Friday, November 29, 2013

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Freakin' aye Jack, I'm not sure what I should do love you, hate you, kick your a**, kick Selena's a**, make you see reason! So I think right now with how the book ended and what events took place I'll have to say I hate to love you. "You're laughing at me?" He clenched those big, taped fists like he was just dying to hit something. Most likely my face." You're a sneaky little devil as well Jack, "huh? I wasn't wearing anything pink. Nothing but my bra - He'd been looking over my shoulder, straight down my top! Did he have no boundaries?"  I mean he does have some manners, "where I come from, a man carries a woman's things 'cause it's polite - and to let other beaux know she's taken. Has anyone ti know you belong to him?" He'd also do anything to protect Evie, "I'm goan to top off every container I can find with fuel or water. Goan to rummage for weapons and a few tools. And you better be packed, ready to go. Just in case." Also he's just frustrating and maybe Evie is starting to get some jealousy issues, "he was letting her. Just an hour ago, he'd been trying to sleep with me. Now here he was getting drunk with this strange girl in the moonlight." I hope to hell there's not many books in this series because I'm not sure how many cliffhangers I can handle. And I really want Selena to die, it's alright Evie I'll hate her enough for the both of us.

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