Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Kalli by Rebecca Berto

Oh sweet Jesus, Nate you sexy thing I love you, "he works his jaw and it's so damn distracting I can't tell which part of my body he's staring at, until he takes my gaze. Then I know. Me, just me. "well if you want to have sex with me just say the word." Don't worry Kalli if Nate said that to me I'd be all over him like a fat kid on cake (winks). He tries to be a gentlemen he really does but with sparks flying between him and Kalli it's really hard, "as I'm about to ask why he's ignoring me, he stands up, his hands moving away from his crotch. Although I don't 'do' private settings, this is definitely too public for what I need to do to him. "Just needed to make an adjustment." When Kalli and Nate are together it really is perfect, "bringing my hands to his neck, I fan out my fingers, keeping my touch light, yet whole, possessive yet wanting. He's mine." I loved this book!

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