Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Paradise by Tess Oliver

Nick he's well a straight forward kind of guy, "besides birth control, are you on any medications?" He's also not modest about his body or his tattoo, "you can look. I don't mind." he said without lifting his head or opening his eyes. I reached over and slid the sleeve of his t-shirt up. Running along the back of his arm, the word dragon started at the top of his massive bicep and ended at the bottom of it." And well he's all man when it comes to a certain incident, "nice," he said with a lazy smile. I glanced down and was horrified to find that during the lotion explosion, my boob had sprung free from my loosely tied robe." Nick has lots of little innuendos, "yeah." His gaze drifted over my face and lips. "Besides, I like having you pressed against me back there." I hope Pierre and Taylor get a story because they were two other characters I fell in love with the book.

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