Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Severed by Lizzy Ford & Julia Crane

I knew that Lizzy is mean with cliffhangers but I didn't think Julia would be as well, but when these two get together, there's no stopping them and the mean-ness lol. I should have guess that 'serial' would mean short novella here I am getting into the dang story and BOOM it ends with a damn cliffhanger none the less. Welon I just didn't like his a** what so ever, "Welon frowned. "I do worry my heir will have a weakened ability." Cyena flushed. His familiar words crushed her. He started harping on her revelance as breeding stock soon after their contract was announced." So he freakin' insults her and then wants to get down to business, "we could...you know. Work on producing an heir now Make our families happy," he said." Tyana I liked her she may be the more upscale, perfect sister but she ain't no stuck up biatch, I liked how she fell for someone that her father wouldn't accept into the family because of his work and status and I loved how she would fight for them, "of course." Tyana's voice became serious. "I will not bring harm to you. I want us to do this every night. All night. All day, when possible, until..." my father pairs me off." Kaydon I loved how he had morals and honestly I can't wait to see what becomes of him and Cyena, "I owe you," he said at last. "You knew I didn't belong and told me how to blend into your father's staff. You didn't turn me in. If you had, I'd be dead. You saved my life, I saved yours." 

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