Saturday, November 30, 2013

Infinity Unleashed by Sedona Venez

Book 2 starts off where book 1 ended and let me tell you Infinity doesn't disappoint with her bada** attitude, "eff you. I was going for your eyes. Give me a few more minutes, and I'll make sure you'll never be able to procreate again." I eyed his manhood pointedly." Mason I thought he was... well he's bossy, and mean, and I don't like him and when he's being nice it means there's something he wants, "you left me no choice, Ice Princess. You threatened to harm the family jewels and I can't have that. I need it in top-working condition to create all those babies I intend on having with you." he snapped." Boulder my heart is with him he's so protective, "he wanted to hurt them like they hurt his woman." And it's good to know that Infinity still can get a rise out of him (physically that is), "Infinity's sweet voice wrapped him, making his inner beast crawl. He couldn't help the smile when she called him by her nickname for him. Big Red. He would show her the meaning of big in a minute." Ready for book 3!

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