Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Barred by Paisley Walker

Hot, hot, hot not sure who I loved more Jonathon, or Emerson at times it was Kim. I actually think I loved all three characters equally Jonathon he's the more easy-going one, "you won't go to jail. We won't let that happen." He then leans into her, close enough to where she is the only one who can hear him. "We both like effing you too much to have you in jail." Actually that might have been Emerson that said that I was quite lost on who was talking dirty in that conversation, but hey it was still hot. But I do know Jonathon isn't afraid to kiss his woman after her going down on him, "well, they are effing crazy. I'm not afraid of my own d***." He smiles, kissing her again. "Hell, it's effing hot." Emerson is the uptight stick-up-his-a** man, "she doesn't have an agreement with me. Either you come, or you're going to jail." You can tell it's hard being away from Emerson and Kim when Jonathon is away, but he's a true trooper, "other than me standing in my bathroom naked? Nope, don't know how to make her case any better." Emerson slowly loosens up and well doesn't have a stick-up-his-a** when he realizes that everyone is having feelings for everyone, "you could lose the thong if you wanted." Emerson says, walking into the room." Jonathon I like his tactics to keeping his woman safe and happy, "baby." He walks over to her, putting his hands on hers, resting on her hips. "No one will be looking down on you because I will punch them right in the effing throat. You are beautiful, Kimberly and if they don't think so, well quite frankly they can eff off." I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next, I generally try to stay away from m/m/f books because they can turn out to be love triangles and I hate those but this one surprised me. 

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