Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finding Gavin by C.A. Harms

Since we met Gavin in 'Forgiving Reed' he had me intrigued, he's captured my heart, and at times pi**ed me off so I was excited that he was getting his own book, personally if the boy would have been honest and upfront I think things would have went differently. Once all the drama was over in this book I actually loved the relationship him and Maria had, "I boosted her up by placing my hand on her bottom. "Well, if you wanted to touch my a**, all you had to do was ask, handsome." If you haven't read 'Forgiving Reed' then I'm not sure, well actually I am sure you're not in on the joke 'thrusting thighs' between Maria and Kori, I was wondering when it was going to come into play and the author didn't disappoint me she snuck that in there before the book ended, "she grinned up at me. "you sure did. I believe you were gonna put those thrusting thighs of yours to work." Colt is our next victim, erm... main character in the next book of this series and I can't wait to see what happens to him erm... I mean what the author has in store for him.

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