Monday, December 31, 2012

The Grey God By Lizzy Ford

This is the fourth installment of the series. It's about Darian, Damian's older brother who was once thought dead. It's about the struggles of finding and accepting his mate and reinventing himself. I liked this installment as much as I did "Damian's Oracle". There's so much chemistry between Jenn and Darian, he wants to be with her and she doesn't know what she wants, but I think she enjoys teasing him. 
  "Xander taught me how to use my body."
  Darian's gaze flew up to her face. "He did what?"
With Darian hving trust issues from a previous relationship it's hard for him to sometimes accept Jenn but he gives it a shot, but Jenn has the same issues just in a different matter there are some parts where I think she doesn't even want to give it a shot as it scares her. "Yes, really. I'm not some source you're obligated to sleep with. You have a few things to learn about a healthy relationship," he said. "Though I'll admit. I'm really curious for you to teach me a few things, since you've been with so many men. Like thousands, right?" I also love the back and forth banter between them, personally I think it's that aspect that helps them overcome obstacles together. 
  "Not quite, to quote an Original being, f**k you."
  "That better be an invitation," he replied. 
  Jenn met his gaze again, furious. "Let me clarify. Go f**k yourself." 
I can't wait for Xander's story to come out (Lizzy always teases me on what she's working on and I'm excited to see what happens next) 

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