Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto

Oh sweet Jesus, Nate you sexy thing I love you, "he works his jaw and it's so damn distracting I can't tell which part of my body he's staring at, until he takes my gaze. Then I know. Me, just me. "well if you want to have sex with me just say the word." Don't worry Kalli if Nate said that to me I'd be all over him like a fat kid on cake (winks). He tries to be a gentlemen he really does but with sparks flying between him and Kalli it's really hard, "as I'm about to ask why he's ignoring me, he stands up, his hands moving away from his crotch. Although I don't 'do' private settings, this is definitely too public for what I need to do to him. "Just needed to make an adjustment." When Kalli and Nate are together it really is perfect, "bringing my hands to his neck, I fan out my fingers, keeping my touch light, yet whole, possessive yet wanting. He's mine." I loved this book!

Infinity Unleashed by Sedona Venez

Book 2 starts off where book 1 ended and let me tell you Infinity doesn't disappoint with her bada** attitude, "eff you. I was going for your eyes. Give me a few more minutes, and I'll make sure you'll never be able to procreate again." I eyed his manhood pointedly." Mason I thought he was... well he's bossy, and mean, and I don't like him and when he's being nice it means there's something he wants, "you left me no choice, Ice Princess. You threatened to harm the family jewels and I can't have that. I need it in top-working condition to create all those babies I intend on having with you." he snapped." Boulder my heart is with him he's so protective, "he wanted to hurt them like they hurt his woman." And it's good to know that Infinity still can get a rise out of him (physically that is), "Infinity's sweet voice wrapped him, making his inner beast crawl. He couldn't help the smile when she called him by her nickname for him. Big Red. He would show her the meaning of big in a minute." Ready for book 3!

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

My heart is torn in two, but right now I'm leaning toward Team Death sorry Jack I love ya but some things you've done don't offer my forgiveness. I mean Jack knows how to time things, "what do you want to talk about that can't wait? You haven't said more than a few words in days. Then when I'm enjoying my first hot bath in forever you get chatty?" He can admit when he's done wrong (on some things) "I didn't break up with you, no. I just shot my mouth off because I was frustrated. Never met a fille so frustrating as you." And he's a typical boy, "he gave a low laugh, moving his hips against mine. "Does it feel like I'm disgusted?" Then there's Death which he to is rough around the edges but he has a few traits I wasn't expecting integrity being one of them, and protectiveness, "and you assume I didn't? The Star neared much too close to my sanctuary. He sought me." Death ran his palm over his jaw. "I will protect my home and anyone in it. Even you." And I wasn't expecting him to have love, or the beginnings of love in him, or it could just be lust, "in transition," he said, tilting his head to keep his gaze on my a**." I mean Evie and him have loads to work out but there really is fierce protectiveness in him, "you disobey me, Devil? I warned you never to hurt her again." The ending was a little bit better as it wasn't much of a cliffhanger but there are unanswered questions and by the end I knew who I wanted Evie to be with and how I would really like the series to end. 

Perfectly Able by Suzannah Daniels

Ridge he's such a typical guy, "I found her bent over, putting groceries on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, and I caught myself smiling. "I didn't mean for you to put the groceries up," I said, although I certainly had no complaints." Ava that girl has balls and I loved her courage, determination, and strength, "you don't want a relationship with me because you need to give all your attention to your list?" Ridge he's a protective sort, "he sighed. "I really want to kick his a**. I know he was an a**hole. I just didn't realize to what extent." I hope other characters get their own story especially Mason that sexy beast of a man!

Evanescent by Carlyle Labuschagne

Troy I missed your sexiness, "you've been in there for awhile." He grinned at the sight of me in a towel. My hair dripped onto my shoulders and onto the floor." He's such a persistent thing, "yup, and you remember that I will always be there, even when you don't want me." And he'd still do anything for Ava, "to have you in my arms, safely - yes, I would," he said softly." I did like the book but at times it was confusing, and sometimes even hard to follow as I didn't know if sometimes it was another characters point of view, or the same one. Then there was another thing I got confused on but I can't say what it is as it would be a spoiler. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Proposition by H.M. Ward

Um... Bryan is nothing like Sean and in all honesty Bryan makes Sean look like a damn saint. Hallie's current boyfriend Neil he's just wow kick him in the nuts, "that's not passion, sweetie. It's morally devoid to go at it like beasts. You're a smart woman, does it really appeal to you to act like a mindless animal?" Bryan he just needs to grow on me because right now all I see in him is a**hole, "don't pull that s***, Hallie. It's way past that point and we both know it. You used me and I'm returning the favor." He makes Hallie seem like she's going to be a slave/dog it's like when he says jump she jumps or else, "I say lots of things, but since you're here, let's be more upfront with my intentions. You come to me when I call for you and your secrets stay quiet. You can go on telling your lies and I won't say a damn thing." Of course when the man is getting some and getting his way like all other men he is sweet, "you like that idea, belonging to me. Being mine in every conceivable way." At first I only meet his gaze. "Answer me." Yeah he needs to grow on me I'm not seeing any redeeming qualities in his a** that I like all he has going for him is the looks.

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Freakin' aye Jack, I'm not sure what I should do love you, hate you, kick your a**, kick Selena's a**, make you see reason! So I think right now with how the book ended and what events took place I'll have to say I hate to love you. "You're laughing at me?" He clenched those big, taped fists like he was just dying to hit something. Most likely my face." You're a sneaky little devil as well Jack, "huh? I wasn't wearing anything pink. Nothing but my bra - He'd been looking over my shoulder, straight down my top! Did he have no boundaries?"  I mean he does have some manners, "where I come from, a man carries a woman's things 'cause it's polite - and to let other beaux know she's taken. Has anyone ti know you belong to him?" He'd also do anything to protect Evie, "I'm goan to top off every container I can find with fuel or water. Goan to rummage for weapons and a few tools. And you better be packed, ready to go. Just in case." Also he's just frustrating and maybe Evie is starting to get some jealousy issues, "he was letting her. Just an hour ago, he'd been trying to sleep with me. Now here he was getting drunk with this strange girl in the moonlight." I hope to hell there's not many books in this series because I'm not sure how many cliffhangers I can handle. And I really want Selena to die, it's alright Evie I'll hate her enough for the both of us.

Taming the Boy Next Door by MJ Carnal

Jena and Caleb have a lot of sexual tension between them, "he leaned into her, pressing his body softly against hers. When she didn't push him away, he pressed harder. "You smell amazing. You always smell like the beach." Her fingers wrapped through his belt loops and pulled him as close as she could." They have so much chemistry between them, that when they're together they're in their own little world, "holy s***. I vote for pull over." His pants became impossibly tight and he had to readjust himself." Sometimes Caleb has to tell Jena how much she means to him for her to get the gist of what his feelings are, "I'd kill for you, J. I'd lay down my life for you. You are everything to me. Don't you dare forget that." He's also a bossypants in the bedroom, "next time you come, baby. It will be on my face do you understand me? I hope Kevin's story is next. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beauty and the Wolf by Marina Myles

This was a different werewolf story and I liked it. Draven he's a hard one to read, "I sleep best in my own bed," he growled. "The sooner you come to know my preferences, the better off we will be." He can be a harda** well he's always a harda**. Isabella she's not a mild girl she has a temper on her, "a husband who denies his wife intimacy. Under those circumstances, you will never be anything but a monster to me," she said." This book had action, romance, and a bit of conflict a well written book.

Draken by Solease M. Barner

I think Draken is so used to getting everything he wants that he finds a challenge in Cess when she makes him work for things, "you owe me, Cess, and I want a dance. I hear from my brothers you can dance. Now I want a private viewing of your...skills." Also he's just really bossy, "you have such bravery about you, Cess. Yes, I want you to dance for me, and then I will dance for you; if you don't like it, then you may leave." He's also a possessive sort and doesn't do anything half way, "Cess, if you sleep with me tonight, you will sleep with me when I ask for the six months." Cess, she can turn a room upside down when pi**ed, "I...choose you? I did choose you, but you're engaged, and you still have not said you that other woman is. I guess cheating on me is what you guys do. I give my heart and you do me like Travis. D told me it was too soon, not to mention you are a dragon. This was an okay read some of the characters were memorable and I liked others were just I didn't think needed in the story. 

Self Destruct by K.D. Carrillo

Aiden when we first meet him you can tell right off what a good guy he is, "sweetheart, you were one of those people tonight. You would have let me take you anyway I wanted to with a room full of witnesses. Promise me to be a little less trusting. You're safe with me, but that might not be true of the next guy who leads you out of a party into the dark." Jeremy you got to love him, and it's always up to him to put things in perspective, "relax Aiden. You really need to figure this sh** out. You're acting like a jealous protective a**hole. You. Have. A. Girlfriend. Vanessa, remember her? If you want Becca, dump Vanessa. If you choose Vanessa, then leave Becca alone." Becca really knows how to turn her man on, "when we get back to Ellensburg I'm going to get on the pill. I believe it takes a month for it to start working." She answered. Oh, that did not help me reverse my blood flow back towards my other appendages." When Aiden and Becca are together they're so at ease with each other, "enough you two. Jeremy, go talk to your new friend. And Red, I would be more than happy to show you my package in private." I suggested." 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sound Bites by Rachel K. Burke

Dylan is rough around the edges, "Christ, I know we didn't exactly get off on the right foot," he continues. "But I'm trying to be cordial and say hello. The least you could do is reciprocate." And don't even think about dissing his apartment he goes all ape sh**, "listen," he said. "I know it's a mess, but I don't want to hear one complaint out of your mouth or I'm kicking your a** out. Understood?" When he comes home at night he expects his woman to be there, "listen to me," he instructed. "I want to come home later and crawl into that bed with my girl." He pointed to the direction of his bedroom. "And when I wake up, I want to have a few round of kick-a** morning sex. Understood?" I thought this book was a cute read, and I'm hoping other characters get a story as well.

Paradise by Tess Oliver

Nick he's well a straight forward kind of guy, "besides birth control, are you on any medications?" He's also not modest about his body or his tattoo, "you can look. I don't mind." he said without lifting his head or opening his eyes. I reached over and slid the sleeve of his t-shirt up. Running along the back of his arm, the word dragon started at the top of his massive bicep and ended at the bottom of it." And well he's all man when it comes to a certain incident, "nice," he said with a lazy smile. I glanced down and was horrified to find that during the lotion explosion, my boob had sprung free from my loosely tied robe." Nick has lots of little innuendos, "yeah." His gaze drifted over my face and lips. "Besides, I like having you pressed against me back there." I hope Pierre and Taylor get a story because they were two other characters I fell in love with the book.

Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr & Lexxie Couper

Hunter he's a bit rough around the edges, "he'd been worked up and horny as s*** after his encounter with the blonde in the bar. What he told her was different, he tried not to wince at his own cocky, arrogant tone. "When a pretty broad throws herself at me, I'm not likely to refuse." He likes to see logic in every situation he's in, "why not? What's a bikini if not a bra and undies? Of course, if you prefer, skinny-dipping works too. I just figured you might be a bit modest." When a man walks in on a woman during a certain situation of course it's his job to remedy her pain, "I meant what I said. I'm not going to eff you, Annie, but I'm not blind. My timing was about as bad as it can get. I'm going to make up for that." He pulled the sheet away from her body." He's also quite the bossy man when it comes to sleeping arrangements, "I think you should start spending your nights - and even some of your days - in my bed." I liked this book and I can't wait for Dylan's story.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remy by Katy Evans

Things in Remington's point of view are much more interesting, everything still revolves around Brooke, "I will see you walk up to me, baby. I just want to see you now too. Open the door and I'll do your buttons." I loved being inside his head, "now my life revolves around this dimpled squirrel, who pukes on all my eff T-shirts, and my Brooke. And, god, where do I start with her?" Remy we learn the boy gets a hard-on whenever Brooke walks into a room, or when he even thinks about his little firecracker, "the thought of Brooke getting all protective over me makes me feel doubly protective of her, and half-crazed with the urge to claim her." He still has that damn temper, "protecting you is my privilege. I will protect you and anything that you value as if it were my mine." When he's away from Brooke to long you don't go near those two, especially when they have just gotten hitched, "I'll send those effing buttons flying." My mouth waters as I drag my thumbs down her cheeks. "And I'm going to feast on you like a effing banquet." I want Riley and Pete to get a story. 

Two Week Trial by Missy Jane

Devon he's just a sweetheart, "screw the money, Mari. I'm not concerned about that. Please, sweetheart. Just tell me what's wrong." He loves to take care of his woman, "holding you, baby. I'll feed you breadsticks until we get to your place." He doesn't make fun of her for the naughty dreams she has, "no problem, sweetheart. That must've been one hell of a dream. I'd be jealous if it wasn't my name you were calling out." Mari that girl she gets distracted easily when Devon is in the room, "my eyes were on his crotch when he said that and I blinked to refocus my train of thought. "What?" He just wants to make his girl happy, "absolutely. One day at a time with you here in my bed every night. You'll work for me in the morning and go to school in the afternoon. I'll take care of everything baby, and you most of all. Okay?" I wish there was more story, and more issues in the story it kinda seemed all lovey dovey which is alright I just wanted some more action. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Stubborn Love by Wendy Owens

Colin, you walking sex on two legs you, "you know, everyone in this city works out of coffee shops, right? You'll be lucky to even get a table this time of day. Why not come in and work here? I have plenty of space for you to spread out. I'll even make you a cup of coffee. I don't have my espresso machine hooked up yet, but I can make a mean cup from the french press." Colin he I think has a jealousy issue or an issue of being lied to, "oh, wait, I get it. You don't want me here when your date gets here," Colin said, clasping his fingers together, watching my intensely from the chair. "What is it? Is he ugly? No wait, he's really old, right?"  He's a sarcastic thing, "oh yeah, sorry. I guess you had me all hot and bothered by your dance moves. The reason for my visit nearly slipped my mind." He's also protective, "what? Who is saying this stuff to you?" Colin was quickly becoming agitated." I can't wait for Paige's story. 

Beyond Doubt by Karice Bolton

Got to say liked this installment of the series better than the first one, Aaron that man is sex on two legs, "do you think that's how I operate to get a woman in bed?" he asked, his lips tugging into a smile. "I tend to like my women agreeable and excited, not frightened and on the run." Brandy the girl knows how to bust a guys nuts and I really loved that about her, "and I'm asking whether that one date will just put me in the lineup?" I stared directly into his hardening gaze. "Because that's not what I'm looking for." I'm really excited for Lily's story!

Lost in New Falls by Cherie Marks

Talk about embarrassing for Kate, "he scooped up his own things and moved up beside her, handing her one last piece of black silk. "Here, you forgot this one." Quentin good grief I loved that man, "believe me, Hollywood, you were on my mind last night, and I have a feeling it will be the same for a while." Kate gets a little makeover and well Quentin the man gets all caveman on her, "hell, yes, I like it! And so does every other man in here, which is why you need to get out of here as soon as possible. Come on." And when you do a sexy dance for him the man turns into an animal, "a low, sexy growl escaped his chest as his hands came down to her hips, stopping her movements on his lap. "I'm more of a jog around the block kind of guy, but I think I could get used to this." I really enjoyed reading this book.

Goodbye Girl by Scarlett Metal

I knew I'd love Clint when his protective side came out right in the beginning, "I remembered the bruise on her cheek. I had this overwhelming urge to go back inside and drag her out of there, to protect her and keep her safe from whomever she was running from and whoever laid a hand on her." He's also a boy that does not like to share, "you won't just be mine tonight either. You're off limits to Wyatt and his friends. I don't like to share. Understand?" Rachel tends to bring out the naughty side in Clint, "sorry I woke up, but you wiggle against me and my body just responds instantly to you." I'm really excited about Wyatt's book! 

That's a Promise by Victoria Klahr

Blake he's an okay guy I mean you can tell he really cares for Josie, "let me come help you for the day. We can catch up and I can help you with things. Today is tough as it is, let me help."  We go back and forth between past and present which at times kinda gave me whiplash but you just have to pay close attention to keep up with everything that's going on. Josie I liked her spirit she had when her and Blake first met, "that sounds like fun. But it has to be close by and it has to be a place where there are people, but not too many that I could get lost in the crowd. Those are my rules, if you don't like it, then you can ask someone else out." Blake he's like a damn animal when it comes to Josie, "I hear him growl lightly before he licks the side of my neck and trails his tongue back to my ear where he pulls it into his mouth." Blake I thought he just needed to open up more to Josie and then maybe things wouldn't be the way they are now, "to think another man touched you, when it should only be me, is effing torture. You are supposed to be mine, Josie. Not someone else's." Maybe you should pull your head out of your a** and work sh** out then. The book was predictable, well one secret was but not the other, and I'm just ready for the next book which leaves me with one question, Team Seth or Team Blake?  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Side of Forever by C. Marie Mosley

Oh good Lord Jeremiah that sweet boy, "what do you want me to say, Laney?" He pleaded. "I messed up -" I love it when a man knows he did wrong and will do anything to make it up to his girl, "I know, baby. I just want you to know that I'm gonna make this work. I'm gonna get us back. Believe it." He's so supportive, "I've got you, baby," he whispered into my hair, "I'm here, and I've got you." He's also quite the gentleman, "no, there's no question, I love you. And I want you - I want you so bad." He paused, letting his words settle. "But baby...not like this." This book was such a cute read and I hope Jonah gets a story.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Waking Moon by T.J. McGuinn

The author doesn't waste anytime, or beat around the bush for the action which I really loved and appreciated! The ending I didn't really like, but I supposed it was sort of happy but I just didn't like it and I wish I could explain why but that would give it away. Rhodes he's adorable, but he's just not Jack, "I think we should, you know, hang out sometime. Maybe watch a movie at my house. My parents are pretty hands-off people." Jack I really did love him, "Jack's eyes widened. "Paulie," he whispered. "My God, I've been looking everywhere for you." And Sampson the wise old man sometimes has to put things in perspective for Paulie, "sweetheart, let me tell you should fear the taxman. You should fear the policeman. You should fear the crazy man. But have no fear of the dead man. Especially this one, who is as smitten with you as a dopey puppy." 

Wrecked by Priscilla West

This book was emotional but Hunter that hunk of love is something else, "eff the dorms, you'll be frozen stiff by the time you get there. My place is just past that trail." He pointed to a jogging trail leading into the forest. "Let's go there and get you warmed up first. Get us both warmed up." Sometimes Hunter kinda says the wrong things, "why are you freaking out about staying over at my place? Just because you stayed over doesn't mean anything." Lorrie the girl does have a jealous side to her, even though she thinks she doesn't, "wow, now you have two accolades; not only do you apparently have the biggest co** on campus, you're also the most insensitive guy on campus! I was pi**ed at those girls before, but now I'm starting to feel bad for them. You used them." Hunter has uncontrollable body urges around his girl, "I know," he groaned softly. "I'm sorry. I'm getting a boner around you again. I can't help myself..." He doesn't like other things touching Lorrie and that includes loofahs, "that loofah is a bas****." He growled. "Lemme keep you company." He tore off his clothes and hopped into the shower with me." I'm so ready for book 2. 

First Kiss by Tara Brown

Bash, *sighs* that hunk I loved him, "I didn't mean to offend you and call you a drunk or anything. If we're going to be friends, I want to apologize for that." His grey eyes catch my stare again. They hold me hostage." He's just, well he's complicated, "so that makes you country girls all the same?" He grabs the window again and shakes his head, "I'm not like that. I would at least get to know you a little before making my expectations known." He's protective, "I can't go without you. Come away with me. This isn't you, this's horrid." (first clue that everything isn't as it seems) I mean there may be no hanky-panky but there are still a few steamy scenes, "he lifts me up into his arms, but the huge skirts prevent me from wrapping my legs around him. He turns and carries me to the bed, still caressing my tongue with his." Although there is no cliffhanger there are still some questions unanswered so I can't wait for the second book.  

Friday, November 22, 2013

See How She Fights by Michelle Graves

So before reading the book Michelle and I talked and she warned me that this was more fantasy than romance, but that woman is seriously off her dang rocker! There was LOADS of romance! I missed my Kennan he's such an affectionate person, "he pulled me against his body and nuzzled my neck. "Woman, you better be waking me up for a good reason. You know I don't do mornings," he groused." He's still the same worrywart that he was in book one I'm telling you what this man was in the damn boy scouts, "what? I like to be prepared. I don't know how long we will be gone. I am not even sure where we will be going. Don't judge me, woman!" He's also not a man to be played with ladies, "you keep touching me like that and we won't be going anywhere," he growled. My stomach responded with it's own growl." Ian, I loved him loads as well and I really think Molly and him need a damn novella or a spin off series needs to happen, "she is mine," Ian practically growled. Molly punched him in his stomach before sticking her hand out to introduce herself." 

Embrace by S.E. Hall

Embrace starts off right where Emerge left off and Sawyer I loved that boy and I honestly can't wait for his book, he gives the BEST birthday advice to Laney, "wrap your naked self in a bow and blow his candle out." Dane can read right through Laney and I think that it's a great aspect to have in a relationship, "I mean," he runs his nose the length of mine, blanketing our bodies together, that I don't like it when you lie to me." When a certain tragedy strikes Dane is right there to pick Laney up when she needs it, "come on, baby." Dane bends down and scoops me up I don't know how much later. "You're gonna wait in bed while I run you a hot bath. I got us almost packed; we fly out soon." He carried me to the bed and tucks me in with a kiss to the forehead. "Be right back." Evan he's a good guy and he can get mean when his emotions are high, he was a nice enough character but he wasn't Dane he wasn't my pookie-kin, "Whitley, you don't have to stand beside me just because he's standing beside her. It's not a competition." I know this was supposed to be Whitley and Evan's story but I was more focused on Dane and Laney, especially Laney's naughty ways, "put your hands behind your head," I trace one finger under his boys, back to front, "move them and I stop. Understand?" 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Imperfection by Phaedra Seabolt

Aren I have some mixed feelings about that damn boy and honestly I'm hoping that in the second book he gets a attitude adjustment, especially with the way he treats Meara, can't even stay to make sure he's alright after spending a night with her the a**, "seriously??? He took my underwear with him but decided to drive off without his shirt? What a pig!" I mean seriously he's all bada** alpha one minute who only cares about one thing he's so cold hearted, "your ineptitude at killing her may actually be your own saving grace. You should pray to whatever gods you worship that she is turned. She is worth more to the pack as pure breeding stock than as a mere human anyway. However, you failed to bring me the only thing I asked of you. I will allow you a second chance to find my son and to bring him to me. Failure a second time will not be tolerated. Do I make myself clear?" Then he seems like he might sort of care about Meara, "it doesn't really matter now. Where you have succeeded, my son has failed yet again. He did not bring my son to me, and he has not delievered to me my precious Meara. Let the entire pack know that Randolph is now in exile. If you see or hear from him, report it to me immediately." 

The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

Trey he's such a naughty boy, "eff, Harley," he says, and grabs my a** and pulls me against him, so I can feel how much he wants this too." When Trey and Harley are hammered they have interesting conversations, especially the questions Trey asks, "so then you won't get mad in the morning when I ask you about this. Have you really never given a blow job?" There is so much chemistry between Harley and Trey and in the bedroom ooh-baby it's hot, "I want you to eff me like that, Harley. I want you to ride me, and I want yo come while you're doing it," he says, grabbing at my hair, and pulling me back down to his mouth." The way he talks could get any woman all hot and bothered, "good. Because I want to do everything with you," he says. "And right now, I want you to ride me hard, Harley. I want you to eff me with everything you got." I wasn't expecting what happened in the end to happen I thought this book would be a stand alone and well it isn't. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

COVER REVEAL: M-Day by D.T. Dyllin

His Purrfect Mat by Georgette St. Clair

I didn't like this one as much as I did the first one in the series and I'm not sure why. Kenneth I did love him, "the woman I'm going to marry." Kenneth cut the limo driver off with a look." Chloe was just to sweet I thought I wanted her to be a little more bada**, "she knew she wasn't being a very gracious guest. That's what Kenneth got for oozing sex out of his pores and making her ladybits quiver every time he got close to her." I'm glad Chloe was a change of pace for Kenneth because it sounds like the woman he's used to were a bunch of biatches, "no, I mean it," he said. "I'm used to women who order lettuce with no dressing for dinner, and then spend their meal staring hungrily at my plate, but refusing to take a bite." Kenneth is just a typical guy, always horny, "we should get naked. Yes. There's no-one on this side of the house now; I sent them all away." And well the man is also well endowed, "his clothes ripped off him, but now he stood there in all his glory. His co** was thick and erect, jutting upward from a thatch of curly coal black hair."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forged by Fate by Reese Monroe

Theo and Justin they were a hoot and I just loved them. Out of the two brothers Justin is the wild one, the one that doesn't have a damn filter on his mouth, "well no s*** you're excited to see her, man," he said as Theo opened the door and waited. "Considering you chose to not play a little during your wait for your Mate, I bet you're about to burst outta your pants." Theo he's the more reserved, follow the rules, 'I'll kick your a** if you talk badly about my mate' kind of guy, "do not talk about my Mate like that." His fists tightened, as did the muscles along his jaw. Fangs itched to extend in challenge." Justin is also the 'I can't mind my own business, so I'll run my mouth' kind of guy, "he protects you, even in his slumber. Don't worry. He won't hurt you." I'm telling you those boys are like animals and I LOVED it. I'm hoping Justin gets his own story. 

Charred Heart by Lizzy Ford

Skylar that girl, she's something else I mean when you're with Chace you can't help but want to do naughty things with his fine a**, "just us," she added, lowering her voice for his ears only. "I'll make it worth your time." Unable to free her hands to touch his face, she stoop up on her tiptoes instead, touching her lips to his." Sometimes in order to soothe the savage dragon you have to put thoughts of yourself aside, and boy did Skylar soothe that naughty beast, "uncertain what he was thinking, she nuzzled his cheek and traced kisses down his jaw then claimed his lips again, this time in a slow deep, kiss. Despite his declaration, he responded with the same hunger." And you can't help but love the banter these two have when together:
             "Like you. Except for the pie. Do you cook?"
             She snorted. "No way."
             "We can buy pie then."
I can't wait for the next installment! 

Sergei by Roxie Rivera

Sergei is well he's a naughty boy, "when I eff you from behind, I'm going to make sure I leave my handprint right here." Out of all the books in this series so far this one is my favorite. Bianca I think she likes how well equipped her man is, "she sifted her fingers through the nest of curls there before grasping the base of his di**. "Look at how big you are, Sergei." It amazed me at how honest Sergei was with Bianca, "I don't want any woman but you, Bianca. Sometimes I have to go places that aren't very nice to conduct business, but I'm not interested in anything those women have to offer." He's also a very dominant man, "so what's the problem? I want to go out. You want to go out. I made plans. It's done." He also likes to get his woman gifts, I love him for that, "from now on, I buy all of your sexy, pretty things, okay? If there's anything else in your closet or drawers, get rid of it." 

Forbidden by Tina Smith

Even at the end of the book, where the damn ending was which I hated I still don't know if I'm team Reid or Team Sky. Reid he's a flirty fellow, "we can entertain you," he said confidently and started off towards the others at the rope. He looked back at me over his shoulder; his tan forehead wrinkled above two black brows. "You want to watch?" I'm not sure if he's protective of Lila or if he has different motives, "hey, it's okay, you're with us now, and I'll make sure you're okay. Look, please don't tell anyone what she did?" he asked. "They'll drag her off to a mental hospital." Then there was Sky who I loved, "more like us," he replied. "Maybe we should keep it tame for today, play it down a bit." I must have looked devastated. He quickly added. "It's just while we're here. Unless you don't want to." When Lila and Sky are together I love it they're drawn to each other, "I have to shave it almost twice a day." He grabbed my hand gently and pulled me close again and the electricity coursed through us, our bodies pulsed against each other."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Recipe for Attraction by Gina Gordon

Hot, hot HOT! Carson she's so smart-mouthed and I loved it, "a girl can't take a midnight ride and stumble upon an illegal street race where people almost die every night?" And Neil he's such a naughty boy, "not bad," he corrected. "Determined. I'm going to race or you're going to distract me. It's as simple as that." He's such a horny little thing, "hell no. I wanted to talk about the fact that I've been thinking about you lying on top of that table all morning and how much I want to do it again." You never question why a woman grooms certain parts of her body it's rude and you might not get the answer you want, "yes, I did it for me, you jerk." She panted. Short, shallow breaths. "It has nothing to do with the fact that I want your mouth on me." I loved this book it was sweet, spicy, and a whole lot of naughty. 

Animal Instincts by Patricia Rosemoor

Luc knows how to shut a girl up, "I'm up for the challenge," then dipped his head and slipped his mouth over hers." And he's a hug flirt, "maybe it's you working your magic on me in that dress." He worked his gaze up from my bare legs to the vicinity of my collarbone." Did I mention the protective aspect he has, "you'll do something to her? No, you won't, Pop. That's why I'm here. To tell you she's under my protection." I liked the book, but I wasn't in love with it I thought it was going to be something entirely different than what it was, it was a good spin on the shifter world but totally not what I was thinking. 

The Curse Keepers by Denis Grover Swank

Holy cheeseballs batman! This book was different from the 'Off Subject' series that I love so much. Have to say I wish it ended better, (no clifhanger) I just wish something was more resolved between our two characters. There was humor, which I love in books, there was a hot male which I love in books, there was a "Imma do what I want" female lead which I REALLY liked a lot. The beginning of the book we meet this dude Dwight you know Ellie's sort of boyfriend and there were times I just wanted to bi*** slap him like seriously the boy can't take a hint and digs himself into a bigger hole than he already is in, "but you work as a waitress. And that's only part of the year. Your parents must subsidize a portion of your income." And ladies this was a huge turn-off for me the guy couldn't get it up! Like is that even possible? "I searched for his erection. And found nothing. Well, than't not entirely right. I found something, but I had to search. A lot." Yeah turn-off. Collin Sweet baby Jesus that man his sex on two legs, "he grinned, waving toward my chest. "You might want to cover up." He shrugged with a smirk. "Or not. It's entirely up to you." I mean he has his a**hole moments, "you're seriously telling me that saving humanity from vengeful spirits can wait until after you finish your waitressing shift?" Some people need to work and earn money! Then he goes back to being sexy, "his amusement turned to a seductive look. "I don't usually have to explain my effect on women." I am ready for book two in the series.

Text by Cambria Hebert

I'm going to admit I was pretty hesitant to read this one, but I love Cambria and I knew that if I gave it a chance the book would grow on me and it did slowly. Nathan made the book though, that man I just loved him, "you did good, sweetheart," I murmured. "You did read good." He's funny in a horrible situation, "formally introducing myself so you'll let me under your shirt." He approves of Honor's panty choice, "lace," Nathan said, staring at the panties my mother displayed on top of the sink." And you have to love a man who allows wind in his pants: 
                 "No underwear?"
                 I felt myself smile. "The boys like to breathe." 
Mhmm...I bet your boys get a lot of breathing. As always I can't wait for the next book!

Freshwater Kisses by Krista Lakes

For some reason I just couldn't get into this one like I had the others in the series and I'm not sure why. I mean I liked it but I wasn't in love with it like I was the others. Robbie, that boy is something else, "if you mean, crashed into you, knocked you unconscious and then had the decency to dive in and get you out of the mess I created, then yes. I saved you. But I'm not a hero. Not by a long shot." And he does his best to please Samantha, "I wanted to make this evening special. I wanted to look my best for you." Also we learn that you should never wake a sleeping beast:
              I reach behind me and ran my hand down to his loins. When I touched him, his member responded with a jump. "Wake up," I coaxed.
             "If you poke him, he'll get mad!" Robbie said, laughing.

Tell Me Why by Sydney Snow

What an emotional book, and I really mean that in a good way! Anna she's always one for compromise, "okay. I promise. At least until your tests come back. Then we'll talk contraceptives." Caleb is honest (about some things) but when it comes to his feelings about Anna it's all laid out on the table, "long enough to have been mentally unfaithful to the last several girls I've dated. It was always you in my mind when I was with them." He stands up for his girl not taking crap from anyone, "Anna's my girlfriend; so get used to seeing her around a lot more." Anna doesn't like the choice of exercise Caleb chooses so Caleb has to explain certain things to his girl, "I have other ways of exercising - ways that I really enjoy, but you told me I had to wait a week before I could do them. So, I had to come up with a plan B." Also he's nothing but if not accommodating to his girl, "kneeling upright, I undid the button on my jeans and started unzipping my pants, mare than happy to accommodate her." 

Tame This by Hadley Quinn

How to describe Jay? Well for starters you can't help but love the boy, "I need another damn drink. This clear mind sh** is getting ridiculous." I think Melanie and him are really perfect for each other, "you mean when you told me that my a** was filling out along with my chest and you wanted to hold it on the dance floor to make sure? That was asking me to dance?" And you NEVER insult his boys, he gets upset, "oh my God," he laughed thoroughly amused. "You would actually call this monstrous thing a tallywacker?" he asked, yanking the curtain wide open." He's also all dramatics, "that is the most disrespectful thing I've ever heard in my life," Jay gasped dramatically. He pulled out a twenty that he'd stuffed in the pocket of his shorts and slapped it on the counter. "Here, go buy a fruit thingy from the store." He's also not one to allow a woman to put things in his house without him paying them back, "you sure as eff will not buy furniture for my house and not expect me to pay for it." He's also not one for allowing another man to see his woman without panties, "well now I gotta track him down to find out," he said. "Because it pubescent pizza boy saw you without any panties on..." He laid her on the bed and leaned over her. "I'd have a huge effing problem with that." I honestly can't wait for the next book in this series. 


Ford Aston is getting the f*ck out of Denver. He does not give a shit about blizzards, getting his old ass Bronco over the Rocky Mountains in one piece, or a girl knocking on his hotel door looking to be saved.
Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps “pets” instead of girlfriends.
And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.
Ashleigh is getting the f*ck out of somewhere, but she’s not quite sure where she’s coming from, let alone where she’s going.
Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that’s exactly what she’s got going for her. She’s broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is f*cking with her head.
Big. Time.
And she plans to f*ck with his right back.
It’s a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo—but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.
One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh's whole existence. Can Ford allow another woman into his heart and risk the possibility of being hurt, or will he walk away from Ashleigh just when she needs him most?

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BLOG TOUR REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: Working It by Kendall Ryan

I'm really hoping Ben and Emmy's story isn't finished because well it ended like it was a little undone. Not a cliff hanger per say but it left some things unanswered, and Kendall and I that girl and I will be having some words later lol. Ben he's hot the way he talks, "eff work. Let me get you off." he's just hot, "you're effing sexy in the morning," he growled in a sleep-roughened voice." And I think he plays any card to get what he wants, and sometimes I don't think he thinks about the consequences in some things he does so I didn't really like that, it took awhile for me to like him I was always on Emmy's and thought she was an idiot at times but when you have a smooth talking hottie you get convinced to do some things, "baby, you're on my mind constantly. There's no one else. Come on...let me have you how I want you. I promise you won't regret it." Famous last words buddy boy. 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

50 Shades Freed by E.L. James

Oh Christian what am I going to do with you? "baby, it's our party, and we can do whatever we want. We've cut the cake. And right now, I'd like to whisk you away and have you all to myself." He's so good in bad situations, "it's the adrenaline, baby," he says. "You did amazingly well, as usual. You blow me away, Ana. You never let me down." And Ana that girl still teases him, "well, right now I want to eff you, and you're shifting around on's uncomfortable." And he's still a possessive control freak, "do you think I'd let anyone watch my wife some?" I loved this book Christian is REALLY playful and more at ease and relaxed in this installment, "hurry up with my food, wench. And later I'll show you how wimpy I can be." He slaps me playfully once more and goes to the fridge." 

50 Shades Darker by E.L. James

Well, Christian you still have issues, BUT I liked you a little more in this book especially where Ana's safety and well being were involved, "I don't want your smart mouth now. Answer me." His eyes blaze." And he's still possessive, "I bought them all, Anastasia. I don't want some stranger ogling you in the privacy of their home." And he doesn't like other men really around her so he always has to make a stand, "well, no longer ex," Christian replies calmly. "Come on, baby, time to go." And he really makes sure Ana is taking care of especially exercise wise, "but I want you fit, baby, for what I have in mind. I'll need you to keep up." Ana still as saucy as ever if not more so, "I want to get my hair cut, preferably somewhere where you haven't effed either the staff or the clientele." We see a more playful side of Christian in this installment and I really enjoyed seeing that, "you look good," Christian purrs from the bed. "You can call in sick, you know." And Ana she's getting to be a bossy little thing, it's really great to see her grow, "you turned me on, big time. Now take me home and eff me." I'm ready for the third installment. 

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Determinism by LK Collins

Abel, he's more of show than tell kind of person, "do you feel what you do to me? Do you have any idea the control you have over my body." And he's curious about certain things, "do you really not wear underwear?" And ladies the man is endowed beyond belief just as Cara and those cray cray thoughts she has, "Abel gets up, and he walks by, I can't miss the hard on he has. I look up and him and he puts his hand over it. "It's just morning wood, kitten. Don't worry. Nothing like that happened last night." He walks off and goes into what I assume is the bathroom. Holy s***, his di** is huge. Alexa told me Vincent was hung, but I never thought about Abel being big as well. Clearly he is, because I've never seen anything like that before." I have to say I loved Abel and Cara more than Vincent and Alexa I think it's because LK's writing grows with each book she writes which means I'm probably going to LOVE Troy's story.