Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fighting for You by January Valentine

I enjoyed reading this book so much, my emotions were everywhere for Pete's sake I almost freakin' cried over Indigo's stupidness! But he made up for it in his sexiness, "Jewel..." My name was an airy rush. "I doubt we'd be able to hang together out there," he motioned to the wheels spinning pas us "but Bill and I usually stop at Kelly's after riding." He doesn't like to make mistakes so he's cautious that he doesn't, "he brought my chin up with his index finger. "If it's something I've done, tell me what it is, so it doesn't happen again. I don't like making mistakes...not even less twice." Jewel the girl has some lady balls and I loved it when she put her man in place, "I couldn't help but shoot him an are-you-serious look that even sent me reeling. "You hardly ever text me, Indigo. Why would I turn to you? You're so elusive I..."  This book was just a rush of emotions and that Vanessa biatch I didn't like at all. 

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