Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wrecked by Priscilla West

This book was emotional but Hunter that hunk of love is something else, "eff the dorms, you'll be frozen stiff by the time you get there. My place is just past that trail." He pointed to a jogging trail leading into the forest. "Let's go there and get you warmed up first. Get us both warmed up." Sometimes Hunter kinda says the wrong things, "why are you freaking out about staying over at my place? Just because you stayed over doesn't mean anything." Lorrie the girl does have a jealous side to her, even though she thinks she doesn't, "wow, now you have two accolades; not only do you apparently have the biggest co** on campus, you're also the most insensitive guy on campus! I was pi**ed at those girls before, but now I'm starting to feel bad for them. You used them." Hunter has uncontrollable body urges around his girl, "I know," he groaned softly. "I'm sorry. I'm getting a boner around you again. I can't help myself..." He doesn't like other things touching Lorrie and that includes loofahs, "that loofah is a bas****." He growled. "Lemme keep you company." He tore off his clothes and hopped into the shower with me." I'm so ready for book 2. 

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