Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Waking Moon by T.J. McGuinn

The author doesn't waste anytime, or beat around the bush for the action which I really loved and appreciated! The ending I didn't really like, but I supposed it was sort of happy but I just didn't like it and I wish I could explain why but that would give it away. Rhodes he's adorable, but he's just not Jack, "I think we should, you know, hang out sometime. Maybe watch a movie at my house. My parents are pretty hands-off people." Jack I really did love him, "Jack's eyes widened. "Paulie," he whispered. "My God, I've been looking everywhere for you." And Sampson the wise old man sometimes has to put things in perspective for Paulie, "sweetheart, let me tell you should fear the taxman. You should fear the policeman. You should fear the crazy man. But have no fear of the dead man. Especially this one, who is as smitten with you as a dopey puppy." 

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