Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Duke In My Bed by Amelia Grey

Historical romances can be either a hit or miss for me and this was a hit! Bray I loved that man he's so passionate and apparently Louisa is the perfect girl to put all that passion into, "open your mouth and taste me, Louisa," he whispered. Unsure what he meant, she stiffened. "No, don't shy from me now." I mean he's just so full of passion that his clothes don't come off all the way, "I wish we could, but there is no time for me to undress tonight. We must make do. Help me unbutton my trousers and slide them down my hips." Having five younger sisters make for awkward situations especially for Bray when he's not used to having all the little women around, "damnation," Bray mumbled under his breath. He'd barely gotten his trousers buttoned." I really enjoyed this book. 

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