Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two Week Trial by Missy Jane

Devon he's just a sweetheart, "screw the money, Mari. I'm not concerned about that. Please, sweetheart. Just tell me what's wrong." He loves to take care of his woman, "holding you, baby. I'll feed you breadsticks until we get to your place." He doesn't make fun of her for the naughty dreams she has, "no problem, sweetheart. That must've been one hell of a dream. I'd be jealous if it wasn't my name you were calling out." Mari that girl she gets distracted easily when Devon is in the room, "my eyes were on his crotch when he said that and I blinked to refocus my train of thought. "What?" He just wants to make his girl happy, "absolutely. One day at a time with you here in my bed every night. You'll work for me in the morning and go to school in the afternoon. I'll take care of everything baby, and you most of all. Okay?" I wish there was more story, and more issues in the story it kinda seemed all lovey dovey which is alright I just wanted some more action. 

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