Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Compromising Kessen by Rachel Van Dyken

I loved this book I loved Kessen that girl is a nut job and was funny as hell, "don't make me your enemy, Christian...Christian...whatever your last name is!" She pointed her finger in his direction." Christian and her go head to head all the time and it's freakin' amusing to see it all play out, "I guess I'll have to be the one to do this, then." He took a deep breath and started, "sometimes when a boy and girl meet, they find each other - how shall I put it? Oh, yes - attractive. And sometimes, when the boy and girl get close things happen and-" He's just as saucy as she is, "perfect timing." He passed her and slapped her on the butt." Christian can be accommodating at times, "her gaze traveled across his broad chest down to his abdominals. "If you want me to take off my shirt, you can just ask, Kessen." I really loved this book and Kessen was truly a character. 

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