Friday, November 22, 2013

See How She Fights by Michelle Graves

So before reading the book Michelle and I talked and she warned me that this was more fantasy than romance, but that woman is seriously off her dang rocker! There was LOADS of romance! I missed my Kennan he's such an affectionate person, "he pulled me against his body and nuzzled my neck. "Woman, you better be waking me up for a good reason. You know I don't do mornings," he groused." He's still the same worrywart that he was in book one I'm telling you what this man was in the damn boy scouts, "what? I like to be prepared. I don't know how long we will be gone. I am not even sure where we will be going. Don't judge me, woman!" He's also not a man to be played with ladies, "you keep touching me like that and we won't be going anywhere," he growled. My stomach responded with it's own growl." Ian, I loved him loads as well and I really think Molly and him need a damn novella or a spin off series needs to happen, "she is mine," Ian practically growled. Molly punched him in his stomach before sticking her hand out to introduce herself." 

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