Thursday, January 30, 2014

Repossessed by Shawntelle Madison

Rob he's the type of man I love real a**y at first and loving last, "Rob reached into the pocket of his jeans. Tessa expected him to turn in her direction to ask what she wanted, but he paid for his drink an headed for the door. He mouth dropped open. What an a**. "Hey, I would've like something to drink," she growled to his back. A short snort was her reply." He's just oh so sexy, "his mouth lingered near earlobe. "I wouldn't take you for a tease, Tee. You've been sending me all sorts of signals." Tessa's reaction to Rob's body is something else, "she knew he enjoyed watching her watching him. Especially when he discarded his briefs... Now that is a wand I'l like to wield. Her eyes lingered on his length before they admired his hardened stomach. The muscles clenched twice before he leaned forward." He doesn't like certain things to get in his way to pleasure his woman, "I'm qualified when it means I get easy access without those things in the way." 

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