Monday, January 27, 2014

Broken Pieces by Dawn Pendleton

The author and I had some words before I read this, so I could mentally prepare myself over some certain things and not want to kill her, and I was really surprised that I really didn't want to kill her by the end of the book like I thought I would have. I have been patiently waiting for Wolfe and Gabby and now IT'S FINALLY HERE!! Wolfe I knew I'd love him right off, I loved him in the other books, "Wolfe was skilled in the art of lovemaking. He took his time, even when I tried to rush him, and that spoke volumes. I blew out a shaky breath, biting my lip in the process. A discontented sigh escaped Wolfe's lips. He was as turned on as I was." Drunk Gabby is a fun Gabby, "you're so serious! When we get home, I'm going to undress you and lick every inch of your delicious body," I said with a giggle." Wolfe the man knows how to promise his woman heaven, "of course I will," I promised her, knowing that after a year of only masturbation, I would be able to get it up again in no time." 

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