Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tycoon Reunion by Candace Havens & Shannon Leigh

Sometimes it's hard for me to read novella's because I don't feel as there is enough content, and there's sometimes not a lot for me to highlight and note which is how I write my reviews but this one I had no problem with so I was pleased. Jake he's not afraid to ask for help when he needs if even if it's from a person whose supposed to hate him, "never. I can only hope that you will take the gift as a small thank you. And later, allow me to return the favor when you need it. Will you help me?" After all the years apart Jake well doesn't like seeing his girl with another man, "as soon as I saw your face, well, I couldn't stand the idea of that jerk touching you,. I don't care if he's your boyfriend or not, no guy just walks off and leaves a woman at a restaurant." I mean he has some issues when it comes to other men touching what's his, "when she'd leaned in to kiss the man on the cheek, Jake had very nearly run over and ripped her away. He couldn't stand the idea of someone touching her. Someone who wasn't him." 

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