Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mending Scars by Brandy L. Rivers

Sometimes words aren't enough for Dacia so Preston has to let his body do the talking, "that's not a problem for me. I want you, not what you are." He shifted his hips, pressing his straining length against her, proving he wanted her again." Preston is a man and he can only take so much of Dacia tempting him, "you being nude in front of me is a recipe for a smoking time." He's the type of man you want waking up beside you he's caring and likes to take care of his woman, "doesn't make it any easier." He sighed and took the loofah from her. "I'm supposed to be cleaning you, not the other way around." Although I loved the other books in this series this one was my favorite I had been waiting for Preston to get a book for what seems like a damn eternity. 

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