Monday, December 22, 2014

Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

There were times I felt sorry for Phillip I mean Adele is a high strong girl, "you've made your feelings perfectly clear, madam." His voice was low, tight. "I will take my leave now. I would not wish to bore you with my presence any longer than necessary." Alright it's not all Adele's fault the boy does need to loosen up a little. He's caring and I really loved that about Phillip and the way he talks about sex with his girl is really gentlemanly, "after you passed out from sensual bliss, I dressed and found that maid. Asked her if she could at least wash out the sand, that I'd our clothes outside the hall." Phillip gets so loosened up that when he's around Adele he forgets where he is and I have to say I have added another thing to do on my naughty list, sex in a hot air balloon, "Christ, Adele!" He gripped the basket's edge and her hip and pumped into her faster and faster." I can't wait to see if this author writes another book maybe Rex will get a story. 

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