Monday, November 18, 2013

Tell Me Why by Sydney Snow

What an emotional book, and I really mean that in a good way! Anna she's always one for compromise, "okay. I promise. At least until your tests come back. Then we'll talk contraceptives." Caleb is honest (about some things) but when it comes to his feelings about Anna it's all laid out on the table, "long enough to have been mentally unfaithful to the last several girls I've dated. It was always you in my mind when I was with them." He stands up for his girl not taking crap from anyone, "Anna's my girlfriend; so get used to seeing her around a lot more." Anna doesn't like the choice of exercise Caleb chooses so Caleb has to explain certain things to his girl, "I have other ways of exercising - ways that I really enjoy, but you told me I had to wait a week before I could do them. So, I had to come up with a plan B." Also he's nothing but if not accommodating to his girl, "kneeling upright, I undid the button on my jeans and started unzipping my pants, mare than happy to accommodate her." 

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