Friday, December 26, 2014

Soldier Mine by Lizzy Ford

Petr (yes I spelled his name correctly) is really a patient kind hearted man and must have been taught those who wait get rewarded big, "no rush. I've been waiting for you to talk to me for two weeks." He smiles warmly. "I'm not about to go anywhere now." Having one leg will hurt a guy's ego, or just keep him cautious, "all right." My hands are clammy as I unbutton my jeans. "You may see more than my leg," I say with a grin, unable to control the erection straining my jeans." I liked this book it was emotional and two characters needed to overcome....well I should say three characters there is Todd, but mainly Petr and Claudia they both had emotional boundaries and trust issues that needed to be worked out and learning to trust each other. 

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