Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen

Love the cover, Jessica always has hot covers for her books it's one of the things that draws me to read her books. Ayden that boy has some issues and there are times he's nonchalant and I love those times, I find it cute, "when was I avoiding you?" I ask, fiddling with the drawstring on my own shorts." Lyric is Micha's daughter through and through, that girl will protect her man, who's not really her man yet, but I'm sure as the series goes on we'll get there, "I threw a basketball at his face." She winks at me. "I told you I got your back, dude." I wouldn't really call it sexual tension between these two but there is something there and at times I was just thinking sleep together already make it official get together. I was pleasantly pleased with the ending yes there's a cliffhanger but I was happy with how Lyric and Ayden were in their relationship if you call it that. 

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