Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Forbidden by Tina Smith

Even at the end of the book, where the damn ending was which I hated I still don't know if I'm team Reid or Team Sky. Reid he's a flirty fellow, "we can entertain you," he said confidently and started off towards the others at the rope. He looked back at me over his shoulder; his tan forehead wrinkled above two black brows. "You want to watch?" I'm not sure if he's protective of Lila or if he has different motives, "hey, it's okay, you're with us now, and I'll make sure you're okay. Look, please don't tell anyone what she did?" he asked. "They'll drag her off to a mental hospital." Then there was Sky who I loved, "more like us," he replied. "Maybe we should keep it tame for today, play it down a bit." I must have looked devastated. He quickly added. "It's just while we're here. Unless you don't want to." When Lila and Sky are together I love it they're drawn to each other, "I have to shave it almost twice a day." He grabbed my hand gently and pulled me close again and the electricity coursed through us, our bodies pulsed against each other."

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