Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sergei by Roxie Rivera

Sergei is well he's a naughty boy, "when I eff you from behind, I'm going to make sure I leave my handprint right here." Out of all the books in this series so far this one is my favorite. Bianca I think she likes how well equipped her man is, "she sifted her fingers through the nest of curls there before grasping the base of his di**. "Look at how big you are, Sergei." It amazed me at how honest Sergei was with Bianca, "I don't want any woman but you, Bianca. Sometimes I have to go places that aren't very nice to conduct business, but I'm not interested in anything those women have to offer." He's also a very dominant man, "so what's the problem? I want to go out. You want to go out. I made plans. It's done." He also likes to get his woman gifts, I love him for that, "from now on, I buy all of your sexy, pretty things, okay? If there's anything else in your closet or drawers, get rid of it." 

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