me. First off i LOVE Lizzy's books, this series I was hesitant to read as it's not something I would actually buy and read, but when Lizzy said she'd send me a copy for review I said I'd give it a shot. Honestly I'm really glad I did I got into the series with no trouble.  
Damian's Oracle: 
Where to start, how about with Damian who is cocky, and thinks really highly of himself. "Damian Bylun stared at the phone. It was a cold day in Hell when someone dared hang up on the White God, the defender of mankind, the Tamer of Evil. Or, in the words of his closest friends, the BS Master of the Universe." See I told you he was a cocky little shit! There were times I loved Damian, especially the scenes where we see the softer side of him with Sofia, other times I wanted to strangle him, and lastly He leaves me laughing my ass off, without meaning to. "I'm not going to eat you, so you can stop looking at me like that," he said with a bitter edge that was lost on her. She looked down near tears again. "That didn't come out quite right." I truly love how he explains Sofia to Jule and Dusty, "She's this sexy little thing with beautiful eyes. Lots of spunk and stubborn as an ox. Nice rack, killer legs. So sweet and innocent." Even though he is a God (literally, we shouldn't complement him his ego is already HUGE) he's seriously horny, but I actually got the feeling this quote shows how he's falling in love with her and cares about her. "I'll say it again: you're welcome in my bed, preferably naked though this is good enough for now, I guess." I was really overjoyed when we find out that Damian's brother is still alive. Some events made me cry, which I don't think Lizzy has ever done for me but I'm glad it finally happened.
Damian's Assassin:
I LOVE Dusty and his bluntness, I really do. "For the most part the major decisions were made for you," he replied, "you do have the choice of sharing my bed or sleeping on the couch." Although I enjoyed the story of Dusty and Bianca I have to say Damian and Sofia are kind of still my favorite right now. We learn so many new things in this part of the book that it's sometimes hard to take in. I know I feel bad for Bianca and her brother Jonny tough times are ahead of them that's all I can say without revealing to much.
Damian's Immortal:
I kind of didn't like this part of the installment of the series mainly because Jule had to save a damsel in distress, and the fact that Yully had an abusive adopted father, who was a selfish prig and was only thinking of taking over the world and himself! As the book gets to the good parts you see Yully growing up, standing up for herself, and becoming her own person (with some help form Damian, Dusty, Sofia, Bianca, Darian, and the major one that plays part in it is Jule) and I really enjoyed that aspect in the book. Jule well what can I say about him... he has some um... issues I guess. "Sweetheart, I'm sitting in your car bleeding to death. I think I'm doing pretty damn good, considering I would've been able to kill him if you hadn't shot and run me over," he replied in irritation.

I would really recommend this series, remembering my rule "Never judge a book by it's cover." 

Rock the Heart By Michelle Valentine

 I hate Noel but at the same time love him (is that even possible?) Oh my God, first time we meet him what an ASS! The second time really isn't any better, and he's so cocky it unnerves me, "Lane, I never knew you had this little hard-ass business chick inside of you. I have to admit, this no-nonsense attitude is kind of hot. Plus, I didn't know you thought about riding me. That's one think I know I can make happen for you." I of course couldn't help but laugh I mean I've read about some cocky characters but Noel right now just tops the cake! This is the second, or maybe third book I read where a rockstar was one of the main characters, and I honestly don't know why but I tend to read between the lines of these books, it's probably because I think the rockstar is broken and misunderstood and I'm weird, but anyway I came to the conclusion that this book is about two people finding and needing each other again. Even though Lanie is strictly business Noel seems to find a way to make it kind of not strictly business "Before I can think he grabs me up into his arms, against his chest, " little crazy...maybe" He leans into my ear, and says with a slight growl, "Dance with me." One scene in the books I almost DIED geesh the way Ms. Valentine writes about his abs is literally my undoing, "The tips of my fingers glide down pecs and stop to linger on his well defined abs. Noel quirks his right pierced eyebrow and wears the most devilish smile I've ever seen."you like those, huh?" I mean a girl can only take so much here people, so yummy I know right! I already told Michelle that she needs to write faster I knew "Rock the Bed" like 10 seconds ago. 

Devoured By Emily Snow

Where to begin... well in four words I LOVE LUCAS WOLFE!!!!! Oh my God that man is so fine! While reading I kind of read between the lines and came to the conclusion that Lucas teaches Sienna to grow some balls and stand up for herself, while Sienna teaches Lucas about trust and love again. (I hope that is what the meaning of the book is Ms. Snow) Sienna appreciated Lucas not for his money, but for his music (personally I think he finds it refreshing and yet is a little shocked) "Lucas Wolfe is all muscles and tattoos and sexiness, but it's his music that has a way of getting to me. It strips me down." Of course when we first meet Lucas he's a little cocky shit, but name one guy who isn't one at some point in time. "Before you try to bullshit me, you should probably know I never forget a face." Then he lifts his eyebrows wickedly and says, "or a body" They tease each other, but the cutest thing I find is they're inside joke "Google is your friend." Through all the teasing you can also figure out how passionate Lucas is about Sienna, "He kisses me, urgently, deeply- so hard he leaves my lips tender and bruised." While reading you can also figure out that Lucas pushes people he cares about away instead of letting them in, and I wonder how differently things would have turned out if he would have just told Sienna the truth she probably would have stood by him. In the end they do find love (that was not a no brainer) "But you're right- you are and idiot, if you thought I ever stopped loving you... Mr. Wolfe." BUT will the love be enough to work over the obstacles that I'm sure will come in book TWO of the series, "Consumed" (Which seriously needs to be out NOW so I can read it and find out what happens) 

Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines

  This book had me banging my head against the wall. Rush was just ugh... that boy infuriated me at certain points in the book. I loved the first impression Blaire gave Rush's brother Grant. "You instant reaction to being scared is to pull out a gun on someone? Damn girl where are you from? Most girls I know squeal or some shit like that." Blaire may not fit in Rush's life with all his money and the girls he has, but that girl sure has a backbone, especially when it comes to why she wears things or her mother. "Because my mother bought it for me to wear. I was stoop up and never got the chance. Tonight you invited me and I wanted to fit in, so  I wore the nicest thing I had. I'm sorry that it wasn't quite nice enough. You know what though? I don't give a shit, you and your uppity spoiled friends all need to get over yourselves." Rush tries to push himself away from Blaire, but it doesn't work, not to mention there's the guilt of her sleeping under the stairs (reminded me of Harry Potter) was starting to get to him. "Take any room on the left side of the hall you want. Throw that dam peanut butter away and eat what the hell you want in this kitchen." I think Blaire was relieved when Rush said that she was nothing like her father, (they both hate him). "You think I don't know that by now? You've been sleeping in a damn broom closet without complaint. You clean up after me, you don't eat properly, I am aware you are nothing like your dad. But you are a guest in my home and I want you eating in my kitchen and treating like it's yours." This book truly made a lasting impression on me, I can't get it out of my head and I've read it like 4 or 5 times now. Hated the ending I really did (hence me banging my head against the wall) NOW I have to wait until "Never Too Far" comes out for the ending of Rush and Blaire's story (better be a happy one)! Did I mention I can't stop staring at the hottie on the book cover!

Gabriel's Hope By Lizzy Ford

GAHHH!!! Where to start, so Gabriel is now Death and Rhyn is now head of the counsel. Lizzy does a great job at updating us on where all the characters are now in their lives, I was especially happy to see the update on Rhyn and Katie (my fave couple from the series) "Dude, you have no f***king idea. I'd take a herd of demons over this shit. One day she's begging me to f***k her every five minutes. The next, it's my fault she gained twenty pounds. I told her to lay off the ice cream. Been on the couch for a week..." Even tho the story isn't about Rhyn he's just funny so of course I'd have to put a conversation he and Deidre have in my review! 
      "What'd you do to piss him off?" Rhyn asked, "He's a raving lunatic out there right now." 
      "Piss him off?" Deidre repeated. "He killed my boyfriend! Chopped his head off right in front of me." Her throat was too tight to say more." 
      "Good man. I would've done the same."
Gabriel is always getting right to the point of things like he NEVER beats around the bush but this I found so funny I almost peed myself. "I'll make it easier. Do you want me to make love to you or hug you?" When Deidre is pissed she is a spitfire I'm telling you I love this girl, and hopefully Gabriel can find it in his heart to do so as well, since they're kinda mated for like eternity and all. "Doesn't seem like rocket science. I find out I was a socialpathic deity. You issue me an ultimatum I can't live with and then make out with some lady at the lake. Oh and I picked up someone else's soul last night." She said. "yesterday was not a good one. We're through, by the way Gabriel." One thing I truly disliked was once again the cliffhanger that Ms. Ford is famous for, now I need the next book like yesterday to find out what happens. I'm also not happy about something else that happens but that would mean giving away a spoiler.

Rhyn's Redemption By Lizzy Ford

Well this book sad to say I didn't like as much, it wasn't because of Lizzy's writing it was because Rhyn and Katie were kind of not together in the book. I still hate Kris he's an ass and Hannah is just a twit, and Kiki he's growing on me. "What's not wrong?" Kiki snapped in response, "Rhyn's gone ape-shit crazy and decided to kill Death, Toby's in Hell, and Darkyn is planning something big, but I don't know what." Now that Kris and Hannah have mated you would think the boy would be happy, secretly I think he still wants Katie, he's more anal then usual in this book... "How do you incorporate Hell and fine in the same sentence?" Kris demanded." I LOVED the ending though, "Right now, I owe my mate a rowdy night on the beach under the moonlight," he said. He swung her up into his arms and strode towards the water. NO CLIFFHANGERS!! just the way I like it, and a happy ending (for now).  

Katie's Hope By Lizzy Ford

When I read "where the name of her ancient Immortal male Rhyn, had been until he broke their mating bond two days before." I was mortified, pissed and sad. Katie brings the best out in Rhyn and I want them together! Then I read the next page and it was just a dream, and AHHHH Katie is knocked up OH MY GOD!!! yea I thought that like 500 times excited but then I thought about Rhyn that boy is NOT ready to be a daddy. Hannah and Kris are starting to get on my nerves just want to reach through the book and punch them! At least Rhyn is semi-sweet in this book, "I watch them watch you," he said. "You draw them out on your runs, and I kill them. We're a good team." I cried my heart out in this book! Once again thank the heavens I have the next book in the series!! 

Katie's Hellion By Lizzy Ford

Lizzy was kind enough to give me the books in this series to read and review, and I must say I wasn't disappointed (I'm never disappointed with Lizzy's work). She has a great talent and Rhyn was he's a beast (metaphorically and literally), the dialogue between the characters is memorable and so aren't the characters themselves. "You could've asked me for anything in the universe and you ask me to babysit a human." Katie is a take no crap kind of girl, and she speaks her mind. "Your shit is everywhere," she said. "And what in the name of holy are you doing with a sword? Is that even legal?" At this particular point Katie doesn't know which way is up. "You drop off some sort of Demon in my house try to convince me I'm either completely crazy or suffering from amnesia, stalk me to this gala and expect me to tell you where I spend every minute of every day?" The Rhyn and Katie mate thing I love a lot, Lizzy does nice sex scenes, I mean it's left to your imagination, but it still gets your blood going. I'm really glad I have the next book in the series as the cliffhanger was just to much. My most memorable quote that I have to say is my favorite is "So you repay me for rescuing you by eating my arm?"