Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Instant Gratification by Jill halvis

I loved Stone but I'm seriously excited about TJ's book, "what's it like knowing she's seen your junk, and not from your best angle?" Stone craned his neck and gave him a death stare." Stone and afterbirth is just not a good thing, "Stone instinctively looked. He saw... Oh, Jesus. He saw blood and gore, and female parts stretched to limits that boggled his mind and made him want to bed for forgiveness for his entire race." Stone doesn't have a filter and I think the boy likes embarrassing Emma, "he eyed her cart with wry amusement. "You either have a lot of very little flashlights, or a busy vibrator." He's nice to look at "his jeans were low-slung and loose enough that they pulled away from him, leaving a tantalizing gap that a woman could stick her entire hand down and - "Your turn," he said, pausing from his stripping down." Emma she knows hot to make Stone want to forget things, "she smiled and rocked against his most impressive morning erection. "Should we go back to bed?" 

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