Monday, January 27, 2014

License to Date by Susan Hatler

This was a quick fun read and I loved Paul, "not that we know each other, of course," he said. "So I don't expect you to believe me." He winked. "I think you're doing the right thing by taking a break, though. If you're not ready to date, you're not ready. So what do you get if I give you my phone number? Because that's it right? You weren't planning on actually asking me out?" He's just I loved him there no other way to say how much I loved him, "I turned you down for date number four." His stance shifted then he stepped toward me slowly as if gauging my reaction. When I didn't retreat, he came even closer until we stood just a foot apart. "Kaitlin, I want to be with you. I set myself up as date number five because I plan to be the last date you ever have." 

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