Friday, January 31, 2014

Truth or Dare by AJ Bennett

With each book AJ writes it gets better and better. Hunter I loved that naughty boy, "and for the record, I just asked what time you got off work, not if you wanted to ride my co**." He likes things a certain way, "my bed," he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her around to the other side of the truck to let her in." Chemistry between Luna and Hunter is there, oh it's there alright:
                             "You like that?" She whispered.
                              "What do you think?" he said gruffly as his erection grew, pressing hard against her skin. Reaching over he grabbed a condom off the end table and handed it to her. 
I hope to see more I love the characters and well I just loved them. 

Scarred Beautiful by Beth Michele

Fran the girl had some pretty big lady balls and I loved it, "you seem...uptight. Like you need to dislodge the stick that's up your a**." She lets out a heart, and I think, drunken laugh. "I'd give you some help with that, but it's not my thing." And Matt he's pretty intense as well, "did I say anything about wanting to have sex with you, Fran? Because if I wanted to be inside that hot little body of yours, you'd know it." He knows how to set the mood, "you realize that you're standing here kissing me like that wearing just a sexy bra and panties," he whispers, his grin a tickle against my lips." And he just takes my breath away, "do you want me to chase you, Fran?" I whisper huskily into her ear and she sucks in a breath. "I will...because that's how much I want you." I really enjoyed reading this book and I hope to see more of the characters in the future like *coughCalebcough*. 

Believe by Erin McCarthy

I love this series, and I think with each book it gets better and better, and my new character from this series is Phoenix the man takes the cake, "he threw back the blanket that had been covering him below the waist and he stood up. He was in his underwear, black boxer briefs that clung to his thighs." He can be romantic in his own little way, "very good. Now show me how you say that you're glad to see me." I nuzzled into her neck, kissing her tender flesh there, my thumbs slipping under her waistband." He's very patient with his girl, "can I feel it first?" she whispered, her fingers teasing across the snap of my jeans. Oh, hell, yeah, she could feel it." He doesn't take much in thanks, "Phoenix glanced up at me. "Baby, that is not the point. Naked enthusiasm is all that's required." I'm really excited for the next book it can't come fast enough. 

Forged in Ash by by Trish McCallan

Kait and Cosky are just something else when they're together, "you're hard as a fricking rock." She didn't sound admiring. Cosky shoved down the urge to roll and drag her to his mouth. Gritting his teeth, he reached for his formidable control." Cosky he's something else, "why don't you turn over? I'll work the front for a while." Cosky swore beneath his breath. Considering the baseball bat that had sprung to life in his shorts, and the way his libido had hijacked his control, turning over was the last thing he should do." He can be an a**, "nothing." He eased back from the couch with slow, careful movements, as though he wasn't sure his knee would accept his weight. "You've had your half hour. So we're even, right? That's what you asked for." I mean he really is an a**, "You asked for half an hour, of sex, for the healing," he said patiently, as though he were reminding her." As the book goes on it's apparent how much Cosky cares for Kait, "goddamn it, Kait!" His voice rose with each word it thundered through the van. "Did she hurt you?" And I just loved them together, "he caught her hands in both of his. "The minute you touch me I go up in flames. I lose my common sense. I lose my control. All I can think about is getting naked under me." I can't wait to see who comes next in the series. 

Instant Temptation by Jill Shalvis

Flippin' TJ I knew I'd love his smarta** right off, "I saw on Oprah once that women use ice cream as a substitute for sex," he said. She choked again, and he he resumed gliding his big, warm hand up and down her back." He doesn't have a lot of patience, "Jesus." He swiped a hand down his face. "Just get in the damn jeep." He gives great compliments, "is this the part where you tell me that they're just breasts" he asked a little thickly. "Because I've got to tell you, Harley, they're pretty fantastic breasts." He's just something else entirely, "what other magic necessities do you have in there?" Condoms, he nearly said, but he was fairly certain she wouldn't consider that a magic necessity." Harley she is concerned for TJ's safety, "breathless, she ate up the sight of him by starlight, his hair tousled, jaw rough and in need of a shave, his chest bare, his boxers disturbingly low on his hips, his - "Oh my God. You can't go anywhere like that!" Harley does a number on TJ, "and he had no clue what that meant. All he knew was that for two nights running, he'd gone to bed with a bad case of DSB. Deadly sperm buildup. He thought he'd taken care of that problem in the shower this morning, but apparently not." I mean she really knows how to do a number on him, "baby, if I was any more ready, I'd bust out of my skin." He closed his eyes. "Now don't talk to me for a minute. I'v got to picture somebody's grandma naked." I think she appreciates TJ's underwear choice, "before she could comment on that, he tugged her into him, nudging his hips to hers. "Um, are you" - she swiveled a finger in the region of his crotch - "commando again?" 

Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan

Oh Bree I just loved you, "they were on sale," I explained. "I wasn't planning on eating these all at once or anything." He didn't look at me as he picked them up himself, but I swore I saw a miniscule lip twitch." Archer he's so innocent and cute and you couldn't help but love him, "he lout out a breath on a loud whoosh. I wanted to kiss you, to touch you. I just didn't know...if you want that too-" I mean he's just adorable, "can we kiss some more? he asked, his eyes shinning with desire." But he's manly at the same time, "I pulled his jeans down and his co** sprang free. I stared at it for a second, my lips parting. He definitely wasn't lacking in that department. Just like the rest of him, it was large and beautiful. And it looked painfully hard, the head purple and engorged." I also loved that he was all about her, "I loved her slim body and the way her skin was white where her bathing suit covered it. I adjusted myself in my pants and moved the though of Bree's body out of my mind. I was working right now and I needed to focus." He would do anything to please her, "Bree seemed satisfied and so I was to. Maybe I'd even go into town and pick up a few new things if it made Bree happy that I looked nicer." 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What goes on Tour by Claire Boston

I liked this book and I loved Adrian/Kent, he's so romantic and caring, "he sat next to her with Libby opposite. Seeing her hand, the guilt washed over him again. He'd been so caught up in his own fears he hadn't realized how tightly he'd gripped her hand. He'd hurt her without thought and hadn't even thanked her. He didn't know how he could be so oblivious." He has certain rules in his life he likes to follow by, "he glanced up. "Call me Kent when I'm in costume. I don't want anyone to associate Adrian with Kent." As I said I liked this book, and I loved how pure Libby was she was so innocent and caring and was perfect for Adrian and Kate.

Repossessed by Shawntelle Madison

Rob he's the type of man I love real a**y at first and loving last, "Rob reached into the pocket of his jeans. Tessa expected him to turn in her direction to ask what she wanted, but he paid for his drink an headed for the door. He mouth dropped open. What an a**. "Hey, I would've like something to drink," she growled to his back. A short snort was her reply." He's just oh so sexy, "his mouth lingered near earlobe. "I wouldn't take you for a tease, Tee. You've been sending me all sorts of signals." Tessa's reaction to Rob's body is something else, "she knew he enjoyed watching her watching him. Especially when he discarded his briefs... Now that is a wand I'l like to wield. Her eyes lingered on his length before they admired his hardened stomach. The muscles clenched twice before he leaned forward." He doesn't like certain things to get in his way to pleasure his woman, "I'm qualified when it means I get easy access without those things in the way." 

Fighting for You by January Valentine

I enjoyed reading this book so much, my emotions were everywhere for Pete's sake I almost freakin' cried over Indigo's stupidness! But he made up for it in his sexiness, "Jewel..." My name was an airy rush. "I doubt we'd be able to hang together out there," he motioned to the wheels spinning pas us "but Bill and I usually stop at Kelly's after riding." He doesn't like to make mistakes so he's cautious that he doesn't, "he brought my chin up with his index finger. "If it's something I've done, tell me what it is, so it doesn't happen again. I don't like making mistakes...not even less twice." Jewel the girl has some lady balls and I loved it when she put her man in place, "I couldn't help but shoot him an are-you-serious look that even sent me reeling. "You hardly ever text me, Indigo. Why would I turn to you? You're so elusive I..."  This book was just a rush of emotions and that Vanessa biatch I didn't like at all. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

I probably should have read the three books that came before this but I have a weakness for pretty covers and male point of views, so I was pretty lost in to what the hell was going on and that's totally okay I still fell in love with Chris in all that confusion. I liked being in his dirty little mind, "I plaster my hands on my jean-clad legs. Otherwise I'd grab her and eff her right now, before we even talk about the painting. And I like talking to Sara."  Sara I fell in love with her right off as well, "her lips curve slowly into a full-out smile. "I like being covered in you." She traces the dragon on my bare arm. "And I like your ink." I just really loved Chris so I honestly didn't mind being confused, my co** thickens with the raspy quality of her voice. "I told you once that if you stayed with me, I'd own your body. Every last inch of it. Marriage seals the deal." 

Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee

Alex he hates being interrupted when it's about to be naughty time, "since we can't seem to do anything without your family interrupting us, I want to take you somewhere private. A small cabin by the place we went yesterday. And no cell phones." Alex the man has some damn stamina, "they lay there for a few moments, his hands skimming her curves. Then he murmured, "you mentioned something about doing it from the side...?" There was a slight but slowly increasing pressure along a cucumber-sized length of the back of her thigh. He eyes widened. "You don't need" Alex he doesn't do things half a** and I'm pretty sure Natalie appreciates that, "her eyes widened when she saw him, but he didn't give a damn as he kicked the door shut. A primal instinct to mark her as his overwhelmed him, stripping away all restraint."  

Flag on the Play by Lois Kasznia

Kyle he's always eager to get his girl home alone, "halftime. We are leaving at halftime." Kyle stood firm. "No one will notice. Besides, the game is lopsided. The nuggets are crushing the Rockets. It's a boring game." Kyle he likes to take care of his woman, "she started to unbutton her pants, but Kyle's hand stilled hers. "That's my job." His tongue laved at her breasts making her shudder with desire. Payton's hand held Kyle's hips against hers so she could feel his erection." Kyle he likes to share his naughty dreams, "there's going to be nothing sweet about them. They are going to be filled with you and me having some pretty hot sex." Kyle laughed, his chuckle low and throaty." I'm not really into sports, okay well not at all but hey this was romance and I'm all about the romance. 

Crazy Maybe by A.D. Justice

I really liked this book and Luke's thoughts, "all I can think is how much I want to grab her hair - whether it's down or in a ponytail - in my fist and completely own her." He's such a little flirt, "you're got a deal, Andi." With a blatantly flirtatious wink and his beautiful blue eyes sparkle with mischief he adds, "Any time you want to video me, you just let me know. Especially if you're my co-star." Andi she knows how to give her boy some sh**, "well, what's strange is -- I'm not sore. At all. So if we had sex, as you're implying. I guess that means you have a really tiny penis and I didn't enjoy it much at all. If that's the case, then no, I'm not up for a repeat of last night. One disappointment is enough for me. Thanks for the offer though." 

Reluctantly Lycan by Jez Strider

Kaden sure knows how to give warm welcomes, "then, Kaden stepped forward, cupping her face roughly in his hands pressing her into the wall as his mouth found hers. Mara's brain yelled no, but her instincts responded with a resounded yes as she returned the kiss." Kaden he's blunt and can sometimes be rude, "I didn't intend to assault you like that. It's late in the season for you to be in heat." Kaden jerked out a kitchen chair, spun it around, and straddled it facing her." He doesn't like others touching what's his, "if you had mated with that man, he would be dead now." He sniffed again. "But, the only arousal I smell is yours." I mean he really does have issues with other men touching Mara, "don't touch her and make sure everyone else knows. I won't be responsible for my actions when I'm the wolf." 

Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde

LOVED THIS BOOK!! And I loved Ruger "hold still," he whispered, voice strained. "The fact that my di**'s in it's happy place is probably saving your life. Trust me when I say I'm seriously considerin' strangling you, Sophie. Thinking about effin' you helps balance that out." He's not shy, "I like these ones, too," he said, pulling out a pair of turquoise panties. "They'd go good with the garter belt." He likes to show affection, "Jesus, Sophie," he said glaring at me. "Now I can't buy the kid a present? Sh**, he's had a rough night. If I wanna buy him something, I will." I love Ruger's underwear preference, "or, in this case, when he walked through the living room wearing half-fastened jeans commando, eyes still sleepy." Ruger doesn't like to ask for opinions or even ask questions, "I'm tellin' you," he continued. "You're my property, babe. I'll take damned good care of you and Noah. You'll take care of me. But only one co** goes into that pu**y of yours - mine- and that's the end of it. Got me?" Ruger the boy also can't give straight answers, "I'm not planning not to keep it in my pants," he said slowly. "But I've told you - I'm not a one-woman man. I won't lie to you or make promises I'm not sure I can keep." He's a smarta**, "good thing your vagina's so gosh-darned hot," he whispered. "Because I really, really want to stick my penis in it and have repeated sexual intercourse, bringing us to a mutually satisfactory culmination of our desires. How's that sound?"  

Prince Charming by S. Celi

I thought this book was something else, but I was wrong. The book was okay I didn't really love it but I also didn't hate it. Laine I liked her and her ballsy nature, "I'm ranked fifteenth in the class," she mumbled, as she stood up and zipped her bag. "Of course, that's nothing compared to being ranked second. So I can understand you might think I was kinda dumb." Geoff he had his good moments, his dumb moments, moments I wanted to punch him and then there were some of his thoughts that I really enjoyed, "I stuttered. Jesus Christ. I was sounding like some kind of idiot. I might as well drool over her and then start masturbating. Eff me." As I said the book was okay it, I didn't love it or hate it, it was in between.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Serious Ink by Ranae Rose

I loved Noah right off, there's something about him that you can't help but fall in love with, "that's too bad. I was hoping you'd agree to grab dinner with me after my appointment, if you were free. I haven't done anything but work and move boxes these past couple weeks, and it'd be nice to have some company."  He's just to damn cute in the bedroom he's a complete gentleman, "hope you're not offended," he said, turning green eyes on her as he bent, reaching under the bed. "I bought these after you said you'd think about my offer to live here." "these" turned out to be condoms. An entire unopened box." He's so honest and I think that Zoe likes that about him and well his body, "eff, I couldn't help it. Still can't. I want you, Zoe. And I'm going to keep wanting you. I'll probably be a shi**y roommate after this. Never leave you alone - no concept of personal space." 

The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre

I thought Rafe was brooding but he has some manners, "Rafe didn't look down at his clothes, nor did his gaze travel below her chin. "How's the water?" He doesn't like some things to Brooke's house so like the alpha man he is the boy has to have it his way, "just let me put the locks on your doors, Brooke." When it's sexy time between Rafe and Brooke, Rafe doesn't like to be disturbed and this is when his actions speak louder than words, "the next thing she knew, Rafe was standing on the porch with the three of them, glowering at his siblings." Brooke keeps the man on his toes, "she said with that sexy spark in her eyes, "I can't wait to be kinky with you." Forgetting all about the condom in his hand, Rafe almost exploded right then and there." This story was entertaining. 

Severed by Lizzy Ford & Julia Crane

I knew that Lizzy is mean with cliffhangers but I didn't think Julia would be as well, but when these two get together, there's no stopping them and the mean-ness lol. I should have guess that 'serial' would mean short novella here I am getting into the dang story and BOOM it ends with a damn cliffhanger none the less. Welon I just didn't like his a** what so ever, "Welon frowned. "I do worry my heir will have a weakened ability." Cyena flushed. His familiar words crushed her. He started harping on her revelance as breeding stock soon after their contract was announced." So he freakin' insults her and then wants to get down to business, "we know. Work on producing an heir now Make our families happy," he said." Tyana I liked her she may be the more upscale, perfect sister but she ain't no stuck up biatch, I liked how she fell for someone that her father wouldn't accept into the family because of his work and status and I loved how she would fight for them, "of course." Tyana's voice became serious. "I will not bring harm to you. I want us to do this every night. All night. All day, when possible, until..." my father pairs me off." Kaydon I loved how he had morals and honestly I can't wait to see what becomes of him and Cyena, "I owe you," he said at last. "You knew I didn't belong and told me how to blend into your father's staff. You didn't turn me in. If you had, I'd be dead. You saved my life, I saved yours." 

Instant Gratification by Jill halvis

I loved Stone but I'm seriously excited about TJ's book, "what's it like knowing she's seen your junk, and not from your best angle?" Stone craned his neck and gave him a death stare." Stone and afterbirth is just not a good thing, "Stone instinctively looked. He saw... Oh, Jesus. He saw blood and gore, and female parts stretched to limits that boggled his mind and made him want to bed for forgiveness for his entire race." Stone doesn't have a filter and I think the boy likes embarrassing Emma, "he eyed her cart with wry amusement. "You either have a lot of very little flashlights, or a busy vibrator." He's nice to look at "his jeans were low-slung and loose enough that they pulled away from him, leaving a tantalizing gap that a woman could stick her entire hand down and - "Your turn," he said, pausing from his stripping down." Emma she knows hot to make Stone want to forget things, "she smiled and rocked against his most impressive morning erection. "Should we go back to bed?" 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Broken Pieces by Dawn Pendleton

The author and I had some words before I read this, so I could mentally prepare myself over some certain things and not want to kill her, and I was really surprised that I really didn't want to kill her by the end of the book like I thought I would have. I have been patiently waiting for Wolfe and Gabby and now IT'S FINALLY HERE!! Wolfe I knew I'd love him right off, I loved him in the other books, "Wolfe was skilled in the art of lovemaking. He took his time, even when I tried to rush him, and that spoke volumes. I blew out a shaky breath, biting my lip in the process. A discontented sigh escaped Wolfe's lips. He was as turned on as I was." Drunk Gabby is a fun Gabby, "you're so serious! When we get home, I'm going to undress you and lick every inch of your delicious body," I said with a giggle." Wolfe the man knows how to promise his woman heaven, "of course I will," I promised her, knowing that after a year of only masturbation, I would be able to get it up again in no time." 

License to Date by Susan Hatler

This was a quick fun read and I loved Paul, "not that we know each other, of course," he said. "So I don't expect you to believe me." He winked. "I think you're doing the right thing by taking a break, though. If you're not ready to date, you're not ready. So what do you get if I give you my phone number? Because that's it right? You weren't planning on actually asking me out?" He's just I loved him there no other way to say how much I loved him, "I turned you down for date number four." His stance shifted then he stepped toward me slowly as if gauging my reaction. When I didn't retreat, he came even closer until we stood just a foot apart. "Kaitlin, I want to be with you. I set myself up as date number five because I plan to be the last date you ever have." 

BLOG TOUR PROMO/GIVEAWAY: The Replacement by Rachael Wade

“Stop!” I shriek, thrashing on his lap like a fish out of water. “Ryder, stop!”

He digs at my hip again, sending me tumbling into an endless fit of laughter. My lungs burn because I can’t breathe and my sides ache from the exertion. I topple over and land on my side, and Ryder comes with me, sliding on top of me in one smooth, swift movement. “I think we’ve played enough games for today ,” he says, running the palms of his hands up the sides of my thighs. His thumbs roll slow, soothing circles into my skin before hooking into the sides of my panties to peel them down my legs. My laughter subsides and I look up at him, my chest heaving as I regain my breath. We lie there on the floor in a tangled heap of limbs, while the fire’s warmth gives Ryder’s face a soft glow.

Small pops crackle from the fire and gravitate toward us, saturating the silence.

Lowering his forehead to my shoulder, Ryder kisses the skin there. “Do you feel it yet?”

“Feel what?” Desolation? Helplessness? Excitement? I feel all of those things.

“This.” Ryder’s hand slides down my chest and torso like silk, slipping beneath my skirt, easy as breathing. I gasp as his fingers slip inside of me. “Desire. The same kind I feel for you.”

“You know I do.”

He strokes me for a moment then stops, leaving me panting while he reaches back to the couch to pick up the bowl of ice cream. It’s melted now, each color swirling together like mixed paint. “Feed me,” he whispers, lifting the bowl to me.

My dazed gaze drifts to the bowl. I hesitantly sit up on my elbows and cradle it, watching him curiously as I begin to spoon him the milky leftovers. He accepts a spoonful, then another, groaning in appreciation. He pushes the spoon away when he’s satisfied and I set the bowl down, watching as he brings my hand to his lips. Sucking one finger then the next, he moves slowly from tip to tip, drawing me farther and farther away from our question-and-answer session.

“Ryder,” I breathe.

He closes his lips over my right index finger and sucks, drawing it slowly from his mouth. The mixture of cool and warm coats my skin, and I wonder how I’ll ever enjoy ice cream without Ryder after tonight. “I really want this,” he says. “Us.”

I shut my eyes and he moves in, brushing his lips against mine. “You have us. Right here.”

“Do I?”

My eyes drift open.

He deepens the kiss, murmuring against my mouth. “I’ll never just drive away, Elise Duchamp.”

The words zap me like a stun gun. My voice comes out in a light rasp. Small and breathless. “I’ve hurt people, Ryder.”

He studies me for a moment but doesn’t respond, only deepens his kiss. I cave into him, letting him devour me whole. I don’t know what I can give him. I don’t know if I have anything at all. But I do know that Ryder Jacobson is trouble.

The good kind. 

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of THE PRESERVATION SERIES, LOVE AND RELATIVITY, and the upcoming New Adult sci-fi series, THE KEEPERS TRILOGY. When she's not writing, she's busy going to concerts, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. She's an avid Brandi Carlile fan and loves all things Tim Burton. Visit her at and, and come chat with her on Twitter@RachaelWade.
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The Replacement

Criminal – Fiona Apple

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey (Theme Song)

Burning Desire – Lana Del Rey (Elise’s Song)

Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey (Masked Ball Scene)

Who Will Save Your Soul – Jewel

9 Crimes – Damien Rice

Breathe Me – Sia

Foolish Games – Jewel

These Boots Were Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Just Give  Me a Reason - Pink

Hole in My Hand - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Hands – Jewel

Poison and Wine – The Civil Wars

Society – Eddie Vedder version (Ryder’s song)

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac (Thanksgiving Day Scene)

In the Sun – Joseph Arthur

Winter – Tori Amos

Born to Die – Lana Del Rey (Elise and Ryder’s Song)

Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey (Elise’s song for Ryder)

Época – Gotan Project

Spark – Tori Amos

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Tori Amos version

Please Don’t Leave Me - Pink

Empty – Ray LaMontagne

Jolene – Ray LaMontagne

Thin Line - HoneyHoney

This Year’s Love - David Gray

House of the Rising Sun - Animals

Be Be Your Love – Rachael Yamagata

Secrets – OneRepublic

National Anthem (album version) – Lana Del Rey (Epilogue)

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The Boss by Abigail Barnette

Whelp it seems I know how to choose books that have damn cliffhhngers than stand alones. Nail he's all business in the beginning, "I know that Gabriella was very particular about things around here. I'm not saying that I won'y be particular about your work, I will be. But I'm not going to fire you if you bring me the wrong coffee." Neil he can be cordial, "don't try to be cool," he scolded. "I'm not kicking you out. I thought we could order room service and see where the evening takes us." Which is code for 'I ain't done with your a** yet.' Neil I don't think he never NOT gets what he wants, "he rose from the bed and walked to me, totally comfortable in his own nakedness, and pulled my clothed body against him. One hand groped my a** through my jeans, the other pressed against the small of my back. "Do I think it would be a good idea to spend forty-eight or more hours effing you? Taking you in every room of my house, on every bed, desk, chair and table in the place?" 

Sinners and Saints by Ambear Shellea

I loved this book, it had an iffy beginning because I was like 'wtf is going on' but I kept on trucking and I was super glad I did because well I fell in love with Dorrian (holy sh** this might mean Ozzie may have competition coming his way.) Dorrian he's all business in the beginning, "I am deducting twenty thousand from your payment for the expense of a Dr. and a really good makeup artist to cover up all those bruises that will show up by morning." He's just someone you couldn't help fall in love with even though you totally thought he was a boob in the beginning, "I beg you. If you can just hold on for today, all will be explained tomorrow. I promise you. You will not suffer here and I will not send you to be someone's play thing." Dorrian and Vylette don't like to be disturbed when erm... they are getting it on, "another knock at the door invaded her heaven. Disappointed, she placed her hands on his head when he dropped it on her chest, voicing his opinion. "That is the fourth knock. Who ever it is, isn't going away which means it is probably urgent." Dorrian cares about Vylette that is apparent and I think he wants to make sure what they're doing together doesn't hurt her reputation, "I suppose I should have went to my own room or set and alarm so I wouldn't be here when she showed up...But I was pretty exhausted after our little workouts." 

Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

I love Jill and I love her books so it was no surprise that I'd love this one. Cam good lord I loved that man, "earth to Goldilocks." He waved a gloved hand until she dragged her gaze back up to his face. "Yeah, hi. My bed. Want to tell me why you're in it?" Katie she's just adorable, "I really needed that. The ride," she defined. "Not the kiss." She smiled. "Well, I needed both. Both were great, actually." Cam he has no modesty in that hot little body of his and no shame, "he was looking at her panties and smiling. "Hello Kitty." Katie may be shy but she knows how to work a man, "I get hot on snowshoes. But not nearly as hot as I am right now - Jesus," he breathed when she licked his nipple. "Katie, listen. We should -" And getting caught making out like high schoolers in a truck on the side of the road was something else, "Stone's gaze once again slid toward Cam, whose hair was probably as messy as Katie's. His shirt was rumpled, and let's not forget the boner he was sporting. He looked like someone who cared a whole helluva lot. Stone merely patted the door, gave Cam one last long look, then walked back to his truck." Katie is adorable yes, but a drunk Katie is damn tempting, "you're hard to read.I mean, sometimes I can tell. Like when you have your tongue down my throat, I know what you're thinking then." 

Straight Laced by Jessica Gunhammer

Jessica has done it again, although in a few scenes I found myself saying 'JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY!" Summer found herself in some awkward situations, "once I opened my eyes I found myself face to face with Nate. Not just Nate, but a half-naked Nate. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth." Summer she's also not one to beat around the bush, "I don't get you! Is this just a game you're going to play with me? Is this what you do to all the girls you've been with? You play these little games until they fall for you and then you up and find someone else to play with?" She has a temper, "so talk!" He looked down at his menu and didn't say another word. "This was a complete waste of time." I slid out of the booth. "I don't even know what I was thinking coming here. I'm so stupid." I really enjoyed this book and I'm hoping some other characters that I fell in love with will get their own stories. 

Seven Sons by Lili St. German

I actually was really pleased on how much I loved 'Sammi' in this story normally I don't like women hell bent on revenge but her mind is pure entertainment, "but now, standing here like this, so completely naked and alone, I shed a single tear. For my father. For the little girl I used to be, who had everything ripped away. I shed a tear because she is about to die, six years after she cheated death." I mean her mouth says one thing and her mind is saying another, "I want you to make me a star," I say sweetly. I want to bury you alive, you murdering effing a**hole." Jase I loved, and I'm really hoping that by the end of this series Jase and 'Sammi' will get that happily ever after. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alabama Sons by E.A. Whitehead

I enjoyed this book so damn much! Jackson I loved his fine southern a** right off, "a delicious looking woman standing in front of me." His words dripped and I fought the urge to let my mouth drop." And his mind is something out of this world, "she's pi**ed at me. Eff , shes hot when she's pi**ed. The way her lips stretched to a flat line." I mean I died laughing at his thoughts, "when I turned around and she was walking back to her car. He backside held that perfect curve, the really round kind that fills out just slightly at the side. This was getting old; my d**k and me were just going to have to agree on everything today." Penny she knows how to drive her man wild, "she continues kissing the corner of my mouth, my neck, and my ear lobe as we drove back to my apartment in Tuscaloosa. I drew the line when she started pulling at the buttons of my shirt." Jackson he likes to take care of himself and I found his grooming habits very well...I was turned on, "thank go I had manscaped last night before taking her out. It hadn't mattered before, but it suddenly had started to bother men, the thought of Penny seeing anything more than the well-groomed version of me." And Jackson he finds himself in some of the funniest/awkward moments, "except, I couldn't get up, because I was up. I wasn't kidding when I said she was naked in my dream. And now my anaconda was swimming. "eff," I mumbled under my breath." 

From This Day Forward by Mackenzie Lucas

Noah he's a fierce man, "don't count on it. I'll be ready. And I always protect what's mine." He shifted back to human form and snapped the shackles onto the wrists and ankles of the semi-conscious dragon." April she knows how to wake her dragon, "she stroked a hand down his bicep to appease the dragon. It purred. She smiled against Noah's skin, then sank her teeth into the tendon at the side of his neck. He sucked in a breath. "Do that again, and you are done. I'll be in you so fast you won't know what happened." This book was okay, but it wasn't really from me, and it was different from what I thought it would be. 

Your Exception by Bria Starr

I didn't really like this book it had it's good points like in the beginning with Logan and his flirtatious way, "Logan is still laughing. "Oh, this is great! All this time I thought you were immune to my charms, but now I hear that you love my music. This day just got better!" And he had nice surprises for Wren, "I open my bedroom door to find Logan lying on my bed. "Holy S***!" I shriek, grabbing at my towel to make sure it was fully covering my body and nowhere near falling down." But Wren had some nice lady balls and I really liked that about her, "are you talking about not responding to the one and only text you sent me yesterday? After you stood me up?" Then after that the book started going downhill for me I'm not sure why but it just wasn't for me. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Color my Horse by Bev Pettersen

I really loved this book and can't wait to see what other books the author has. Mark he can be so sweet, "she was so bloodied, so brave - and she'd just saved his a**. "You can clean up at my place," Mark heard himself say." Mark has a one track mind when it comes to Jessica, "his breath thickened, and he lowered the phone from his ear. Forgot to check if she was limping. Forgot he was talking to Buddy's irritating owner. For that moment, he could only think of sex. Hard, hot sex with Jessica spread-eagled beneath him." Jessica has powers of persuasion especially when sitting at a work dinner, "Jessica's fingers drifted, tracing a circle on his thigh, and his thoughts scattered Just an inch more to the left, he willed. He crossed his arms, fighting the urge to grab her wrist and place her hand in a more satisfying position." And her powers get bigger and bigger when they're relationship grows, "not much time left but she had him here, beside her right now, and luckily he was groggy with sleep. Trailing her tongue of his chest, she reached down and cupped his heavy balls. He stiffened immediately, she played her fingers along his growing length. "I was thinking maybe I should stay and work for you. After the Breeder's Cup." 

Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

Kristen never fails when it comes to her books, especially the men so I wasn't surprised when Josh stole my heart, "what areas does he need help in?" I ask, and pull my tote bag out of the passenger seat. When I turn around, Josh's eyes are on my a** and he's chewing on his lower lip." He's caring, "Cara sighs beside me, flinching when she shifts her feet. I have a feeling it's because her a** and inner thighs are sore from riding yesterday. Without thinking, I reach down and cup her a** in my hand. "Are you sore?" Josh he is hell when his woman is hurt, "where is she?" someone is shouting in a panic, and my heart fills with joy at the sound of Josh's voice. I turn to see him pushing his way through the crowd, his eyes wild with fear. "Where the eff is she?" The boy is also playful, "I've got something you can check, sweetheart." He swats my a** as I walk away, laughing and shaking my head." 

Every Little Piece by Kate Ashton

The book had a strong beginning but then it just lost my interest and that is really hard for a book to do, but I had to force myself to finish reading. As I said the beginning was strong and I was getting into it, and then BOOM went downhill. Seth he's a total guy, "I shoved my phone in my back pocket. Again she chose Brin and Kama. I got it. The whole girl thing. But what about the whole boyfriend thin? Was this her way of telling me that we were a high school fling?" I loved how much chemistry Seth and Hadley had when together:
                                He pushed me up against the bar. His hands reached down and squeezed my butt. He pressed his hips into mine. 
                                I pushed him away. "Seth!"
                               "Sorry, babe." He winked. "You're just too hot." 

Learning to Swim by Annie Cosby

I loved the cover, and that's probably all I loved about the book to be honest. I wish there had been more romance in the book. Rory, or Ronan or whatever the boy calls himself can be pretty gentlemanly when he needs to be, :"I've been wanting to tell you - I'm really sorry I was rude the other night. That night at the jetty - with you dog. I really wanted to apologize. I was in a bad mood already, and then I just - but I mean, it happened so quick, I shouldn't have assumed you weren't going to..." This book just didn't have enough romance for my taste, the story was okay, but it wasn't my cup of tea. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorensen

I didn't really like this installment of this series. I'm just it didn't do anything for me. I mean Nova she has become a wonderful woman and a ballsy one, "go get a effing bag to put the ice in," she says, not yelling, but her tone is cold, abrupt, harsh, and she sort of shoves him." Quinton I still loved him I wish he had made better choices, but I liked being in his mind, "I'm not even sure what he means by "make this quick." Make what quick? Make talking to her quick? Make drinking the coffee quick? Make effing her quick...God, I wish it were that one, and for a second the crystal in my body makes me feel like that idea is okay." 

Harm's Hunger by Patrice Michelle

Harm I like how his mind works, "holy s***! What a beautiful a**. He couldn't tear his gaze away from the firm round flesh that the g-string bikini's red straps framed like a perfect picture." He's a gentleman he likes to make sure his ladies are taken care of, "the third time he teased her, she reached up and knocked his hat off so she could run her fingers through his hair. Curving her hand around his neck, she pulled him closer and whispered, "Make this one count." He knows how to take care of his woman, "never say I don't know how to provide the most important food group for my woman." 

Full Measures by Rebecca Yarros

Josh he's blunt, "he snapped his gaze to me, eyebrows arched in surprise. "You're telling me that in three years, you haven't had sex?" He's protective, "nawh. Afraid I'll end up in jail when I eff up that pretty little face of yours." Did Riley pale? It looked like it from here. "As December said, we're done here." He knows what he's going trying to make December lose her marbles, "I went right back to kissing him, this time darting my tongue into his mouth. He groaned and gripped me tighter, sucking on my tongue. Holy. Freaking. Hot." He has no restraint when it comes to his girl, "December." He breathed my name like a prayer. Let go. Now." He pushed my hands down, but his eyes told me it was the last thing he wanted to do. "Let me go now before I egg you in my jeep in the middle of a damned parking lot." 

The Billionaire's Demands by Addison Fox

Oh Booth you're just something else, "it's not all that different." He resumed that delightful stroking over her hand with his index finger. "We try it. If it doesn't work you, we end it. No harm, no foul." Cam she's a little spitfire, and gets tongue tied at times, "we're on a business outing. You can do the other -" she broke off, not sure of the right words. "You can do the other stuff when we get back home." But in bed the girl is a damn tiger, "a light trail of hair fascinated her as she moved lower before being met with the full evidence of his arousal through the silky material of his briefs. "We'll need to remove these."  I liked reading this book. 

You Belong to My Heart by Nan Ryan

I liked this book a whole hell of a lot and I loved Clay, "so I am," he said calmly in a low, soft baritone, "but then you've seen me like this before. Many times." His long, lean fingers continuing to grip her wrist as he slowly turned his dark head so that the bright moonlight struck him full in the face. "Have you forgotten all those hours we spent naked together?" A long pause. Then, "Have you forgotten....Mary?" He's such a damn tease as well, "his dark face descending to hers, he said, "Perhaps you're one of those women who prefers making love in the morning." Mary Ellen although married before well she can be a little shy and yet aroused, and in awe of her man's goodies, "Mary Ellen's face grew warm as she stared unblinkingly at the flaccid male flesh at rest amid the dense, curly blue-black hair of his groin. She trembled at the recollection of what that innocent-looking organ could do to her when it was fully erect." Clay he can be so gentle and sweet, "I'll show you, baby," he whispered, pressing heated kisses to her ivory shoulders. "Relax against me," he advised. "Let me do all the work. I'll go slowly, gently, until you're..." He thrust a little farther into her as she sighed and settled against him." 

Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith

I liked this story was told in a male's point of view, I'm beginning to like being inside men's minds more then women's, "I'm standing flat-footed with the hole right at my eye - right in line to see Piper Sullivan bending down to grab a bottle of sunscreen. Praise Jesus Almighty." Piper is totally something else, and Cash he's head over heels for his girl, "I didn't plan on playing for anything. I need my ID for the bottle of wine you're buying me," she replies as she swings the door open and hops out of the truck. That's my girl." He's playful, "and now I would like to finish smoking this two-hundred dollar cigar. Would you like to do the honors?" I ask, holding the lighter up to her." 

Sunder by Tara Brown

Oh Briton you give me a heart attack every time words come out of your mouth, "I want you.." My breathing was lost in the sentence. But then he finished it. "To give me a second chance at my first impression with you." Liv I liked her," I opened my eyes and looked back at him. "They all have super hearing. No. I heard your brother fart ten minutes ago." Briton is a cocky little thing, "he laughed, looking down at their naked bodies. "We just had sex, twice." The book was okay it wasn't really my thing but the story was well written. 

COVER REVEAL: When I Break by Kendall Ryan

Book Description:
Knox Bauer's life has unraveled to the point of no return. Fighting to fill the emptiness inside himself, he seeks solace in unfamiliar beds with unfamiliar women. As guardian to his three younger brothers, he can't seem to do a thing right. But this can't go on...they look up to him in every way and all he’s done lately is prove how messed up he really is. Needing a change, he attends a local Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, where he finds himself tempted by the alluring instructor, McKenna.

Twenty-one year old McKenna is trying to make amends. After losing her parents in a horrific accident, she knows if she can just be good enough, maybe she can forgive herself for what happened. With her newly acquired degree in counseling, she begins leading a sex addicts group where she meets the troubled Knox and her life takes on complications she never bargained for. She doesn't have time for a bad boy who only wants to take her to bed, even if her body disagrees. The fixer in her wants to help, but trusting Knox's true motivations might take more courage than she has.

When I Break is book 1 in a new series by bestselling author Kendall Ryan. When I Surrender, book 2, will be available May 2014.

Warning: Contains a stubborn alpha male with addiction issues and loads of sexual tension between two damaged characters. Read at your own risk.

Due to mature content, it is recommended for 17+.
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Author Bio:

Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the contemporary romance novelsHard to Love, Unravel Me, Make Me Yours, and Resisting Her. She’s a sassy, yet polite Midwestern gal with a deep love of books and a slight addiction to lip gloss.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tycoon Reunion by Candace Havens & Shannon Leigh

Sometimes it's hard for me to read novella's because I don't feel as there is enough content, and there's sometimes not a lot for me to highlight and note which is how I write my reviews but this one I had no problem with so I was pleased. Jake he's not afraid to ask for help when he needs if even if it's from a person whose supposed to hate him, "never. I can only hope that you will take the gift as a small thank you. And later, allow me to return the favor when you need it. Will you help me?" After all the years apart Jake well doesn't like seeing his girl with another man, "as soon as I saw your face, well, I couldn't stand the idea of that jerk touching you,. I don't care if he's your boyfriend or not, no guy just walks off and leaves a woman at a restaurant." I mean he has some issues when it comes to other men touching what's his, "when she'd leaned in to kiss the man on the cheek, Jake had very nearly run over and ripped her away. He couldn't stand the idea of someone touching her. Someone who wasn't him." 

Nina Tempted the Lord by Kelly Hunter

I normally don't like reading novella's because I personally don't think there's enough story content but this novella didn't have that problem, plenty of story and lots of hottie Alex, "try me." Alex's voice had that quiet, roughed-up quality to it that set Nina's body to melting. I fancy you, Nina." Sometimes a girl like Nina well she can't help but indulge in a little peak, "the heft in his crotch impressive. "You keep looking where you're looking and we are never going to get back to the hotel," he said, his jaw rigid and his gaze never leaving the road. "We're going to get arrested." 

Unfiltered and Unlawful by Payge Galvin & Ronnie Douglas

What a great book to start off a new series! I loved Sasha and Adam and I loved how Adam had respect for Sasha in some aspects, "he never picked up his fling of the moment in front of me anymore, but sometimes I thought that only made it harder to remind myself that he was off limits." The girl may think that she's not interested but she's interested, "I caught a glimpse of his co**, which even at rest was a beautiful sight. "if it makes you feel better, you can walk into my bedroom naked too." Adam I think he's fed up with Sasha not seeing what's in front of her, "well, there's that at least. I'd hate to be a lousy eff...oh, wait, we didn't do that. It's okay for you to suck my co** or for me to make you come over and over on my tongue, but no sex." 

Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis

I love Jill's writing and I love her books I love her men in the books that she writes and Jax he has to be my favorite so far, "but we probably should wait until after our first date to role-play," he said." He's such a smarta**, "uh-huh." He was definitely amused now. "Unless you're no long interested in my...mastery." Oh God. "After all," he said. "I am a penis-carrying human." He has to much tact, "Cap'n Crunch. Always Cap'n Crunch. And you're going to have to work on your lying." Leaning in, he tweaked a curl. "Thin door." I just loved him there's no words to describe how much, "are you offering to rub is on my a**?" She felt the heat flood her face, and he grinned. "You're a paradox, Maddie Moore. I like that about you." The weather can't hold Jax's down when things are getting good, "I thought it was supposed to shrink in the cold," she said eyes on 'it.' He opened his mouth, then shut it again. She was the only person on earth who could render him speechless. While he stood there, shirt off, pants at his thighs, she stood up and tore off her own sweatshirt." The boy has some stamina, "you're right," she said, feeling him hard beneath her. "One of us definitely isn't finished." With a grin, he pulled her thigh over his hips so that she straddled him." 

This Time Around by Chantal Fernando

Oh Ryan you know how to make it hurt, "he cuts me off. "You mean you parading your latest eff around the building." But Taiya she get smart right back at him even if some things come out wrong, "oh, I said something nice about you at the door when I was drooling over your body," I blurt out, not looking directly at him." I mean the girl gets pleasure knowing her man is at home waiting for her, "her face lights up as she spots me in her room watching TV. She throws her bag on the floor and jumps on top of me, before kissing me senseless." Ryan he can be a dirty boy at times, "you take my breath away," he says so only I can hear. "I'm going to eff you in those heels tonight." Ryan he just doesn't understand romance novels, like us girls do, "it's romantic that he can't get a boner?" I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series. 

Fierce by Clarissa Wild

The story to me was a slow start but once it got going it was hard to put down, and I loved Hunter, "it feels as though his nose is close to my hair, because there's hot air flowing close to my ear. And then he inhales. Hot s***. Is he smelling me?" Hunter can be  cruel when he needs to be, "let's face it, you thought I was a sweet, troubled guy, who just needed a friend. And now you find out how wrong you are about me." He can be real cocky, "I am not toying with you." I try to tackle him, but he traps my legs between his. "Unless that's what you want...I can play with you all night if you ask me to. And I will take that offer." I mean waking up with Hunter is an experience all it's own, "his hand slithers across my waist, and he pulls me closer to him, making humming noises. His groin presses against my side, and I can clearly feel his morning wood prodding me leg."