Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remy by Katy Evans

Things in Remington's point of view are much more interesting, everything still revolves around Brooke, "I will see you walk up to me, baby. I just want to see you now too. Open the door and I'll do your buttons." I loved being inside his head, "now my life revolves around this dimpled squirrel, who pukes on all my eff T-shirts, and my Brooke. And, god, where do I start with her?" Remy we learn the boy gets a hard-on whenever Brooke walks into a room, or when he even thinks about his little firecracker, "the thought of Brooke getting all protective over me makes me feel doubly protective of her, and half-crazed with the urge to claim her." He still has that damn temper, "protecting you is my privilege. I will protect you and anything that you value as if it were my mine." When he's away from Brooke to long you don't go near those two, especially when they have just gotten hitched, "I'll send those effing buttons flying." My mouth waters as I drag my thumbs down her cheeks. "And I'm going to feast on you like a effing banquet." I want Riley and Pete to get a story. 

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