Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Harder you Fall by Gena Showalter

Jessie Kay is a wild woman, and in previous books I knew her book would be awesome, that girl didn't let me down, "reeling, needing a moment to regroup, she tossed her napkin on the table. And, just to be tactless, she added, “I’m headed to the lady’s crapper. Alone,” she added for the girls’ benefit. “If I take a while, don’t come looking for me.” Even without realizing it Jessie Kay can bring West into lust, “gonna love you foreverrr...something something something...give it to you so goood.” As she dried a plate, she gyrated her hips in a dirty bump-and-grind. Suddenly the desire to laugh abandoned him. Desire hit and hit hard." Need to get a man's attention ASAP snap a pic of your chest, "aaand sixty-three seconds later, a beep sounded. YOU’RE NOT WEARING A BRA??? She laughed with pure glee. Another text came in. Come to my office. Now. In-person showings are better than pictures" West really doesn't ask for much, “I can.” He brushed the tip of his nose against hers. “If you begin to ache for a man...for a kiss, a touch, come to me. You tell me. You get it from me. No one else.” I loved this book West and Jessie Kay were perfect for each other.

Last Minion Standing by Eve Langlais

Talk about possessive, holy sweet baby Jesus, "through clenched teeth, he growled, “You will not meet with that slug. If you have needs, I will take care of them. Know, right now, I will not allow another to touch you.” I liked this book, but I wasn't in love with it.

Altered by Kelly Cain

I really loved Nicholas, he could be playful at times, "he tilts his head at me and knits his brows . “Judging from your reaction, standing here looking good…” He flexes slightly, and I blush." Sometimes a girl has to go to extreme measures to forgive her man, “I see and yes, I do like.” He fingers the bra. “Does this mean I’m forgiven?” I really enjoyed this book, I loved Nicholas he was caring, kind, giving, and even a little mysterious.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas from Hell by R.L. Mathewson

Necie's grandpa was the bomb, “you want to make sure that the banana,” her grandfather said, holding up the banana in question, “is firm before you roll the condom down it, careful to avoid tearing the sensitive material.” Some things Duncan doesn't care about when he has his woman doing a certain activity, “I hate the previews,” he told her, not really effing caring what movie was coming next, not when he had Necie grinding on top of him." I really enjoyed this book, I love the Bradford men.


When Bruno let his guard down I found I liked him a lot more, “I wasn’t going down that road, but, yes, I particularly like you when you are naked.” He gave a hearty chuckle. He stepped closer, and closer, and she backed up until she could feel the rough walls of the hut brushing against her back. “And squirming.” I liked this book. I liked Bruno.

Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise

I don't think Jack appreciates people, especially other men eating the treats Jess makes, "as if on cue, a sweaty Jack steps over, breathing hard. “Dude. This is your idea of training me? Hanging out eating a…” He looks at the cupcake in Shawn’s hand. “You’re eating a effing cupcake?” I liked this book, not really a whole lot of naughty bits so I think older teens could read this. I loved Jack he was stuck-up, he was kind and caring.

Dark and Stormy Knight by Nina Mason

********************SPOILER ALERT*********************

Sometimes Leith's reactions amuse me, "he scowled at her. “Mind? Why would I mind? I’m the p***k who put it in there.” Hugging his head, she held him against her belly." I liked this book, Leith was strong, sexy and I loved his accent.

Always For You by Tawdra Kandle

I liked Maureen, she had some good talks with her animal patients, “men.” I petted the dog, who licked my hand. “No offense to you, boy, but human men are the most confusing species out there.” I swore the dog nodded." I really liked this book Smith was a great guy, and Maureen was funny.

Breaking a Bad Boy by Susan Arden

Rory just oozes sex appeal, “baby,” he growled, pumping his hips and rubbing his hard-on against her hand. “Time to get naked.” I liked this book, Rory was really sexy.

Forever Summer by CJ Duggan

Why are there always scenes where my heart hurts, it's like this author pulls on all my heartstrings, "I would have given anything for Adam to take my hand and drag me onto the dance floor, but the way he was looking at me, I knew that was not going to happen." Adam isn't a bashful boy, "Adam wandering into the bathroom, stark naked, grinning from ear to ear as he opened the glass shower door and stepped inside. I had instinctively covered my nakedness with my loofah and hands, staring wide-eyed at him, trying my hardest to keep my eyes above his waist." I liked this book I loved Adam I did have some unanswered questions hopefully a novella will answer them.

Ride by Joanna Blake

Sometimes a girl can't help but notice the nice assets in front of her, "I was too busy watching his a** move in those tight jeans. I had to admit it. It was a very, very nice a**." Jackson needs to work on his woman skills, "here's how its gonna go. We are going back to your place. I will make you scream with pleasure. You will be grateful. Then later we can do it again. As much as you want." He actually sounded magnanimous. As if he was doing me a favor. "Afterwards I will take you shopping. Elle said you were going to the feed store. I have a nice, big...truck." Jackson is easily offended when it comes to his manhood being questioned, "Do I look like I need a male enhancement pill?" I growled at her, flexing my hips to drive my ***k a little deeper. "I don't need any of that shit. I just need this." I grabbed her a** and squeezed." I really enjoyed this book I think this is my favorite book so far by Joanna.

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March

Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March
Book Two of The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy

Date of Publication: December 29, 2015


Dirty Pleasures

I did it. I married a billionaire.

My reasons are my own, but the last thing I expected was to feel owned.

I may have taken vows, but I'm still determined to be me.

Now his rules are taking over my world, but I'm not the kind of girl to just obey.

There's only one problem: I might actually be falling for him…

I have no idea how this marriage is going to go, but holding onto a piece of myself while succumbing to his dirty pleasures is shaping up to be the ride of a lifetime.

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About Meghan March

Meghan March is the author of contemporary and erotic romance novels. Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at

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More from the Dirty Billionaire Trilogy!

Dirty Billionaire: Release Date 12/08/2015

I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends.

Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me.

Do I sound like an asshole to you?

That's because I am.

And guess what? It works for me just fine.

Or at least it did.

Until I met her.

Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm.

Only one problem.

She wouldn't tell me her name or her number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life.

Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy–the sweetest, rarest of all pussy–and I need it again.

So what's an asshole to do?

I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral.

And when I find her? I'm keeping her.

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Dirty Together: Release Date 01/12/2015

My wife.

I love saying those words.

She's mine, and if she thinks I'm going to let her run without tracking her down and bringing her back to where she belongs–with me–then she's about to be introduced to a new reality.

Because I'll fight dirty to give her the happily ever after she deserves.

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Creighton is one stubborn man, "I look down at her. “There’s nothing to talk about. You need to be here, and I find that I’m unwilling to let you be here without me.” Talk about possessive, “I don’t give a damn if every person in the entire effing stadium saw you buck-a** naked before. You’re Mrs. Creighton Karas now. The rules have changed.” Crey doesn't understand Pretty Woman and that's just sad, “I don’t see the comparison. You’re not a hooker; you’re my wife. I can buy you whatever the hell I want. That’s my right,” I say." Gahh at least the next book is the last so sick of the cliffhangers.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What a Werewolf Wants by Kristin Miller

There are times Ryder's animal takes control and he doesn't realize it, those are the fun scenes, "curling his fingers to bring back the blood flow, Ryder grasped something soft and round —oh ***t, her rear. On instinct, he pulled back his hand, dropping it to his side." I liked this book, I loved Ryder.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ:Forever Summer by CJ Duggan

Title: Forever Summer
Series: The Summer Series
Author: C.J. Duggan
Genre: New Adult
 Release Date: December 29, 2015


Enter a world of sweltering Aussie summers, fabulously addictive characters and sweet intoxicating romance in C.J Duggan’s FOREVER SUMMER.

(Adam and Ellie’s Story)

You see there’s this boy.
He makes me smile, forces me to listen, serenades me out of tune and keeps me sane, all the while driving me insane. He's really talented like that. But for the first time in since, well, forever, things are about to change. The question is, how much am I willing to lose in order to potentially have it all?

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Author Bio

C.J Duggan is a number one internationally bestselling Australian author of seven independent titles of her popular New Adult Summer series. In addition to her chart-topping indie novels, C.J is set to publish two titles with Hachette, Australia with her brand-new Paradise Series in 2015 (Paradise City and Paradise Road).

C.J lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales, Australia. When she isn't writing books about swoony boys and 90s pop culture you will find her renovating her hundred-year-old Victorian homestead or annoying her local travel agent for a quote to escape the chaos.

The 'Summer Series'
The Boys of Summer (December 2012)
Stan (October 2014)
An Endless Summer (July 2013)
Max (February 2015)
That One Summer (December 2013)
Ringer (March 2014)
Forever Summer (December 2015)

The 'Paradise Series'
Paradise City (April 28th, 2015)
Paradise Road (November 22nd, 2015)

Author Links


Monday, December 28, 2015

Kilts and Kisses by Victoria Roberts

I liked this book, it was quick. luthais was sweet, and nice. I loved his accent. I did think the book was a little fast paced and that everything happened a little too fast, but other than that I loved it.

The Highlander Takes a Bride by Lynsay Sands

I fell in love with Greer right off the bat, he had an easiness about him, “allow me to escort the winner to the castle door,” he said smoothly against her ear as he settled her in his lap." I loved Saidh as well she was no ordinary lady, girl spoke her mind, “I think ye might be enjoying this just a tad too much,” she informed him. “That, or I’m sitting on yer sword.” I really loved this book Greer was attentive and Saidh was quite the wild woman at times.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wrecked by Sherilee Gray

Cole is such an alpha, "then he growled. A deep sound that vibrated through his chest. “I’m not your effing brother.” I loved Piper she was loving and carefree and I loved her playfulness with Cole, "damn, the man got to her. Every. Time. She gave his butt a pat and winked. “Hold that thought till later, big guy. I need to take the salad out.” I liked this book.

Promise Me Forever by Paige Weaver

Cash doesn't appreciate his woman talking about another man, “Adam,” I said automatically, tilting Cash’s head forward so I could get a good look at the gash on his head. His gaze snapped up to mine. Heated fury swirled in his eyes. I let go of his head and cleared my throat. “His name is Adam.” Seriously he just can't handle it, "he took a step closer, his voice dropping to a spine-tingling tone. “As far as you and me, I’ll survive. As far as him… He touched you, Cat. The real question is, will he survive?” I love this series the men remind me of strong lumberjacks, sexy lumberjacks and I can't wait to see whats next for this series.

Her Stepbrothers are Dragons by Trinity Blacio

Holly's two dragons are quite the alpha men, “we won’t do what you’re not ready to do, but we sleep with our woman.” Darius looked behind her and frowned. “Where did you get all those blankets?” I liked this book, it was short but quite enjoyable.

Her Stepbrother’s Christmas Gift by Rachel Kenley

Sebastian was a sweet man, “or I could come to your bed and we can spend the entire night together, not in dreams, and save the magic for a future occasion.” I liked this story it was short and there were naughty bits which was right up my alley.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Outtakes from the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Bones is a cheeky man, "Bones shot me a wicked glance before he called out to the concierge, “For the record, we are having sex tonight.” Mortified, I slapped him. He laughed and grabbed me, kissing me" I loved seeing these outtakes and deleted scenes. Bone is one of my favorite alpha men.

Winter Wishes by Karina Halle

Kayla likes to sometimes give her man an ego boost, “a stupid man with a great big ***k,” I tease him, reaching under and palming his erection." Although short this book brought Christmas cheer and sexy times, lots of sexy times.

In Deep with the FBI Agent by Lynne Silver

Casey and Sam have so much sexual tension and Casey knows how to push the right buttons, “I showered this morning, and I didn’t play basketball. Besides,” she lowered her voice to a sultry invitation, “I’m plenty wet.” His eyes widened, and in a second, she was being backed into the tile wall as his big body invaded her space, his hard ***k pushing against her lower belly." I liked this book Sam was quite the alpha caveman and I really liked that.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Millionaire Makeover by Naima Simone

Niall can be quite the jealous man, “because another man’s hands were on you. Because another man sat at your side like you were his. Because I wanted to beat the ***t out of him for daring to touch you, but I didn’t have the right.” I liked this book Niall was one strong alpha.

Outlaw's Vow by Nicole Snow

When it comes to his woman Asphalt doesn't play games, “don't bul***** me, babe. I'm coming back there with you,” I growled, ripping open the curtain around the little workstation where he had his bench and his inks. “You're mine now. I protect you day and night, make sure you always get what you deserve. This marriage thing might have gone differently than I wanted, but as long as you're wearing my brand, you'd better believe I'm treating it like a man should. Deadly effing serious.” I really liked this book these men may be tough but when they're with their women they're soft as hell.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

His Secretary's Surprise Fiancé by Joanne Rock

I loved when Addy was playful and let her hair down, "she ignored his efforts at restraint, sidling over to him and slipping a slender thigh between his. “I’ll sleep better knowing you left the house happy.” Her whispered words were like a drug, finding their way into his bloodstream and sending a fresh wave of heat through him." I really enjoyed this book.

Sin & Suffer by Pepper Winters

I loved Kill, he was a great man, he was sexy, strong, seriously stubborn, and he knew how to melt his woman's knees, "his gaze turned serious. “I’d be willing to suffer anything for you, Buttercup. I thought you knew that by now?” I gasped. His fingers trailed down my side, then skated across my chest. “I’m hungry for other things, too.” The man can certainly please me anytime especially the way he pleases his woman, “amazing,” she breathed, her legs wobbling as I pulled out and tucked my ***k into my trousers. Smiling at how sated she was, I picked her up and sat on the couch, placing her on my knee." I really enjoyed this book, I'm glad and pleased by what went down.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carrying the King's Pride by Jennifer Hayward

Nik is about the simple pleasures in life, “you want to skip the walk, glykeia mou?” His gaze speared hers, all leashed testosterone. “I am all about a morning nap.” He doesn't ask for much, "he ran a finger down her cheek. “I want you on top of me, riding me, until there’s nothing left in me. And then ,” he added deliberately, “you can do it again.” I liked this book Nik could be a little hot headed at times but he was one sexy man.

Pregnant with a Royal Baby! by Susan Meier

I liked Dom the most when he was at ease, "he scooped her off her feet and carried her to their bedroom. “I’m about to give you all the undivided attention you can handle.” I liked this book once Dom decided what was more important.

Sweet Seduction by Daire St. Denis

Dang, Jamie can be a caveman, “then you flashed those sexy black undies.” His hand slid down her back to cup her a** through her skirt. Wow. Nice a**. A little eep slipped out of her mouth. “And all I’ve been able to think about is ripping those suckers off.” I liked this book, Jamie was one sexy man.

The Highlander's Runaway Bride by Terri Brisbin

Rob was a great man, kind, sweet, knew how to apologize when wrong, and he talks about his 'member' like it's a human being and that amused me, ‘the randy lad will rise if you do not cease staring,’ he warned without looking at her. ‘And he likes those noises, too.’ I really liked this book, it reminded me why I love men in kilts.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Billionaire, Boss...Bridegroom? by Kate Hardy

Bella was a really likable character, she was just adorable, ‘I have good taste in a lot of things.’ And then, when she saw the momentary flicker in those amazing blue eyes, she wished the words unsaid. ‘I wasn’t flirting with you,’ she added quickly." I enjoyed this book so much, Hugh could be a pain but Bella was perfect for him.

Awakened by Her Desert Captor by Abby Green

Arkim is all man, and he's not ashamed of his body, "the scowl faded and was replaced by a look of carnal intent. With one hand Arkim undid the towel and twitched it to the ground. He stepped into the pool— gloriously, unashamedly naked." Arkim is an eager man at times, ‘the reason we haven’t gone out together is because the minute I see you I need you. And I need you now.’ I liked Arkim once his head was removed from his butt he was a good man.

The CEO's Unexpected Child by Andrea Laurence

Luca can be a tad touchy at times, “don’t look so surprised, Claire. I manage a billiondollar corporation. I can buy and install a car seat.” I think Luca secretly likes watching his woman and his family interact with each other, "he shook his head in protest. “No, please. I’m fascinated by the female bonding ritual. As long as you stay off the subject of female biological processes and grooming, I’m fine.” I enjoyed this book I fell in love with Luca.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Seduced in September by Genevieve Turner

Edward just oozes sex, “and you, Miss Vere?” His voice went low, hot. Her disdain was nothing to him. Or a spur, perhaps. “Would you miss our lessons?” I liked this book, just not as much as the other two in the series.

Forbidden in February by Suzanna Medeiros

Although short this was a good read I loved the connection between Isobel and Robert:
                      Her brow furled. “I don’t think we can proceed if you’re wearing your trousers.”
                     He almost laughed aloud. “I was trying not to frighten you, but I see that I needn’t have worried.”
I liked this book.

Jilted in January by Kate Pearce

Colin knows how to get his woman to shut up, "Miss Leyton worried her lower lip. “You don’t have to do anything you—” He cut off the rest of her sentence by the simple expedient of placing his mouth over hers." Colin is a man and damn did he voice his thoughts:
                         He kissed her again. “I must confess that I have had more than a few idle thoughts about sitting you on the edge of that big desk, pulling up your skirts, and having my way with you.”
                        “Even before we were married?”
                        “Naturally.” He backed her toward the desk and set her on the edge . “It is very sturdy. You will be quite safe.”
I loved this book, it was a great read and the characters were memorable.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Loyal to the Bear by Meredith Clarke

Carly doesn't like to let her man go far, “no, I think you should stay right here,” she said, and she pulled Henry on top of her. His lips crashed into hers and he tangled his hands through her wavy blond hair. Carly ran her nails down his back, and Henry let out a low growl." I liked this book I loved Henry's persistence.