Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ski Bear by Scarlett Grove

For Zach sometimes keeping it simple works, “I want to sleep. With you,” he breathed into her neck." I really enjoyed this book, I have a funny feeling this series is coming to a close, we're running out of bears! Scarlett should bring in some new ones.

Hunt by Alyssa Rose Ivy

You could totally tell Ian is one of those macho guys, “it’s going to be more than sex.” But sex would be part of it. I’d be making sure of that." Ian isn't afraid to lay things down for Mara, “I want you. I want you for many reasons. Some of those reasons involve sex.”His eyes heated. “Let me rephrase that. Many of those reasons involve sex, but others have nothing to do with sex. And tonight we’re focusing on all those non-sex reasons. Got it?” With Mara you have to handle her with care and I sure liked how Ian handled her:
                           I made myself look. “You’re not wearing underwear.”
                          “I’m not.” He grinned.
                          “I am.”
                         “I figured as much.” His words were light and casual as if he weren’t standing there buck naked in front of me.
There was a cliffhanger but I didn't think it was to bad and now I'm eagerly awaiting the second book.

Always My Girl by Samantha Chase

Quinn really was cute, thinking he could boss his woman around, and have her actually listen, "he straightened the chaise and sat down, but his eyes stayed focused on the ground. “Well, maybe you’ve had enough sun for today and should… you know… put some clothes on.” Quinn really has a problem with his woman's swimsuit, “mad?” He shook his head. “Not really. Although I hate how you’re parading around here in this bikini while everyone’s here.” I liked this book, this is the one I've been waiting for Quinn didn't disappoint me.

Burnout by Tee O'Fallon

I like when men will do anything for their women, "when she stood on her tiptoes again and touched her lips to his, Mike knew he would forgive her anything." When asleep Cassie can't be held accountable for her actions, "he slid his arm around her shoulder and pressed her head to his chest. She sighed in her sleep and rested her hand on his crotch." I liked this book, I really loved Mike.

Tempting the Dragon by Karen Whiddon

*******************MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*********************

Rance can upfront and bold at certain times, "befuddled, bemused and aroused, he let his gaze rake over her. Damn. “I want you.” Once said, he couldn’t take the words back. Hell, he didn’t even want to." Rance is well an idiot at times, “I complimented her. Called her generous and giving. Both are true.” Though he didn’t want to face the rest of it, he knew he had to. “And then I asked her to become my wife. That alone should tell her how I feel about her.” I liked this book, Rance was a special man but I loved him.

Cowboy After Dark by Vicki Lewis Thompson

I loved Hope and the way she talked at times, “on the contrary. Something is very right. You have a magnificent tallywhacker.” Liam is like the damn energizer bunny, “maybe, maybe not.” He grinned. “I might be out of ammunition. You never know.” She glanced down at his ***k, which was already responding. Meeting his gaze, she lifted her eyebrows. “I can’t explain it,” he said with a shrug. “I touch you and up it goes. That hasn’t happened since I was seventeen.” I liked this book, I loved Liam.

RELEASE BLITZ: Stars by Malorie Verdant

by Malorie Verdant
 APRIL 30th!

He changed my life.
With a smile, a flick of his wrist and a death-defying stunt.
He was six and I was five.
And now, thirteen years later, I am hopelessly in love.
There is only a slight problem.
He doesn’t know I exist.
He’s the star quarterback.
I’m a science nerd who hides in the shadows.
I don’t need anyone to tell me that college won't change anything.
I know he’s the star of this story.
And I belong in the audience.

Parker Elliot is going to Penmore State University miles away from home. She's leaving her small town because Penmore has a fantastic science department, because she needs to begin exploring the life she wants to lead and because Grayson Waters is the starting quarterback for the Penmore Herons.

Grayson Waters at first glance lives life to the fullest, but he is dealing with more than meets the eye. A con artist father in trouble with local mobsters, an illegitimate brother living close by, the pressure of leading his team to the championship game and a desire to pursue a career outside the football field. Decisions need to be made. For Gray, slipping into the shadows with a pretty and observant brunette might be just what he needs to finally make the right ones.

I loved Grayson, “babe, you date me I’m not going to expect you to stop working. It’s no longer the fifties, I get that women like to have their own life. We’ll date around your shifts,”I tell her, trying not to chuckle."  I enjoyed this book I loved Grayson, Parker was a great girl she was perfect for him.

Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy
Here - Alessia Cara
Star - Bryan Adams
Beyond the Blue - Beth Nielsen Chapman
You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
How Deep Is Your Love- Calvin Harris & Disciples
Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
The Fire - The Roots & John Legend
My Body is a Cage - Arcade Fire
Water Under the Bridge - Adele
Answer - Sarah McLachlan

I first started reading romance when I was twelve. 

My mother handed me her copy of Nora Robert’s Midnight Bayou and with resignation said, “Here you’ll love it, just skip the sex scenes or at least tell me you did.”

She knew I was young and she hoped I didn’t understand the diverse innuendos, but she also saw early on that I was a hopeless romantic and had a joy and thirst for romance novels that not even she and her protective motherly instincts could stop.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Make Mine a Marine by Candace Havens

I liked that Chelly approved of Matt's body, hel l even I approved of Matt's body, "he stripped of his tank and took off his flip-flops. Oh. My. Those abs. Seriously. She had to stop herself from gasping. They made men well in Texas. Very well..." I liked that Matt was protective, "Matt quickly sat up. “Did he hurt you?” He very nearly growled the words." I liked Matt, he was protective, sweet, sexy and an idiot at times but hey name one guy who doesn't have his moments.

The Baby Inheritance by Maureen Child

I liked Reed, “Because I don’t want to be your friend, Lilah. What I want from you has nothing to do with being pals.” Reed can be straight and to the point, “I came for you,” he said simply." I enjoyed this book I really liked Reed.

Saying Yes to the Boss by Andrea Laurence

I liked Carson, and there were times I liked how he thought, “yes, but I’m the boss. When the boss says you can go home early, you can go home early.” Leaning in, Georgia pressed her lips to his..." I really liked Carson he was a sexy man I liked this book.

The Bull Rider by Helen DePrima

Tom was adorable when he gave compliments, “no, don’t take anything off.” His face felt as red as her lipstick. He swallowed hard. “I mean you look great.” I really liked this book I thought Tom was a great guy.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dirty Prince by Vanessa Waltz

Good God Liam has no damn finesse, "he gives me an incredulous look. “I’m asking you to the castle for a dirty romp in the sheets, love.” Liam's words of wisdom, really aren't filled with wisdom, “fishing is a huge part of Anglefell culture. Just hold the rod and look pretty. You do just fine with mine.” I really liked this book, Liam grew on me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Falling Star by Brandy L Rivers

Trent could be so damn sweet, “oh, Ella, I like a whole lot more than your body.” Trent has got some energy and willpower in the mornings, "he pulled her leg over his thighs and rocked his length against her. “Better go now or I may not let you leave the bed.” I liked this book, I loved the small town books you get more of a feel for the characters and I really loved Trent.

No One But You by Leigh Greenwood

I really liked Salty, he knew how to take care of things and how to treat his woman, “Salty says it’s not polite to crowd the cook or drag your feet when it’s time to eat.” Sarah smiled. Here was one more sign that Salty was a cut above other men." I really liked this book I loved Salty I thought he was a great guy.

Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker

The conversations Bran and Maddy have:
                              “I’m not a sex addict!!” he whispered impatiently.                                    She turned her head and narrowed her eyes. “How can you be sure? Have you ever consulted a professional?”
                             He blew out a huge, windy sigh and she could tell he was hanging on to his patience by a thin, red hair. “I am not a sex addict,” he insisted...
I freakin' loved Marry, she was so entertaining, “wow!” she said, catching her top lip between her teeth. His ***k jumped at the sight, bobbing unabashedly in front of him. “I think you just set a land speed record for droppin’ trou.” I really liked this book just loved Bran and Maddy.

The Northman's Bride by Sandra Lake

When in the moment there can be casualties, "they fell to the bed, nearly squishing poor Hercules beneath them. “Beg your pardon, cat,” Hök said as he swept her pets from the bed." And here I thought Hök  had no romantic bone in his body, I was wrong, “Sov, my love, would you do me the service of shutting up for an hour or so. You can chew my ear off the entire voyage home. For now, I’d like to bask in a few moments of victory, as I claim my prize.” And then he kissed her..." I liked this book, the characters were well developed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I Thee Wed by Celeste Bradley

Orion may be a strange man, but he's still a man, "his expression became very serious as his awareness fixed intensely upon her . “Miss Penrose, pleasuring you is all I think about.” I liked this book, I liked Orion there was one scene I could have kicked him in the butt, but he came to his sense.

Monday, April 25, 2016

To Wed a Rebel by Sophie Dash

The blurb makes Isaac to be this big meanie which is quite the opposite in my opinion, I quite liked his character especially when he was being sweet, “I have my ways,” he smiled into her cheek. “I want to see you draped in satin and silks, rubies and pearls.” I liked this book I liked Isaac.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Going My Way? by Samantha Chase

I know I should call a grown man adorable, but seriously Dylan really is, "um... okay. You didn't have to leave just because you didn't want to dance with me. I didn't mean to be presumptuous or anything. I just thought..." I really liked this book, it was cute, sweet, and a quick read.

Rush by Shae Ross

It's cute how Preston gets all defensive and comes up with these excuses when he's jealous, "he swabs his mouth with one hand. “Okay, true, but we’ve been in jail together. There’s a difference. We’re partners in crime, kind of like Bonnie and Clyde.” Preston can be blunt, “God, I want to eff you right now,” he says, smiling against my mouth. I gasp, but I’m laughing. He is charged up. “I do,” he says, kissing me again. “It’s the game— it works me up— especially when we win.” I really liked this book, I loved Preston.

Marie by Charlotte Penn Clark

I liked Jared he was something else, I absolutely loved him and his excited ways, “Jesus, I can’t believe we’re having this conversation on the phone! You should be under me right now and I should be inside you within five minutes!” I liked how well Marie and Jared complimented each other, they were perfect for one another. I enjoyed this book.

SideBarred by Emma Chase

Jake and Chelsea are super creative when they need to be, "...there was shower sex, lunch-break-on-my-desk at the office sex, on-top-of-the-washing-machine laundry-room sex, putting-away-the-groceries pantry sex. We even defiled the hall closet, which was a tight..." I liked this novella, I liked seeing what everyone was up to, and what was going on.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Defending Hayden by L.P. Dover

Derek is quite the affectionate man, not caring where he's at, or who's watching, "he winked. “I know. I just wanted to kiss you again.” He hurried off to the sidelines to wait for his turn back on the field." I really liked this book Derek was a good man and I loved Hayden, she was perfect for him.

Bad Boy Boss by Celia Ryan

I loved the sweet Luka, "...he wrapped his arms around my naked body. “I will never make that mistake again. You are mine now.” I liked Luka, he knew what he wanted and he went after it. I enjoyed this book it flowed nicely.

On Her Six by Christina Elle

I liked that Sam could rile Ash, it made for interestin' reading, “not my team! A team!”He rubbed his temples. “Jesus, woman. You would try the patience of a saint. Can’t you just sit quietly and do as you’re told?” Apparently when Ash is deep in thought it's a huge no-no to initiate naughty time, "he looked down at their position. “Damn it, woman!” He propelled himself off the bed and toward the window. “This is serious, Sam. Stop touching me like that.” I liked this book, I loved Ash.

Lust Thy Neighbor by Emily Snow

Declan sure knows the way to a girl's heart, "...he took out something he'd picked up for her that afternoon and placed it in her hand. “A Snickers bar?” She laughed. “You bought me candy—this is so sweet.” I really liked Declan and his attitude he had sometimes, “not quite, but if you want to break a couple laws....” His voice trailed off as she wiggled around on top of him, her ankle coming up dangerously close to his ***k. "Careful,  I think we’ll need that in a bit.” I really enjoyed this book I loved Declan maybe Jake will get a book of his own I loved him bunches as well.

Bounty by Kristen Ashley

Deke doesn't like being unprepared, he learns from that mistake, “shower,” he grunted suddenly. “Condoms,” he went on. His mouth touched mine, “Lots of those effers.” Deke's comebacks are the ****, "Deke stayed where he was but his attention came back to my face. “Then don’t wear *** that’s gonna make me fight gettin’ hard when the boys are horking back pizza in your kitchen.” In his own macho way Deke could be sweet, “Jussy, I got a ***k and that ***k likes to be in you. You show skin, it reminds me, and specifically my ***k, how good that skin feels, and tastes, by the way, which reminds me how much better you feel inside.” I loved Deke I loved this book, I loved its characters.

Friday, April 22, 2016

A Gift for Guile by Alissa Johnson

Samuel is a touchy feely man when asleep, the better term is cuddler, "he grumbled something in his sleep, turned over on his side, and wrapped both arms and one leg around her, dragging her to his chest." I really liked Samuel and how caring he could be, "a fresh string of curses spilled from his lips when he found the painful knot . “This will never happen again. I swear it. Never again.” I enjoyed this book, Esther was the perfect girl for him, always questioning and not following directions.

Forever with You by Heatherly Bell

Riley was a great guy, but he really need to work on his skills, nd lines, “yeah, you really are. Fine,” he said, his lips teasing her jawline. “Still love me?” I just loved Riley, "Riley’s arms slipped around her waist and he pulled her in for a long kiss. “Have I told you how much it turns me on when you’re bossy?” I really liked this book, Sophia was funny and Riley was hot that made for a great combination.

Tough Luck Hero by Maisey Yates

Colton was a great guy, although he did like to poke the bear so to speak, “which is why you don’t remember if my underwear needs to be specially tailored or not.” Oh Colton, I really did love that boy, " him a full view of her bare back, her bare *** and…“You have a pamphlet stuck to your rear,” he said." I really liked this book the back and forth between these two characters were entertaining.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shut Out by Kelly Jamieson

Skylar's thoughts could be quite fascinating, "...holy hotness, I want to jump him and ride him like a mechanical bull." Jacob was a great guy, I loved the chemistry between him and Skylar. Jacob's hockey buddies were quite entertaining especially with the talk they had with Skylar about a certain body part on a man. I really liked this book.

Under The Surface by Anne Calhoun

Matt is quite the protective, alpha man, “eff the evidence. You don’t ever go anywhere alone with him again. Understand?” Matt was a good guy, just really set in his ways but I liked how his girl just blew them out of the water.

Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott

I really liked Preston he was a great guy, and he was sexy, "setting me down he turned me away from him and hit my *** as he said, “Now go get dressed because I’m only human and you’re driving me effing mad wearing my T-shirt.” I enjoyed this book I really loved Preston.

Brew Bear by Scarlett Grove

Drew will fight for his masculinity,  “I’m sensitive, maybe. In the manliest way possible.” This is the book I've been waiting for, in the other books Drew and Quinn's relationship have always intrigued me and I'm finally glad that we got to see it play out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I liked Reign he could be domineering, demanding, and stubborn but the things that came out of his mouth got me all hot and bothered, “this is your last chance to change your mind. Once you step out of this car... you’re mine.” I liked this book it was a quick read.