Friday, November 22, 2013

Embrace by S.E. Hall

Embrace starts off right where Emerge left off and Sawyer I loved that boy and I honestly can't wait for his book, he gives the BEST birthday advice to Laney, "wrap your naked self in a bow and blow his candle out." Dane can read right through Laney and I think that it's a great aspect to have in a relationship, "I mean," he runs his nose the length of mine, blanketing our bodies together, that I don't like it when you lie to me." When a certain tragedy strikes Dane is right there to pick Laney up when she needs it, "come on, baby." Dane bends down and scoops me up I don't know how much later. "You're gonna wait in bed while I run you a hot bath. I got us almost packed; we fly out soon." He carried me to the bed and tucks me in with a kiss to the forehead. "Be right back." Evan he's a good guy and he can get mean when his emotions are high, he was a nice enough character but he wasn't Dane he wasn't my pookie-kin, "Whitley, you don't have to stand beside me just because he's standing beside her. It's not a competition." I know this was supposed to be Whitley and Evan's story but I was more focused on Dane and Laney, especially Laney's naughty ways, "put your hands behind your head," I trace one finger under his boys, back to front, "move them and I stop. Understand?" 

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