Friday, January 24, 2014

Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

Kristen never fails when it comes to her books, especially the men so I wasn't surprised when Josh stole my heart, "what areas does he need help in?" I ask, and pull my tote bag out of the passenger seat. When I turn around, Josh's eyes are on my a** and he's chewing on his lower lip." He's caring, "Cara sighs beside me, flinching when she shifts her feet. I have a feeling it's because her a** and inner thighs are sore from riding yesterday. Without thinking, I reach down and cup her a** in my hand. "Are you sore?" Josh he is hell when his woman is hurt, "where is she?" someone is shouting in a panic, and my heart fills with joy at the sound of Josh's voice. I turn to see him pushing his way through the crowd, his eyes wild with fear. "Where the eff is she?" The boy is also playful, "I've got something you can check, sweetheart." He swats my a** as I walk away, laughing and shaking my head." 

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