Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Thrill of It by Lauren Blakely

Trey he's such a naughty boy, "eff, Harley," he says, and grabs my a** and pulls me against him, so I can feel how much he wants this too." When Trey and Harley are hammered they have interesting conversations, especially the questions Trey asks, "so then you won't get mad in the morning when I ask you about this. Have you really never given a blow job?" There is so much chemistry between Harley and Trey and in the bedroom ooh-baby it's hot, "I want you to eff me like that, Harley. I want you to ride me, and I want yo come while you're doing it," he says, grabbing at my hair, and pulling me back down to his mouth." The way he talks could get any woman all hot and bothered, "good. Because I want to do everything with you," he says. "And right now, I want you to ride me hard, Harley. I want you to eff me with everything you got." I wasn't expecting what happened in the end to happen I thought this book would be a stand alone and well it isn't. 

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