Saturday, January 25, 2014

Your Exception by Bria Starr

I didn't really like this book it had it's good points like in the beginning with Logan and his flirtatious way, "Logan is still laughing. "Oh, this is great! All this time I thought you were immune to my charms, but now I hear that you love my music. This day just got better!" And he had nice surprises for Wren, "I open my bedroom door to find Logan lying on my bed. "Holy S***!" I shriek, grabbing at my towel to make sure it was fully covering my body and nowhere near falling down." But Wren had some nice lady balls and I really liked that about her, "are you talking about not responding to the one and only text you sent me yesterday? After you stood me up?" Then after that the book started going downhill for me I'm not sure why but it just wasn't for me. 

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