Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Slade by Teresa Gabelman

Each book in this series gets better and better I thought Sid was my favorite but Slade has just passed him in the rankings. Slade that boy's wanders on Jill a lot, "okay, that was a effing lie. He'd give his left nut to see her before him completely naked." He has issues with his body parts when it comes to Jill, "once she turned, he adjusted his jeans; his d*** didn't get the memo from his brain about not being interested." He always keeps his gun in range for when things get interrupted, "Slade shielded Jill as he grabbed for his gun he had within reach. Turning he aimed it right between Sid's eyes. "Get the eff out of here." Slade roared his rage at being interrupted." A drunk Jill makes for a fun time for Slade, "looking up at Slade, she smiled. "You are a hot-a** man, you know that, Doctor Slade Buchanan. How about me and you forget about all this nonsense and -" Slade once the word is about him and Jill he has no issues showing PDA, "Slade smacked her a** making her yelp. "You could never be a pain in my a**." I can't wait for the next book in this series. 

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