Friday, November 29, 2013

The Proposition by H.M. Ward

Um... Bryan is nothing like Sean and in all honesty Bryan makes Sean look like a damn saint. Hallie's current boyfriend Neil he's just wow kick him in the nuts, "that's not passion, sweetie. It's morally devoid to go at it like beasts. You're a smart woman, does it really appeal to you to act like a mindless animal?" Bryan he just needs to grow on me because right now all I see in him is a**hole, "don't pull that s***, Hallie. It's way past that point and we both know it. You used me and I'm returning the favor." He makes Hallie seem like she's going to be a slave/dog it's like when he says jump she jumps or else, "I say lots of things, but since you're here, let's be more upfront with my intentions. You come to me when I call for you and your secrets stay quiet. You can go on telling your lies and I won't say a damn thing." Of course when the man is getting some and getting his way like all other men he is sweet, "you like that idea, belonging to me. Being mine in every conceivable way." At first I only meet his gaze. "Answer me." Yeah he needs to grow on me I'm not seeing any redeeming qualities in his a** that I like all he has going for him is the looks.

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