Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hunt by Alyssa Rose Ivy

You could totally tell Ian is one of those macho guys, “it’s going to be more than sex.” But sex would be part of it. I’d be making sure of that." Ian isn't afraid to lay things down for Mara, “I want you. I want you for many reasons. Some of those reasons involve sex.”His eyes heated. “Let me rephrase that. Many of those reasons involve sex, but others have nothing to do with sex. And tonight we’re focusing on all those non-sex reasons. Got it?” With Mara you have to handle her with care and I sure liked how Ian handled her:
                           I made myself look. “You’re not wearing underwear.”
                          “I’m not.” He grinned.
                          “I am.”
                         “I figured as much.” His words were light and casual as if he weren’t standing there buck naked in front of me.
There was a cliffhanger but I didn't think it was to bad and now I'm eagerly awaiting the second book.

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