Monday, November 18, 2013

The Curse Keepers by Denis Grover Swank

Holy cheeseballs batman! This book was different from the 'Off Subject' series that I love so much. Have to say I wish it ended better, (no clifhanger) I just wish something was more resolved between our two characters. There was humor, which I love in books, there was a hot male which I love in books, there was a "Imma do what I want" female lead which I REALLY liked a lot. The beginning of the book we meet this dude Dwight you know Ellie's sort of boyfriend and there were times I just wanted to bi*** slap him like seriously the boy can't take a hint and digs himself into a bigger hole than he already is in, "but you work as a waitress. And that's only part of the year. Your parents must subsidize a portion of your income." And ladies this was a huge turn-off for me the guy couldn't get it up! Like is that even possible? "I searched for his erection. And found nothing. Well, than't not entirely right. I found something, but I had to search. A lot." Yeah turn-off. Collin Sweet baby Jesus that man his sex on two legs, "he grinned, waving toward my chest. "You might want to cover up." He shrugged with a smirk. "Or not. It's entirely up to you." I mean he has his a**hole moments, "you're seriously telling me that saving humanity from vengeful spirits can wait until after you finish your waitressing shift?" Some people need to work and earn money! Then he goes back to being sexy, "his amusement turned to a seductive look. "I don't usually have to explain my effect on women." I am ready for book two in the series.

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