Thursday, November 28, 2013

Self Destruct by K.D. Carrillo

Aiden when we first meet him you can tell right off what a good guy he is, "sweetheart, you were one of those people tonight. You would have let me take you anyway I wanted to with a room full of witnesses. Promise me to be a little less trusting. You're safe with me, but that might not be true of the next guy who leads you out of a party into the dark." Jeremy you got to love him, and it's always up to him to put things in perspective, "relax Aiden. You really need to figure this sh** out. You're acting like a jealous protective a**hole. You. Have. A. Girlfriend. Vanessa, remember her? If you want Becca, dump Vanessa. If you choose Vanessa, then leave Becca alone." Becca really knows how to turn her man on, "when we get back to Ellensburg I'm going to get on the pill. I believe it takes a month for it to start working." She answered. Oh, that did not help me reverse my blood flow back towards my other appendages." When Aiden and Becca are together they're so at ease with each other, "enough you two. Jeremy, go talk to your new friend. And Red, I would be more than happy to show you my package in private." I suggested." 

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