Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kodiak's Claim by Eve Langlais

Reid, how to describe him the boy doesn't take anything seriously, "if you want me flat on my back so bad, you could just ask. But do me a favor, if you plan to ravish me, make sure you use a condom." Reid's grandma is very much part of Reid's life maybe too much, "forget my grandmother and her need to interrupt my sex life. What have you learned from our uninvited guest?" His grandmother and Tammy's mom should be best friends because her mom asks some pretty far out questions, "did you just seriously ask me if the Northern Lights mutated my sperm?" I liked this book and can't wait for more.

Wolf's Capture by Eve Langlais

Brody is a smarta** wolf, "you seem to have gotten the wrong impression, sweetheart. I didn't get nude for you. I did it because it's more bloody comfortable. have you ever slept in jeans? The fabric chafes, especially against my more manly parts. Johnson needed fresh air." He made the book I loved him, "someone's got a big ego. Who said I was here for you? I'm here for my woman." I love this series, I love Eve, I love when Eve writes this series. 

Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen

Love the cover, Jessica always has hot covers for her books it's one of the things that draws me to read her books. Ayden that boy has some issues and there are times he's nonchalant and I love those times, I find it cute, "when was I avoiding you?" I ask, fiddling with the drawstring on my own shorts." Lyric is Micha's daughter through and through, that girl will protect her man, who's not really her man yet, but I'm sure as the series goes on we'll get there, "I threw a basketball at his face." She winks at me. "I told you I got your back, dude." I wouldn't really call it sexual tension between these two but there is something there and at times I was just thinking sleep together already make it official get together. I was pleasantly pleased with the ending yes there's a cliffhanger but I was happy with how Lyric and Ayden were in their relationship if you call it that. 

Barred by Paisley Walker

Hot, hot, hot not sure who I loved more Jonathon, or Emerson at times it was Kim. I actually think I loved all three characters equally Jonathon he's the more easy-going one, "you won't go to jail. We won't let that happen." He then leans into her, close enough to where she is the only one who can hear him. "We both like effing you too much to have you in jail." Actually that might have been Emerson that said that I was quite lost on who was talking dirty in that conversation, but hey it was still hot. But I do know Jonathon isn't afraid to kiss his woman after her going down on him, "well, they are effing crazy. I'm not afraid of my own d***." He smiles, kissing her again. "Hell, it's effing hot." Emerson is the uptight stick-up-his-a** man, "she doesn't have an agreement with me. Either you come, or you're going to jail." You can tell it's hard being away from Emerson and Kim when Jonathon is away, but he's a true trooper, "other than me standing in my bathroom naked? Nope, don't know how to make her case any better." Emerson slowly loosens up and well doesn't have a stick-up-his-a** when he realizes that everyone is having feelings for everyone, "you could lose the thong if you wanted." Emerson says, walking into the room." Jonathon I like his tactics to keeping his woman safe and happy, "baby." He walks over to her, putting his hands on hers, resting on her hips. "No one will be looking down on you because I will punch them right in the effing throat. You are beautiful, Kimberly and if they don't think so, well quite frankly they can eff off." I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next, I generally try to stay away from m/m/f books because they can turn out to be love triangles and I hate those but this one surprised me. 

The Pleasure Principle by Jane O'Reilly

I liked Ethan's book but I loved Cal's more, he had more personality and Verity that girl knows how to boost a man's ego without realizing it, "God, that's a big c***." Those words must have come from me. They can't have come from anyone else, because there isn't anyone else here. I can't stop looking at it. "It's very long." Cal is Cal the way he explains things humors me, "I like looking a p***y," he says. "I like looking at p***y that's got c*** in it, especially if it's mine. And I'd particularly like to see my c*** in your p***y." He doesn't hold back he's completely blunt, "because I like you," he says. "And because I'd quite like to eff you some more." I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next.

Guilty Pleasures by Jane O'Reilly

Ethan and Tasha are perfect for each other both say what's on their minds and don't hold back, "I lift my drink, sip a little. "Because I really need your fingers inside me right now." Ethan he's a tad bit more reserved, sometimes only says one word sentences but let that boy text and the gates open, "I wish I'd effed you already. I wish you were sitting there with my come slowly sliding out of you, thinking about me." You know you got your man where you want him when he forgets the conversation you were having, "what?" Ethan replies, which I suppose is understandable, given that I'm currently stroking his balls." I liked this book, I can't wait for Cal's. 

Princess's Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli

You have to give Leila props that girl is strong willed, "no, she would not marry a man who had left her bed and jumped straight into another's. No way would she marry a man who only wanted her because she was pregnant." James he's just as strong willed he's not willing to give up without a fight, "I told you, I'm taking you on a date tonight." He looked at her narrowed eyes." I liked this book two people who are set in their ways, from messed up families making it work. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Slade by Teresa Gabelman

Each book in this series gets better and better I thought Sid was my favorite but Slade has just passed him in the rankings. Slade that boy's wanders on Jill a lot, "okay, that was a effing lie. He'd give his left nut to see her before him completely naked." He has issues with his body parts when it comes to Jill, "once she turned, he adjusted his jeans; his d*** didn't get the memo from his brain about not being interested." He always keeps his gun in range for when things get interrupted, "Slade shielded Jill as he grabbed for his gun he had within reach. Turning he aimed it right between Sid's eyes. "Get the eff out of here." Slade roared his rage at being interrupted." A drunk Jill makes for a fun time for Slade, "looking up at Slade, she smiled. "You are a hot-a** man, you know that, Doctor Slade Buchanan. How about me and you forget about all this nonsense and -" Slade once the word is about him and Jill he has no issues showing PDA, "Slade smacked her a** making her yelp. "You could never be a pain in my a**." I can't wait for the next book in this series. 

The Duke In My Bed by Amelia Grey

Historical romances can be either a hit or miss for me and this was a hit! Bray I loved that man he's so passionate and apparently Louisa is the perfect girl to put all that passion into, "open your mouth and taste me, Louisa," he whispered. Unsure what he meant, she stiffened. "No, don't shy from me now." I mean he's just so full of passion that his clothes don't come off all the way, "I wish we could, but there is no time for me to undress tonight. We must make do. Help me unbutton my trousers and slide them down my hips." Having five younger sisters make for awkward situations especially for Bray when he's not used to having all the little women around, "damnation," Bray mumbled under his breath. He'd barely gotten his trousers buttoned." I really enjoyed this book. 

Finding Gavin by C.A. Harms

Since we met Gavin in 'Forgiving Reed' he had me intrigued, he's captured my heart, and at times pi**ed me off so I was excited that he was getting his own book, personally if the boy would have been honest and upfront I think things would have went differently. Once all the drama was over in this book I actually loved the relationship him and Maria had, "I boosted her up by placing my hand on her bottom. "Well, if you wanted to touch my a**, all you had to do was ask, handsome." If you haven't read 'Forgiving Reed' then I'm not sure, well actually I am sure you're not in on the joke 'thrusting thighs' between Maria and Kori, I was wondering when it was going to come into play and the author didn't disappoint me she snuck that in there before the book ended, "she grinned up at me. "you sure did. I believe you were gonna put those thrusting thighs of yours to work." Colt is our next victim, erm... main character in the next book of this series and I can't wait to see what happens to him erm... I mean what the author has in store for him.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

Our girl has a little jealousy problem, "you fed from someone you effed and you did that yesterday! The day you met me!" He lifted his hands like he was going to touch me, so I threw one of mine out, batting his away, shouting, "don't touch me!" Abel he's rough and alpha but he has a soft spot when it comes to his girl, "pussycat, effin' you hard on your knees. You think I don't know you'll give me anything?" He also likes to tell his girl what's going to happen, "it's gonna get un-shaky and I'm gonna plant my babies inside you and we're gonna have a family." He sometimes has to be firm, "Off. The. Pill," he repeated with caution, not quite as gentle, so I knew that I had to proceed with caution." Obviously Abel stands firm on what he wants. I liked this book it was better than the first one I didn't read the second one as I was naughty and saw some reviews and I was on the fence about it, but this one was really good. 

Ignited by Suzannah Daniels

You know you have a good man when chivalry isn't dead, "I held Amber's chair out for her while she sat down, and then I helped her coot up to the table." Hawk realizes he has a good woman when she shows her appreciation, "I like the way you make me feel, Hawk." I ran my hand beneath his boxers, feeling the velvet tip of his erection." Amber really realizes she has a good man when he stuffs his plate full of her cooking, "I added another ladleful. It was twice as many dumplings as I would normally start with, but I knew she'd worked hard on them. The least I could do was see that they were all eaten by the end of the meal."  I liked this book but at times I was more interested in Jace and Cade and Seren I can't wait for the next book. 

Hidden Sins by Karice Bolton

Sometimes a girl can't help but ogle her man, the trick is not to get caught and well Hannah hasn't learned that trick yet, "his eyes connected with mine, and he grinned while I flushed with heat." Hannah makes up for not knowing how to get caught in other ways, like tempting her man early in the morning, "Hannah stirred slightly, and she ran a hand down my waist, dipping lower and lower. I felt her body shudder as she started laughing. "Next time maybe you'll wear the Indiana hat?" I liked this book it wasn't all romance it had some mystery and intrigue to it. 

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Untamed by Brenda K. Davies


His entire life Ethan has been keeping his more violent urges a secret from his family. They all think he is just antisocial, what they don’t know is that every day he struggles not to give into his growing desire to kill. Looking to escape for just a little bit and hoping that a change of scenery will help him, he agrees to join Isabelle and Stefan in Bermuda.
What he doesn’t expect is for Emma to walk into his life and change it in ways that he had never anticipated. Just when he finally begins to find some peace in his life, a dangerous threat from Emma’s past arrives. Ethan is willing to do anything to keep Emma safe, even if it means giving into the brutality that he’s spent his entire life fighting against. Giving in a little though, may mean giving in for forever, if he is unable to bring himself back from the darkness that has always enticed him.
***Due to mature content and language this book is recommended for readers 18+***
The first book in this series, Awakened, is free. Each book in this series is a stand alone novel.

Also In the Series...

Awakened Book 1Destined Book 2

About the Author

Brenda K. Davies
Brenda loves to write adult paranormal and historical romantic fiction. When not with family, or out with friends, she's happy at home in Mass. with her husband, and energetic puppy Loki. She is currently working on the third Vampire Awakenings book and has a historical romance coming out later this summer.
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Although I liked Ethan Stefan is still my man,  Ethan did portray some hot alpha male-possessiveness, "did he hurt you?" Emma's eyebrows rose and even he was shocked by the growling tone of his voice as he leaned toward her."  But the boy isn't Stefan. Emma that girl sometimes just has to take action into her own hands, "...upon waking he'd been torn between taking her again and sinking his fangs into her throat. The decision had been made for him though when she'd rolled over and cupped his balls." Ethan he has some descriptive words for Brian and I laughed at them, "because he's an extremely powerful d*** and as much as I'd like to drive my fist into his face, he'll help us." It was really good to see these characters again, especially Stefan and Izzy it was great catching up with them.

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Never Surrender to a Scoundrel by Lily Dalton

To say that Clarissa's morning sickness comes at the wrong time is an understatement, "his pregnant wife's morning sickness had chosen the most inopportune time to come to life and had interrupted their lovemaking in the most unfortunate way." Dominick is one of those dirty talkin' men and I loved it, "my c*** is an impatient tyrant," he said huskily. "I can't wait any longer." On Goodreads I read the blurb and the main character was Donovan but it's actually Dominick, I also didn't take a lot of notes or highlights because I was too busy being engrossed in the book. 

Outlaw's Kiss by Nicole Snow

Brass he is one of those men who likes his woman hands on, "you know how to do this right? Put it on. I won't pass up any excuse to get your hands on my d*** again." He's also very hands on when it comes to his woman, "what time does Jackie come home?" I asked, digging my fingers into her round a**. God damn. I'd never, ever get tired of it." Like all bikers he's not very sharing when it comes to his woman, "I'm not the sharing kind of guy. Instinct tells me to rip another dude's d*** off if he even looks at what's mine, you know that?" Even though I liked Brass I actually prefer my Prairie men. I can't wait to see what Nicole comes up with next she's an always read for me and I honestly don't see that changing any time soon. 

At the Viking's Command by Anne Marsh

Tyra I loved her she was all nonchalant, "girls can tell these things." She patted him on the arm like he was the Easter Bunny and not a seven-foot-tall viking." Calder he has no filter, "you ride my mouth like a wild woman and yet you still blush." I enjoyed this book I thought the relationship moved a little too fast but then I remembered Tyra is a shifter and Calder is a viking for they do everything hardcore and extreme. I can't wait to see what brother of Calder's is up next. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Game Plan by R.L. Mathewson

There are a few things you need to know about this series one when one of these men fall for their unsuspecting female all hell breaks lose and their in it for life, and two anything to do with food these men are all on it, "it's nothing special," she said, watching as Danny tore back the aluminum foil. "It's just a meatloaf dinner." All the men in this series are just funny, "it's really not nice leading guys on, Tinkerbelle," he said in a chiding tone as he climbed off the bed." Jodi has two issues one when given medicine the girl goes bats*** cray cray and two you don't mess with her man she'll get even, "she beat the s*** out of your brothers," Greg clarified with a huge s***-eating grin." This series keeps getting better and better with each book this author puts out, she's on my one-click list.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Step Brother Billionaire by Colleen Masters

I had high expectations for this book, and for Emerson himself Colleen's male heros are known for their alphaness but Emerson just didn't have that quality. I mean the boy knows what he's doing in the bedroom, "that's right," he murmurs, his voice low and hoarse, "I love it when you tell me what you want." And he has those caring qualities I like but he just wasn't alpha enough for me. This book did disappoint me a little I was truly expecting more. 

Soldier Mine by Lizzy Ford

Petr (yes I spelled his name correctly) is really a patient kind hearted man and must have been taught those who wait get rewarded big, "no rush. I've been waiting for you to talk to me for two weeks." He smiles warmly. "I'm not about to go anywhere now." Having one leg will hurt a guy's ego, or just keep him cautious, "all right." My hands are clammy as I unbutton my jeans. "You may see more than my leg," I say with a grin, unable to control the erection straining my jeans." I liked this book it was emotional and two characters needed to overcome....well I should say three characters there is Todd, but mainly Petr and Claudia they both had emotional boundaries and trust issues that needed to be worked out and learning to trust each other. 

King of Prey by Mandy M. Roth

Kabril was an interesting character and I loved him he's not really known to be patient and doesn't understand the human ways since he doesn't live in that realm, "I choose this one. She is most pleasing to the eye and..." His gaze slid lower, "...will birth fine sons. She will make a perfect queen." He often doesn't have to wait for what he wants and just takes it, "good. I would have challenged him for your hand." I really liked this book it was funny and seeing Kabril adapt to the human lifestyle was an amusement. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Men of Steel Family by MJ Fields

It's great to see the Steel family again and one thing never changes about these men and that's their horniess for their women and Cyrus I think is the naughtiest of them all Zando is the kinkiest but Cyrus is the naughtiest, "your hand is stroking my c*** Birdie." With her other hand she grabbed my balls and gave them a tug. "And now you got me by the balls." Xavier I think is the most possessive in the family especially when it comes to his woman and her having pain, "I tore a** out of that room and yelled towards the nurse's station, "we need some drugs up in here!" It was really great to see this family again and see what they've been up to. 

Highland Burn by Victoria Zak

I love me some highland, scottish men and them being dragon shifters is the cherry on my ice cream sundae. James his sense of humor isn't all that great when his woman has bruises on her arse, "och, lass, don't cry." James wipes a tear from her cheek. "Ye have the finest arse I've ever seen." He smirked." When a man is in dragon form and his woman is next to him you have to approach with caution, "James began to growl when Magnus approached them. Even though he treaded softly, dragons were extremely possessive of their mates." When James and Abigale are really comfortable with each other those two are well really comfortable with each other, "och lass, yer hands dinnae need to stay idle." He'd wriggled his brows. "Ye can do the Devil's work on my body any time ye want." I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series. 

Taming the Viking's Dragon by Shawntelle Madison

I liked this book I've never really read books about dragon riders so it was a new experience for me. Steinn he likes to push buttons, "so if I kiss your neck again, will you place my hand elsewhere?" he asked, his voice low and silky." He's a very dominant man where his girl is concerned, "I want to mark you as mine right here," he breathed." I liked how the dragon had his own voice, and how irritated Steinn could sometimes get with him, "the dragon winked at her. "Ladies first." Steinn got on and couldn't resist mumbling about damn effing stubborn lizards." I can't wait to see if this author does anything for the other dragon riders. 

A Christmas Wedding by Jennifer Lewis

These alpha men don't like our western traditions when it comes to not seeing the bride the night and sometimes day before the wedding, "some traditions are worth keep. Others are foolish habits that are best discarded." Zadir that boy doesn't care who sees him do what when he wants his woman he wants his woman, "I don't care what they saw." Zadir's eyes flashed. "A man should be able to make love to his own wife." I liked this book I love quick holiday reads with alpha men who'd do anything for their women. 

Sawyer Beckett's Baby Mama Drama: Guide for Dummies by S.E. Hall

Sometimes men just need another man's insight on pregnancy and although I'm not pregnant or a man Sawyer's insight is really helpful. It's a quick read that will take five or ten minutes and he hits all the coming up subjects your girl is going to go through, "your pregnant angel is going to pi** a lot more than a lot." I think all men who are going to be fathers should give this a quick read.

Private Internship by Kitsy Clare

Caz that boy knows how to surprise his woman, "you look great, too," he quips and leans in for a kiss. I'm too shocked to stop him. And the kiss is spicy." Sienna is a hands on girl, "I'm going in for hard evidence," I say, running my hand down the fabric of his boxers- and oh, it is hard indeed." Caz is not one of those people who likes to wait for his woman so he's always dramatic when she makes him wait, "he groans. "You're torturing me. My balls will be bluer than hell by then. I need to touch your beautiful naked body." I really enjoyed this book it was different, entertaining, and unique. 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fury of Obsession by Coreene Callahan

First off the guy on the cover reminds me of 'MTV's Teen Wolf' Derek Hale, huge points right there. Venom the boy is half dragon so of course he's going to be protective by nature, "brushing his thumb over the nicks on her arm, Venom bit down on a snarl. "Is someone threatening you?" He also has a loving nature that only seems to come out when his woman is around, "his mouth curved. "Any time you want, mazleiha. Say the word, and I'll take you there. Make you come so hard, you scream my name." I enjoyed this book I love seeing alpha men calmed and controlled with their women it's always fun to unravel and read. 

Compromising Kessen by Rachel Van Dyken

I loved this book I loved Kessen that girl is a nut job and was funny as hell, "don't make me your enemy, Christian...Christian...whatever your last name is!" She pointed her finger in his direction." Christian and her go head to head all the time and it's freakin' amusing to see it all play out, "I guess I'll have to be the one to do this, then." He took a deep breath and started, "sometimes when a boy and girl meet, they find each other - how shall I put it? Oh, yes - attractive. And sometimes, when the boy and girl get close things happen and-" He's just as saucy as she is, "perfect timing." He passed her and slapped her on the butt." Christian can be accommodating at times, "her gaze traveled across his broad chest down to his abdominals. "If you want me to take off my shirt, you can just ask, Kessen." I really loved this book and Kessen was truly a character. 

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole

The blurb had me intrigued and it reminded me of Tara Brown's 'Born' series so I couldn't wait to jump in and see what was going to happen. Rest assured it's nothing like Tara's books the blurb just reminded me of her books, I loved Gabriel right off that boy is intense, "oh, I wasn't making a suggestion." He walked back toward the kitchen, as if that was the end of the discussion." He's learning to follow his heart and not his head all the time, "good ideas be damned. Next time, if you want there to be a next time, I'm not stopping until I make you scream." Gabriel is one of those people who can read your damn thoughts and doesn't want Arden to feel bad for their relationship, "once again I felt like an interloper, but this time an interloper who was banging my hosts' son. "My girlfriend," Gabriel said, and hugged me tighter." The next book in this series, even though I really want to find out what happens I may have to skip I'm thinking it's going to be m/m from what I got out of the bonus excerpt. 

All Fired Up by Madelynne Ellis

Ash and Ginny are back, and HOLY CLIFFHANGER! Just a little FYI for readers out there. Ash is still unfiltered, "he hasn't. He really hasn't. Now, are you trying to get me off or make my d*** shrivel?" He is such a giver when it comes to gifts, well let's be honest this gift he's getting his woman is also gonna benefit him, "accept it, say thanks, and you can eff me outside round the corner if you feel you need to express any more gratitude than that." We do see a change in Ash this time around he's more focused on Ginny and just more attentive and caring I would say, "see you later tonight. See if you can track down your luggage, otherwise-" he handed over his credit card, and whispered the pin into her ear "-treat yourself. Hell, treat yourself anyway." The cliffhanger really left me wanting to know what is going to happen next. 

Beyond Chance by Karice Bolton

When not being able to see each other for three weeks Brandy sure knows how to entice her man, "trouble?" he asked. "What kind of trouble could you possibly get me in?" I ran my hand along his thigh, and he let out a low groan as he leaned into the seat." I had some doubts about Aaron in this book, I didn't like the secret that boy kept and neither did Brandy, but he redeemed himself when he changes the thing that his woman didn't like, "the only way I understand to deal with a problem is to solve it, fix it. That's what I do. You told me you didn't like me talking to her, so I stopped. I don't know what else you want me to do." In the end things worked out as always for these two, it's that damn communication that gets them, but I'm glad they worked through it and I was glad to see the other happy couples as well for an update, but I'm ready to meet some new characters Karice can we introduce some new ones into the fold?

Savor by Xavier Neal

Apparently Logan has issues where his furniture is concerned one chair in particular, "defensively, Logan folds his arms across his chest and glares at Tony. "What the eff are you doing in my chair?" He's still romantic in his own weird, strange way, "baby, I've taken down fighters twice as heavy as you." I assure her as I head us towards the couch. "And right now, the only thing I am worried about is how long until I am balls deep inside your beautiful body." I honestly can't wait for C.J's book, "C.J. smirks proudly. "Nothing to be ashamed of, Erin. I'll let you call me daddy if you want." I'm glad Logan was smart enough to get his head out of his a** before it was too late. I can't wait to see what Erin and C.J. bring to the table. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mending Scars by Brandy L. Rivers

Sometimes words aren't enough for Dacia so Preston has to let his body do the talking, "that's not a problem for me. I want you, not what you are." He shifted his hips, pressing his straining length against her, proving he wanted her again." Preston is a man and he can only take so much of Dacia tempting him, "you being nude in front of me is a recipe for a smoking time." He's the type of man you want waking up beside you he's caring and likes to take care of his woman, "doesn't make it any easier." He sighed and took the loofah from her. "I'm supposed to be cleaning you, not the other way around." Although I loved the other books in this series this one was my favorite I had been waiting for Preston to get a book for what seems like a damn eternity. 

Forever his Baby by Morgana Phoenix

Honestly I'm not sure why I was nervous going into this book, this author always does an outstanding job, I think it was the blurb the way I read it, the blurb made it sound like a love triangle but that was not the case and I was really pleased with that. There was no competition on whether I was Team Cole or Team Sloan from page one it was Team Sloan, the man may be a dark, and broody S.O.B. at times but he's honorable and will do anything to protect his family, "he's my blood," Sloan said very slowly, very carefully. "And I take care of what's mine, Lily." Once Lily and Sloan got on the same page the ball got to rolling and it was a fun journey with these two, "his hands replaced hers on her hips and he lifted her onto the table. The cup of pens toppled over. Pens spilled to the floor. Neither noticed. "I'm saying you've never looked so sexy." I hadn't really noticed any sex scenes from this author's books before or I should say I can't remember reading any and she did a great job with the intimacy with Lily and Sloan, "do you feel that?" He ground the outline of his erection into the stiff seam of her pants and earned a throat moan in return. "The only thing I care about is getting that inside of you." I'm hoping this author does a story on Cole I want to know what goes on from when the book ends and the epilogue. 

The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London

This was a quick read and I liked the story behind it a girl trying to find her own way and listen to her heart, of course Des being in the book helped me love it a lot more, "I did invite you back to my place because I wanted to sleep with you." He can be quite accommodating that man, "you want to see me naked, do you?" His tone was teasing, but he immediately complied." I really enjoyed this book and it was a quick read as well.

Foolproof by Jennifer Blackwood

I really loved this book Ryan had no filter in him what so ever, "you don't know how bad I want to bend you over this counter right now." I mean he just says how he feels, "I've been thinking about you since last night." He ran his hand over my thigh and gripped my hip tightly. "You're driving me insane. Next time you stick your a** in front of me, I won't hesitate to take you right there." The innuendos in this book were funny and I loved reading them, "as you've seen, my rod is more than capable." To emphasize, he grinded his erection into my hip." I really did enjoy this book. 

Pretty Smart Girls by Shae Ross

Jett he knows how way around the rules, "I'm forbidden from asking you out while the competition is going on, but the week is coming to a close." He's smiling at me as if he's about to hand me a trophy. "I want to take you out after the competition ends." He's a generous man as well, "hey, if we can spend five grand on a pair of underwear. I'd like to think we can all man up and spend it on a friend in need." I really liked this book it reminded me of those game shows, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, and other ones that won't come to my mind right now. I'm hoping the other girls in this book get a story of their own. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Untouchables by J.J. McAvoy

I've been waiting for this book since the last one ended and I should have waited a bit before reading this because I didn't see that ending coming, and it's going to be a long wait the third and final installment I think. We already knew that Liam and Melody had a unique and different relationship and honestly I loved that relationship, and Liam you can't help but fall in love with him all over again, "I cupped his a**. "Love, if you wanted me, all you had to do was say so." He smirked before winking." Melody we also know is a terrifying woman who likes to get her way, and sometimes Liam has no problems with how she gets her way, "you grabbed my c***. You may as well have jumped me." I'm hoping J.J. writes fast and gets that third book out. 

Pretty Shameless by Jodi Linton

Gunner is slowly learning how to weasel his way out of the doghouse with his woman, "no," he replied, defensively. "Okay, fine. I should've called. I know that much. And let me say I'm sorry I didn't answer any of your texts." He also is all charm, "yep." His slow, lazy grin widened, sending my lady parts humming. "And maybe some hot, sweaty sex, if the night plays in your favor, cowgirl." This time around Jodi left us a little surprise at the end a cliffhanger! I wasn't pleased but I'm eagerly waiting for the next book.

Tempting the Pirate by Tamara Hughes

I always love a man who's willing to offer his services, "you're sure? My kisses have been known to soothe and heal." And he'd be most willing to tend to her finger with a kiss, a nuzzle, a caress." I loved James for a pirate he was so gentle and caring and just sweet on Charity, "let it be known that I have no regrets." He swept his lips over hers once again. "You are the most desirable woman I've ever met. If I must be distracted from my purpose, I can think of no better reason." This book was an adventure and James was just the cherry on top. 

Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

There were times I felt sorry for Phillip I mean Adele is a high strong girl, "you've made your feelings perfectly clear, madam." His voice was low, tight. "I will take my leave now. I would not wish to bore you with my presence any longer than necessary." Alright it's not all Adele's fault the boy does need to loosen up a little. He's caring and I really loved that about Phillip and the way he talks about sex with his girl is really gentlemanly, "after you passed out from sensual bliss, I dressed and found that maid. Asked her if she could at least wash out the sand, that I'd our clothes outside the hall." Phillip gets so loosened up that when he's around Adele he forgets where he is and I have to say I have added another thing to do on my naughty list, sex in a hot air balloon, "Christ, Adele!" He gripped the basket's edge and her hip and pumped into her faster and faster." I can't wait to see if this author writes another book maybe Rex will get a story. 

Impulse Control by Amanda Usen

Russ he's hot with a capital H, "because you seem to have some serious misapprehensions about what men find attractive, and I dare you to let me set you straight." Russ is more efficient at showing than telling, "no, I'm the guy on top of you, hard as a rock, and there's no doubt in my mind I can make you like sex." He rolled his hips against hers. "Why don't you?" Susannah is also the showing type of girl, "nope." She hooked her heels behind his back and pulled him between her thighs. "I want the Wild Man." I really enjoyed this book it was a fun read and I loved when Susannah and Russ went tit for tat.

Her Backup Boyfriend by Ashlee Mallory

This book was alright, I mean it didn't really burn a hole through my panties like other books do. I loved Dominic that boy has eyes in the back of his head, "how long you going to stand there checking me out? I warned you it wasn't going to be pretty." Kate to me was just a cold, distant person it wasn't until the end when her head gets out of her butt that I liked her. All I can say is Dominic is a Godsend because I wouldn't have put up with what he did. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Her Sexy Sentinel by Jenn Burke

A drunk Derrick is full of information, "I wanted to make love to you that night," he admitted, his voice dropping an octave. "So damned bad." Once Derrick got his head out of his a** and took a chance on Callie it was hot:
        "Just because he wakes up hungry doesn't mean you have to feed him right away." 
        "I know. I've tried to tell him that." He thrust his hips forward, reveling in the feel of his more-than-half-hard d*** rubbing against her perfect curves. "He doesn't listen." 
I really liked this book it was different take on magical elements. 

Coming Home by Rebecca Brooke

A little update on Danielle and Tanner they are still very much in love, and forget where they are when making out, "my eyes darted around and went wide when they saw the inside of the diner, where I had practically attacked him." Danielle's secret was predictable I thought. I kept waiting for something really bad to happen like in book one but I was relieved when it didn't. I enjoyed getting an update on these two, I'm hoping Tanner's army buddies get a story, they seemed like interesting characters.