Friday, January 24, 2014

Every Little Piece by Kate Ashton

The book had a strong beginning but then it just lost my interest and that is really hard for a book to do, but I had to force myself to finish reading. As I said the beginning was strong and I was getting into it, and then BOOM went downhill. Seth he's a total guy, "I shoved my phone in my back pocket. Again she chose Brin and Kama. I got it. The whole girl thing. But what about the whole boyfriend thin? Was this her way of telling me that we were a high school fling?" I loved how much chemistry Seth and Hadley had when together:
                                He pushed me up against the bar. His hands reached down and squeezed my butt. He pressed his hips into mine. 
                                I pushed him away. "Seth!"
                               "Sorry, babe." He winked. "You're just too hot." 

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