Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Misplaced Princess by Mari Carr & Lexxie Couper

Hunter he's a bit rough around the edges, "he'd been worked up and horny as s*** after his encounter with the blonde in the bar. What he told her was different, he tried not to wince at his own cocky, arrogant tone. "When a pretty broad throws herself at me, I'm not likely to refuse." He likes to see logic in every situation he's in, "why not? What's a bikini if not a bra and undies? Of course, if you prefer, skinny-dipping works too. I just figured you might be a bit modest." When a man walks in on a woman during a certain situation of course it's his job to remedy her pain, "I meant what I said. I'm not going to eff you, Annie, but I'm not blind. My timing was about as bad as it can get. I'm going to make up for that." He pulled the sheet away from her body." He's also quite the bossy man when it comes to sleeping arrangements, "I think you should start spending your nights - and even some of your days - in my bed." I liked this book and I can't wait for Dylan's story.

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