Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ride by Joanna Blake

Sometimes a girl can't help but notice the nice assets in front of her, "I was too busy watching his a** move in those tight jeans. I had to admit it. It was a very, very nice a**." Jackson needs to work on his woman skills, "here's how its gonna go. We are going back to your place. I will make you scream with pleasure. You will be grateful. Then later we can do it again. As much as you want." He actually sounded magnanimous. As if he was doing me a favor. "Afterwards I will take you shopping. Elle said you were going to the feed store. I have a nice, big...truck." Jackson is easily offended when it comes to his manhood being questioned, "Do I look like I need a male enhancement pill?" I growled at her, flexing my hips to drive my ***k a little deeper. "I don't need any of that shit. I just need this." I grabbed her a** and squeezed." I really enjoyed this book I think this is my favorite book so far by Joanna.

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