Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bounty by Kristen Ashley

Deke doesn't like being unprepared, he learns from that mistake, “shower,” he grunted suddenly. “Condoms,” he went on. His mouth touched mine, “Lots of those effers.” Deke's comebacks are the ****, "Deke stayed where he was but his attention came back to my face. “Then don’t wear *** that’s gonna make me fight gettin’ hard when the boys are horking back pizza in your kitchen.” In his own macho way Deke could be sweet, “Jussy, I got a ***k and that ***k likes to be in you. You show skin, it reminds me, and specifically my ***k, how good that skin feels, and tastes, by the way, which reminds me how much better you feel inside.” I loved Deke I loved this book, I loved its characters.

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